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NWHTanK's Eclipse GST (AWD swap)

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

So I'm in the same boat basically. FWD to AWD conversion. Dog box, transfer case and rear differential from Tim. Need a DSS driveshaft and rear axles. Will use an OEM rear subframe until Volk is ready to take my money. Have most of the suspension pieces from Bobby and Volk, just need the front upper arms. Front subframe ordered from Bobby. Build the motor, paint engine bay and body. Haltech, OHM Racing harnesses, etc etc.
Good times.
I look at it this way. If I did come across the Adelia or the TRE 5th at least they can be installed by removing the transmission side cover and not tearing apart the entire transmision.
Good thing to do a mock up and get things settled before final assembly. 2 issues. 1 this motor had the old school 7 bolt oil pump in a 6 bolt, so I need to track down a 6 bolt tensioner arm. 2 the bung on the remote filter housing is to close to the fluid damper, so going to change it out to 8orb banjo fitting and hopefully that should give me the clearance.

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Confusing this is so can you clear it up for me please. as 7 bolt pumps can only use a 7 bolt tensioners but your using a 6 bolt tensioner but say its a 7 bolt pump? How does that work out? I thought the bolt pattern was different so could not be done that way?
The red motor from a rust buck is a 6bolt with a 7bolt oil pump . It was the first way (roughly) to do a 6bolt in a 2g so you could retain your crank sensor. Things have come a long way.
I seen a question about tubing benders and was like I didn't take a pick of mine finished. Wood fab bender with swag off road mounts for a harbor freight air operated ram. Then mounted on a harbor freight engine stand.


Trust me 7 years of planing, buying and this hit me hard and no way was I going back FWD with a aluminum long rod motor.
I hear you Tank. I just got back into planning and buying parts after a long long break so this was a major gut punch. It wouldn't be as bad if sourcing parts wasn't so damn impossible. For the past few days I've been reaching out all over trying to find another EVO3 gearbox. I think I had the last factory new unit in the world but i can't even find a used one. I'm still going PPG so I'll have to settle for a 2g unit and go from there and once Tim is up to it I'll have him help me with the rest.
This is the end of the awd build. I bought a 04 mustang gt, blown motor, no trans or drive shaft. I will be infusing some structural componets from said mustang to help out with conversion to RWD. Like floor, firewall and tid bits. So for 250 bucks I cant complain.

I have to be honest, I was kinda bummed when you gave up on your AWD build as I was going to follow it closely because it was almost exactly what I wanted to do with mine. That being said, I'm glad you didn't give up on it entirely. Can't wait to see more updates.
Well it looks like Awd is back on the table. I found a trans, tcase, and rear diff. The trans is built and done for the time being. Some might cringe at the fact it's a 1g and it's a spool in its center diff and it's going in my 2g. The trans was a free core so im not going to complain. Load out on the trans, ppg gearset, magnus 1-2 shift fork, center diff spool, Quade front diff, oem 5th, and 300m output shaft and is at home. Tcase currently being built to 300m with a billet center. Rear diff is semi built, currently with a evo 8 lsd and frontline cover would like the ninga side plate work done once once the tcase is back. Also a custom Morrsion fab O2 housing is on the mock up motor.


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Drilled out the 2g transmission base plate to accommodate the 1g transmision. The roll stops on the 1g are on the motor so boosted fab rear roll stop is being used ,then to fab up mount tabs on front tube sub frame. The front roll stop will be custom along with a lower core support. Also the carbon fiber doors, hatch, and sun roof are here.


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