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  1. patman

    AEM AEM Wideband shows full lean after engine warming up, engine acts normal

    Hi guys!So I got my car out of winter storage for a month now, and after a few drives, I noticed my wideband is showing full lean (- - -) all the time I am driving, after the engines warm.It settles at 14.7 during warmup, and even after that, the engine acts normal, (I have stable idle...
  2. kornmstr1

    Resolved 1990 ECU pin 15 5volts?

    I'm attempting to wire my LC-1 into my 1990 ECU.First start DSMLink reads full lean. Impossible, the cars was still running. I cut the LC-1 connection and DSMLink still reads full lean, 5v. Okay, that's weird, I'll send it to ECMTuning to check my traces etc, in the mean time let's put in my...
  3. ECMlink Weird issue with oxygen sensor

    1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse gst (16g turbo, ecm link, 750cc injectors, cai, 3 in. Exhaust) So my car has been running rough, has a stumble at idle and lower rpm’s. So I went out and got a used lsu 4.2 and aem Wideband set up. Car ran the same with it in and was around 15:1 at idle. About 5 minutes...
  4. Dashnizzle

    GVR-4 Proper Wideband Grounding in a Galant VR-4 / mismatched a/f ratios

    I’ve recently explored this topic and realized how little information there is regarding the importance of properly grounding your wideband controller and gauge can be to get the most accurate information. After all, this is the data you will be using to tune your vehicle with.I am using an...
  5. VT_4G63

    ECMlink Question About Running Wideband While Deleting Rear O2

    I am about to install my Innovate LC2 into my 2G Spyder GST. I am going to continue to run the factory narrowband O2 sensor in the factory position, so I will not be simulating narrowband in ECMLink.The 3" turbo-back exhaust system I have installed has an extra bung welded about 24" after the...
  6. Innovate MTX-L Plus Digital Wideband

    For sale Innovate MTX-L Plus Digital Wideband

  7. AEM uego wideband a/f gauge 35-8460 4100-44288

    For sale AEM uego wideband a/f gauge 35-8460 4100-44288

    Authentic AEM uego wideband a/f gauge 35-8460 4100-44288. For sale: AEM wideband gauge. Worked great when removed. 5v and 1v output for narrowband simulation and wideband logging. Only used with pump gas and mounted at the correct angle. Wideband gauges are a must when tuning turbo cars...
  8. Innovate Wideband O2 gauge

    For sale Innovate Wideband O2 gauge

    $125 Innovate Wideband O2 setup with gauge. Includes gauge, harness, and O2 sensor. Idle time only.
  9. Anfurnyy

    1G o2 sensor wiring confirmation

    Installing a wideband in my 93 1g, went to check out the o2 input on the ECU harness and saw this mess. Doing some research I understand that this has kind of been covered in other forums and that this is actually OEM this way?I drew a diagram and just need to know if this is the correct...
  10. Sjd6795

    General Wideband o2 reading really rich.

    Just got a sensor installed and my wideband gauge hooked up. At idle the car sits around 13.5 then cruising it's really rich at around 10.3-10.5. When I come up to a light and idle it's around 11.7 idle however once the car sits idle for a while it will go to 13.5. WOT it pegs at 10.0 and I...
  11. pearl4gtsi

    1G A little help with adding sensors to ecmlink

    Hey all, its been a long time since I've posted anything and am in need of some clarification on wiring in some sensors as I'm currently working on my harness.I am going to wire in a wideband o2 and a fuel pressure sensor. I am not running the factory o2 and will use NBsim. So that leaves...
  12. DSM_Rojas

    For Sale AEM Wideband Failsafe Boost Gauge 30-4900

    At this time I do not have images do to making this post on my work computer!Purchased new and still in box ! Asking $280 but somewhat flexible on price.I will ship anywhere within the U.S. 48 !! Buyer responsible for shipping and paypal fees. ( Can provide pictures of the item for anyone...
  13. Turbodhi

    AEM x series wideband install

    This thing has so many more wires than the Innovate mtx-l+ that I have. I'm not sure what wires to use. The innovate really only uses 3. If I'm wiring this thing up similarly I'm going to need power, ground, and signal. The signal wires are analog wires are white (analog +) and brown (analog -)...
  14. Turbodhi

    ECMlink Innovate wideband issues

    I keep getting the e8 code on the gauge. I replaced the wideband and even bought the heatsink. I'm thinking my egt is too high and I keep toasting these sensors. I'm new to tuning and I think I might be getting too rich. Any things I can check to verify this weeks help greatly.
  15. Kruthers

    General Wideband O2 fail with lamba stuck at 1.00?

    I've been trying to diagnose a new problem - car stumbles/hesitates horribly under high boost. Zeitronix ZT2 wideband O2 reads a lamba of 1.00 at all times, AFR stays at 14.8 during accelaration or lift, only sometimes flickering to 14.7.So the question... is this a likely symptom of sensor...
  16. Jose Cruz

    For Sale Used Gauges/Turbo Timer

    For sale I have: AEM wideband includes white face with grey bezel & Brand new Bosch o2 sensor ($110)Glow shift 30psi multi color boost gauge ($20)Apexi grey turbo timer ($15)(All prices are OBO first come first serve and do not include shipping/handling)
  17. Turbodhi

    ECMlink Innovative mtx-l plus

    Hey guys, I just got an mtx-l plus. Everything that I've read mentions to use the brown wire when installing but this thing doesn't have a brown wire. Only red, yellow, white, and black. Innovatives documentation says the yellow wire is analog out. I've got a 2g with Ecmlink so I was going to do...
  18. Marchev

    Sold Innovate LC2 Wideband BNIB

    Selling a brand new LC2 wideband. I bought it 2 months ago but ended up selling the car it was for. Its never been installed, comes with all the original stuff in the box. Has the blue display gauge, lc2 controller, all the wiring, sensor, bung etc. Asking $170 shipped to your door. Call/text at...
  19. juve12

    For Sale Cheap new parts

    For sale is my Gates Racing timing belt kit Brand new in the box asking $130Also for sale my Innovate Motorsports wide band O2 gauge kit Brand new in box $150
  20. Dawson159

    ECMlink Changing max volt?

    I have an aem uego wideband and it doesn’t read the same as dsmlink. I read a thread about how to make it read the same by changing the max volt but how do you do that? Or is that even correct? I’m still learning link so it might be right in front of me But I need helpIt’s dsmlink v3 btw
  21. akamiller

    1G MTX-L Wideband and ECMLink Issues (No Closed Loop)

    Hi All, I tinker with this car once very 2 months or so and have recently fixed all vacuum leaks and basic maintenance and was ready to begin basic tuning. One of the first steps is to take a log while in closed loop. I noticed my car was staying in Open Loop at idle. More I read I found that...
  22. greekgodchaos

    General LC-2 Wideband Shuts off when Connecting to PC

    This just popped up today, my 1ga Eclipse has been sitting for a bit (chilly weather without a battery tender, was sitting at around 10v, -Optima Red Top-, is now charged up with a new 4amp gel charger/tender), when I turn the key to the ON position, the green light flashes for about 10 seconds...
  23. Djsniperwolf

    General Zeitronix ZT-3 narrowband simulation issues

    Hello all. I am dealing with some strange issues in regards to my narrowband simulation.I was dealing with a lean condition and knock counts as high as 19 under any boost of 10psi or more. I had some Major exhaust leaks which I have fixed, and figured I would toss in a wideband.My friend...
  24. TSiBOLO

    2G Connecting AEM wideband to ECMLink

    I have my AEM digital wideband all wired up and working properly (as far as I can tell). The sensor is installed on my test pipe in front of the rear o2 sensor. I am trying to tune for speed density right now before I throw in ID 1050X's, Fuel lab FPR, AEM fuel rail, comp 102s and kiggly SS...
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