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6 bolt swap HELP!

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Oct 14, 2004
La Plata, Maryland
Ok well hi guys, my name is David, Im a DSMaholic, and I have a problem. I am right now swapping a 6 bolt shortblock into my 95 talon with DSMlink and a 2g head. Now im looking at this swap kit from slowboy,23-2990
Now it says it has everything you need to swap a 6 bolt block with 2g head into my car. But then I keep reading about the CAS needing to be used and rewired, I thought that was only with the 6 bolt head? Please help me clear this up I need to get this finished ASAP. Appreciate the help fellas.
A 1G CAS is what makes the swap possible. Without it, you can't crank up your 6 bolt swapped car.

A 2G 7 bolt engine uses TWO seperate sensors, a Crank Angle Sensor and a Cam Angle sensor.

On a 6 bolt, both sensors are in the 1G CAS.

The 6 bolt oil pump/front case assembly does not have the mounting provisions for the Crank Angle sensor.

Hit your local junkyards and LOOK for a Black lid CAS, if you canot find one get a 91/2 Green Lid.

They cost over $300 Brand New.

Good luck
No it does not. The 2.0L turbo and non turbo uses the same CAS.
The 93-94 Hall Effect CAS does not give you the random miss fire code where as the 90 and 91-92 CAS will. You have DSM Link though, so you can turn off the random miss fire.
About the Hyundai, I'm not sure. I would stick with the E/L/T.
I would try really hard to find yourself a black lid cas from the 93-94 because I just the first one I could find (it was a 91-92 green lid for only $10) and I get random misfires all the time. To try to correct it, I constantly have to get on and off the throttle and can never use cruise. I cant wait until I get dsmlink.
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