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UPS destroyed a gem.

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Feb 9, 2019
Long story short, I recently parted ways with a NEW driver side fender for 2GB with door caps. It's been wrapped up and mint since 2007. I unwrapped it to check condition before selling. These have been discontinued for a while. A member on this site purchased it, so I called to UPS to see what they recommended for shipping method. They said to cover it with bubble wrap and drop it off, and they could handle the rest. So that's what I did. The shipping cost me $89. Shortly after delivery I get a message from the buyer with disturbing images. It looks like I would have been better off dropping it from an airplane at high altitude. It would be less mangled that way. I'd say something heavy was placed on top of it, or many packages were not secure during delivery and banging each other up. Either way, I'm pissed. They recommended not to put it in a box. Said they would either put it on a pallet or leave it top shelf in the truck. None of that happened of course.

I'm filing a claim tomorrow to hopefully get the seller a refund. It's an irreplaceable part that he paid $300 for. If they could also refund my shipping, that would be on track to making things right.

I get it, the driver made mistakes and that's the end of it. Not bashing the whole UPS company since I've done business with them for a while. I'll be a little more at ease once they make things right though. Nothing can be done to replace the part but they can at least reimburse both parties.

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That sucks. I had an ups driver try to drop off a koyo radiator with a hole through the box and could see to the other side. He didn’t knock, but I heard him setting the box down. As he was leaving I yelled for him to come back.

I understand that they have a hard job, but so do I and I wouldn’t do that to somebody.
I hate UPS so much. They've lost more packages of mine than USPS and Fedex combined, and I use UPS them a lot less.

Just FYI if it wasn't fully insured all you'll usually get out of them is 100 bucks. And usually it's a fight to get that out of them in my experience
I have been insuring all of my shipments in the past few years. I usually over insure it and hope it will cover the part and the shipping costs. That fkn horrible Solomon. IDK what to say, IDT my company would be able to handle it and maybe not any better, unfortunately. So sorry to hear this. :cry:
After a full hour of making calls, I finally figured out how to file a claim. It definitely would have been faster to Google search how to do this, because nobody on their side knew how. I spent the last hour chasing my tail. Call the store, they say call the customer support hotline. Call the hotline, they say call the store. This kind of game. Now I'm just waiting on 7 clear images from my buyer and I'll submit the claim. I really hope this gains some traction or else I'll be refunding my buyer out of pocket. Someone has to make it right, even though I shouldn't be responsible.
They cracked a reinforced valve cover I sent out. I actually had insurance on it thankfully, and they paid me out for it, which was enough to afford another one. Still, what a hassle.
To be fair, I mumbled that Hondas are sometimes easier to work on and my valve cover cracked itself and hasn’t stopped leaking since.
I hate this happened. I’ve had decent luck with getting reimbursed in the past. I’ve also started using pirate ship because I’ve heard good things about their secondary insurance, but I haven’t had to file a claim since then, luckily. Hopefully they make it right for you and the buyer quickly.

In the unobtanium category, I got a nice set of 1G belt moldings a couple years ago for a great price. They made it to me safely and I just threw them on the floorboard of my truck to get them out of the way. Never thought about them when I went to pick up my daughter , only 5 or 6 at the time, from school. She ended up stomping all over the box and I still have the mangled pieces to remind myself how stupid that was.
Of course, they only refunded $100 (or will in 2-3 business days supposedly). So I personally lost $289.73, plus my time. The buyer also lost his time. And the community lost a rare part. What a shame. At least they refunded some amount, but that's no way to run a business. No wonder the drivers and representatives don't give a damn. The whole company profits from our losses. I might just drop my bulk shipping deal with them and go back to USPS. My printer will spit out anybody's labels.
It took me about a year to find a front driver side fender for my 99gst. I looked everywhere and was willing to pay through the nose.

They recommended not to put it in a box. Said they would either put it on a pallet or leave it top shelf in the truck.
This has effed me many times on the receiving end of shipping. "I took the short block to fedex and they said they would attach it to a pallet", then it arrives on a busted pallet held down with metal straps across the deck. Now on my end, if it's wheels, a bumper, a catback, I have saran wrapped them with a label and never an issue. If you don't do that part of it and just leave it "raw" because one person you talked to said to just leave it and we'll take care of it, you're a goner. That person, and yourself, does not understand the situations and amount of hands a package goes through on it's journey. I mean, think about just throwing that fender on greyhound bus across the country or checking it as luggage on a flight, it'll get ruined. Now think about a shipping company, it will encounter multiple workers and maybe a couple that are just there for their 17/hour and are high and screwing around on their phone and simply do not give a F. It will go through sorting belts, thrown into piles of packages, multiple trucks, etc etc. Any hint of care, and just a hint such as the saran wrap, will go a very long way. But seriously guys treat anything you ship as if it's going through a battle because it sort of is. Anything that we ship out at work is usually double-walled, always with attention to padding inside and way too much tape. If it comes back, even if the receiver never touches it, it looks like it went to the moon and back.
Ah, how the bullshit continues.

I thought everything was finalized on Wednesday after they reviewed my claim, agreed to a partial payout, and collected my bank account number. Well, that was only the beginning.

Friday morning I get emails from the "claim investigator" bombarding me with totally irrelevant questions about the shipment. None of the information he requested should make a difference on whether we get refunds or not. Like "did the receiver notice that the item was damaged before removing the packaging?"... I answered all of his questions and never heard back.

Sunday- I still haven't received the payment as promised, so I hop online with my claim number to track the status. I immediately get an error code stating "There are no existing claims with this number". I then noticed that I had a notification on my account. That my claim had been "redacted". Part of the notification is posted below. They really want me to call the f***ing store? That was my FIRST move in this process and it got me absolutely nowhere. After talking to many people I finally had someone email me a link for the claims center, and now it turns out that isn't how to file a claim? None of this is adding up. At this point, I would have felt better about using three crisp hundred dollar bills as a fire starter.

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They're trying to get around the insurance
Yup I have to deal with the UPS location from where it was shipped as well. Same BS run around as you. I'll have to take a drive out there when I get a chance but I'm not sure if it's such a good idea since I might lose my $hit and say something mean.🤐
So I finally got the chance to go to the shipping hub, per the instructions in the email, armed with the printout of the email and claim number. The UPS worker gave me this weird look due to my inquiry and told me that they don't deal with these types of things but called her supervisor and the supervisor promised to look into it. Received a call from the supervisor saying that there was never a claim placed in the system for that item and that they had no idea that it was damaged. Clearly, I must've pulled the emails and claim number out of my a$$. She apologized and said there's nothing they can do since it's been over 90 days. Makes sense as I've been playing email tag with these clowns for 10 months. Garbage company. I guess I should count myself lucky it wasn't a high value item.
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