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carbon fiber intake parts

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affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Jan 5, 2012
Rathdrum, Idaho
so ive been gathering parts for my build, and im considering getting some carbon fiber diy kits to fab some stuff.

planning on making an intake for the turbo that will work with my 7" k&n filter (velocity stacked), an airbox that will route air from the front bumper, and finally, a set of UIC pipes that will go from 2.5" to 3" to mount the gm maf. finally, i have an idea to make a larger plenum for my cyclone IM to accomodate the slightly larger displacement (im doing a 2.4l).

the reason(s) i am doing this: to make smooth airflow transitions for the intake and maf (i dont like the hard pipes rough transitions or instant coupler transitions, think they create more of a restriction), and after reading up on CF, it has less heat soak than aluminum. also, looks nice and clean, and finally to brush up on my fab skills ### i feel like doing some more tinkering, and didnt wanna do aluminum welding till i get a new welder.

just lookin for some thoughts on this or to see if anyone has fabbed some of their own intake parts (seen a couple turbo pipes but nothing contoured, just wrapped aluminum), ill be pickin up the kits in about a month if funding permits.

lemme know! thanks
i hadnt! thats exactly the kind of write up i was looking for, thanks! i didnt even think of using core foam and acetone to dissolve it.

well pretty solid that im gonna do that, so many thanks blktalon :D

ill be sure to get some pics when i do the parts.
I made a piece to replace the cold pipe in a volvo 740. It was 2 layers of 3" fiberglass woven tape wrapped and overlapped. I used the cheapest poly resin tap plastics had available. It was in the volvo for a year or two, now it is in my van and has been for a few months. I only see 8psi with the van (also on the cold side), but I saw 15 with the volvo. I will be turning the van up into the low 20's in april. There is a little notch being worn into it by the hose clamp of the air filter, so I hope it doesn't burst at 20.

I think 3 layers of S2 glass or carbon with a good high temp epoxy would last forever on the hot or cold side of the IC. I'm so fickle with how often I change things out I can't really justify making a new set of carbon pipes every time so I don't have much experience beyond that. Be careful torquing the hose clamps down on the pipes, you can crush them easily, especially with a T clamp.

The volvo had a fglass tube for the turbo inlet, and it was very loud.

That was my 2nd time ever using a vacuum bag, and it shows : D

Don't be afraid of composites. I was checking out my dad's 07(?) TDI wagon, and I found that almost all the intercooler piping is molded plastic. upgrade/14032009002.jpg
you can make a CF piece that is stronger than that : D
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thanks for the heads up guys! i plan on making a few test pieces actually, and molding in pipe ends for the strength on the final pieces. and most likely it will be multiple layers vacuum bagged, so it should be relatively air tight, but i will pressure test all the pieces.

i found a place to order from, surprisingly enough it was on ebay. but i called the seller and talked to him about his stuff, and i can get 3 large kits for about 180 (3 sheets of 3k 2x2 twill 12"x50" per kit) so i figure that should be enough to make some test parts. ive got lots of acetone in the garage and the foam i can snag from any hardware store pretty cheap. a couple hundred bux and some time, and ill have some nice intake pieces. might have to try a some other bits too for practice. always wanted a carbon fiber welding helmet!
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