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    • blktalon3
      blktalon3 posted the classified ad For sale 1g 6 bolt eagle crank in DSM Parts Classifieds.
      A new eagle crank for a 6 bolt. Installed a short block that I bought. Never had been ran. $550 shipped.
      • EAB04A38-9968-42FE-8435-7E9327A284BB.jpeg
      • 57C65070-3974-4697-AE36-F910172DCD8B.jpeg
      • 93E36568-CD90-49C4-9B13-EAEE5EA313D3.jpeg
      • 37E5C14E-D6BA-4206-9661-50689D32523C.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      blktalon3 reacted to Spleen8urLSX's post in the thread Green Machine 1g n/a to turbo with Like Like.
      Looks like it’s coming together well! If the non turbo cams are still good don’t hesitate to opt for those, when we had my car on the dyno with a completely stock non turbo 6 bolt long block and a 16g the non turbo cams seemed to have carried...
    • blktalon3
      You have to take it off or at least that’s easier. Lol. Lift it with the hoist, so you can get the engine stand mount off and then put the housing on it and then put it back in the stand.Thanks for that tip about the cams. I keep that in mind. 👍
    • blktalon3
      Is this something that wasn’t leaking before, or did you just put something back together?
    • blktalon3
      Then came time for the head. I had a set of manual trans turbo cams that were in good shape so they went in. Also I had a spare set of arp head studs so got used as well. A stock composite head gasket sealed it all up.
      • EACBFDDA-89D2-4E3D-AEF1-DCE985E27C7C.jpeg
      • A07D11D5-82D0-48B5-8588-3351240F4BB0.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      Then came the the rear main housing with new seal, a new turbo oil pan, timing brackets.
      • E0B75917-1C69-4FB9-9D47-B386F966E1E9.jpeg
      • 1F42F3E1-F585-45EC-B698-166EE7745545.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      I got a used oem oil pump with straight cut gears from a short block I bought. It was pretty rough and barely in spec, so cleaned it up, installed new seals and put it on
      • 471E2FDE-87A2-4F92-A8F0-1F4C6FCDE601.jpeg
      • B6CE9B18-33F5-4B52-A580-AB7864DC38EF.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      Ok. So new pistons on the rods, and everything cleaned up. Time to start putting this thing together. The bearing clearances all ended up being a little wide as well as the ring gaps.
      • F1FC1F45-FA53-439A-9C46-74A9565B5F7D.jpeg
      • CF4D876F-3D5D-405F-B63C-8C361D6EFAC4.jpeg
      • 1651E157-029B-4D4B-A04E-D162FEF73DBF.jpeg
      • 27CC00B5-4D74-46BC-8CAB-D2C6663A3AAA.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      In this guide I will be describing how I replaced the MPI relay for a 1990 Eclipse GSX with 3 Bosch-style relays. This approach is useful if you had a MPI relay go out and you don't want to pay over $100 for a new one or if you are worried about...
    • blktalon3
      blktalon3 replied to the thread 1G huge tick, not sure what.
      Did you bleed the lifters down before installation? If so they’re gonna tick until they pump up. Normally it take going for a short drive before they quiet down.
    • blktalon3
      It wasn’t the cams themselves, it was the where they rode in the head, the cam bearing surface I guess? I don’t think I do. I tried to remember to snap as many pics as I could but sometimes just got too caught up in working on it. I read quite a...
    • blktalon3
      Where the cams rode in the head got a little chewed up. I just hit them with some fine sand paper and scotch brite pads to knock down the high spots. Then cleaned up the valves, rocker arms and springs, got a new set of hla’s and valves seals...
      • A744A488-8AFB-42CF-978F-E3BC4578A420.jpeg
      • 54B48BBA-8985-4677-A91D-CEF8C919E6B1.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      I stripped the head down and took the pressure washer and degeaser to it. Took out all the oil galley plugs and cleaned the oil galleys with brushes.
      • 910157C0-54BA-4E5B-8553-AD7B4366254C.jpeg
      • 3D2FEEB1-85A0-48F8-84BA-5A83EE80D819.jpeg
      • DF343A80-BB91-40F1-903E-B7CF9566856B.jpeg
      • 847EFB5D-0A4E-40D2-8809-EC21B81C8240.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      blktalon3 reacted to Dericsh's post in the thread Green Machine 1g n/a to turbo with Like Like.
      My motor failed the same way. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be following along.
    • blktalon3
      blktalon3 reacted to dwb's post in the thread Green Machine 1g n/a to turbo with Like Like.
      They are press-fit and I believe the rod ends need to be heated to successfully remove/install the wrist pins.
    • blktalon3
      I miss wrote that, I meant the the pistons not the rods. I’m not sure if junk had got between the pin and the piston or what but they weren’t moving freely. The pins have to pressed out of the rods.
    • blktalon3
      Very nice and detailed👍
    • blktalon3
      Yes you can de-rust and paint.
    • blktalon3
      The head was a mess. You can see in the pics a few of the oil galleys were completely blocked.
      • 7EAA029E-A343-4433-8825-D580F5BD5421.jpeg
      • 3158FCA9-563C-477A-A0A2-30118C14AB09.jpeg
      • 94384EF9-D9A8-4C39-9EDA-6575D324CC5B.jpeg
      • 9BD981FE-94A9-47C6-81D3-2F63EE6A807D.jpeg
      • 92618DC6-E3D3-42D6-B522-1D949A3F723A.jpeg
    • blktalon3
      So I said I was planning on keeping it n/a initially. I didn’t want to do any machine work unless necessary. The wrist pins were tight on the rods. I soaked them sprayed them for days trying to loosen them up but no good. Not sure exactly what...
      • 3E8822BC-BE99-40FB-B86B-EE992CBEF92C.jpeg
      • 3BEFE682-6E4D-4E37-BE75-2C0D3750C9AC.jpeg
      • AD446923-CD07-496D-8781-1758284A64C3.jpeg
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