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  1. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Boostest vs map sensor

    So I have done some reading and cant find an answer. Both my boost gauge and map sensor are showing around 15-17 psi at full boost, however the boostest calculated from the mas is reading 33. Why would this be showing basically double what my actual readings are? My first guess would be boost...
  2. General Apexi Neo fuel management system help

    i bought a 1997 eclipse gst spyder and it came with the apexi neo fuel management when i first bought the car it was running perfectly fine. after inspecting the car i hit initialize on the apexi neo system and now my car barely runs i have very little experience in that system and i would just...
  3. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Back with another log

    So my closed loop operates fine but I currently have open loop locked because it seems to be more consistent and I want to focus on WOT. I just fixed a huge boost leak where the motor mount had worn a hole in my j pipe and the car hauls ass, however I am still seeing a ton of knock and its...
  4. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Knock WOT pulls

    Just got my DSMLINK v3 installed yesterday and finally had the time to start cruising and doing some pulls. I noticed it's pretty regular that I get knock ranging from 3-10 any time that I do a WOT pull. I'm very novice at tuning but I did manage to get my idle near perfect my airflowperrev is a...
  5. Sjd6795

    ECMlink DSMLINK v3 questions it arrives today

    My DSMLINK v3 is out for delivery right now, it is a used unit. I have done some reading and gathered that I should Download a stock file configuration and or make sure all sliders are set to 0 and I adjust for my injector size. I've recently did maintenance such as head gasket, timing...
  6. Sjd6795

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I have a 1997 GSX that the previous owner had put in a black box ECU, I am having trouble finding a shop that will tune it. I was told by english racing if I install an Evo 8 ECU they will tune the car. I found this guide...
  7. Sjd6795

    Anyone had any experience with PREracing?

    Here is a link to their website. I have contacted English Racing but they no longer offer Black Box tuning for our cars. Claiming that they always come in bricked, even after confirming with them that mine is not bricked and I have been making adjustments myself they have not responded at all...
  8. Sjd6795

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    So finally got my cruising AFR up to around 13 and out of no where a day later they just went to 11 and it wants to stay there. My Idle and WOT did not change at all so it has me confused. Any ideas on what could change cruising AFR but not change the WOT and idle?
  9. Sjd6795

    EVOscan Fuel trims never show up idle

    So still tinkering with my tune to get AFR set perfect. I have seem to get idle to be near perfect it still shows a little rich after pulling up to a stop light around 12.5 then eventually comes back to around 14. However when I let the car idle for 16+ minutes my fuel trims never changed, I...
  10. 2G Spark "blow out" after 5000RPM

    Hey ya'll, I may have an issue with engine management rather than anything else but could use some help narrowing it down. Running a 6 bolt block with black top CAS in 1998 spyder. Tuning with ECUFlash and EvoScan. Currently the turbo is upgraded to a big 16g (or is it an Evo3) cant remember...
  11. New and need some help

    What's up guys I'm new to this form so bare with me. I bought a 99 gst Spyder convertible stock bov stock set up. Well I bought a eBay blow off vavle and had to get bigger pipping to make it fit. I got in it today and noticed that my boost Gage was a quarter spooled under no load. The car ran...
  12. Meark

    99 GSX air/fuel ratio tuning

    Okay so I have a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx, it has a 95 computer with a ecm tuning chip (like that when I got the car). Right now everything mechanically and electrically seems good. But my air to fuel ratio is all over the place (has a gauge). Right now it's hard to start, and it has NO...
  13. 95pandagsx

    any dsmers around westchester willing to help me with my speed density tune?

    Hey guys ive had my car for about a year now when I bought it it was running great on the previous owners tune. Unfortunately the tune reset possibly from low battery voltage? And now im very lost on getting it back to the way it was. Ive been constantly dealing with idle surging, incorrect AFRs...
  14. Jaymaneotis

    General BOV vent question

    I've been looking for the answer for hours but haven't been able to find anything on this. So I am running speed density and have already payed someone to tune the "turtle" with my BOV recirc'd to the IM. My question is, if I just vent the BOV to atmosphere now, will it mess with my tune? I...
  15. ECMLink V3, Can't get car to idle...

    What's up party people!? New to the tuning game and it's starting off about as expected... can't get my car to idle -2g gsx running ecmlinkv3 -1g swap, plug order switched -non 95/96 CAS checked -3" gm maft set to aux4 base2, everything else zeroed out -base maf type set to stock in link...
  16. Caleb4G63

    1G Rebuild engine, won’t turn over.

    So, I rebuilt my engine, when I pulled it, it ran fine besides the engine having less than 80psi compression. Getting to he point, when I turn the key to the on position, I get dash lights, can use blinkers, but I can not use hazards, or turn on any interior lights or headlamps. Tail lamps do...
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