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holset hx35 question

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Supporting VIP
Apr 4, 2010
pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I've been searching turbos and what not but I see in the dyno challenge the hx40 put down over 600. From what I was told the hx35 wont. My goal is 600. I know that's a big jump. But from what I read, the hx35 will put down 600 with a twin scroll. I know extreme psi sells the BEP hot side for the hx40 for mhi flange and t3. Can the mhi put down 600. I have a fp manifold and want to keep it. I know i can get the adapter they make. Any reccomendations would be great. I have all the supporting mods. I'm building my motor over the winter im just trying to figure this turbo stuff out. Heres what I read. Can the hx35 put 600?


The 8blade hx35 has a 56mm compressor inducer. This is found on 1995-1998 cummins manual pickups. The compressor flows 52 lb/min according to the compressor map. The bolton BEP housing (0.55 a/r) is enough to push the limit of the compressor. There's several 500whp 8blade hx35 cars out there with the bolt on housing. It reaches 20+psi by 3500rpms in 3rd with 272 cams. Smaller cams would equal a faster spool speed in most cases.

The 7blade hx35 has a 56mm compressor inducer. This is found on the 1999-2002 cummins manual pickups. The compressor flows 60lb/min according to the compressor map and logged results from a member here. The bolton BEP housing with the hx35 turbine wheel do not SEAM to have enough flow to really reach the potential of 60lb/min. But many have logged over 50lb/min so far and seen 500whp. The stock hx35 12cm^2 twinscroll turbine housing is a t3 flange housing. This mated to a NON-divided runner manifold has produced a 132mph trap speed with a full weight 1g AWD. This is about 600whp. So the flow is there with the stock housing if you use a non-divided manifold. The spool speed of the 7blade hx35 is similar to the 8blade hx35 with 20+ psi by 3500rpms in the bolton housing and by 4000rpms with the stock housing with a non-divided manifold.


Proven Member
Dec 5, 2011
Chicago, Illinois
I disagree that you need a perfect tune to hit 400awhp on an E3-16G.

Certainly not typical results however, but would not require a ton of mods. Good Fuel, a little work in the way of VE, spike the boost and let her eat.

I had my 14B with minimal mods slinging out 32-35lbs/min (confirmed with an Evo8 MAF) on a regular basis in the winter with 70-90 times in the 2.0-2.2sec range in my old 2850lb FWD 5MT Laser. Including my 300lbs.


Dec 13, 2005
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
you can for sure make 600 with the hx35,
I don't think anyone's posted a 600+hp dyno sheet for a HX35 just yet. ;)

Not saying it isn't possible, just saying it's not a "sure thing" as you're making it seem.
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