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    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread Borg Warner s485.
      The Borg S400 series can be confusing with all of the turbine housing and wheel options...some of which do not interchange. The 83/74mm and 88/82mm turbine does not use the same bearing housing or turbine housing casting as the 96/88mm turbine...
    • JusMX141
      I have no idea what you're asking here...obviously if they're advertising the kit to fit whatever turbo you're using then I'm sure it'll work. Just be sure the restrictor size is correct for the amount of pressure the turbo needs.
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread 2G Blowing blue smoke.
      You heard wrong- the rings are the absolute last place I'd look. If the head has never been rebuilt then you likely have leaking stem seals and/or worn guides.
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread TDO5H Turbo balancing.
      If memory serves, Paul, you should have a 14B, Small 16G, and Evo III currently in your possession that are all in near-new condition. The 14B and Small 16G would be fine on the stock fuel system, the Evo III would require a pump upgrade at the...
    • JusMX141
      You need to be a little more specific..."not working" as in you're not getting any boost at all, or the boost level is completely uncontrollable?
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread 2G Help Identify Turbo type.
      Some Genuine MHI turbos actually do, like this 18KX3.
      • Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 10.31.06 PM.png
    • JusMX141
      I wouldn’t say 500 is impossible on pump gas. I was making 454 on an s363 in a .82ar open t3 housing on an untouched 130k mile non turbo 6 bolt bottom end, had much more on the table but the tuner didn’t want to push it anymore which is...
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread 2G Help Identify Turbo type.
      That's a Chinese 20G.
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread Ebay SMIC.
      It's bar/plate which typically cools less-effectively than a tube/fin core but is more-durable, so the core size would have to be a good bit larger than stock. I'd have to see some data before I'd shell out almost $200 for one.
    • JusMX141
      Up for sale is an 8-blade 54/83mm H1C turbocharger supercore (CHRA & cover). This quick-spooling turbo has the capability of generating 52-54 lb/min of airflow on a proper setup and will fit directly into any of the popular turbine housing sizes...
      • 20220721_110136.jpg
      • 20220721_110157.jpg
      • 20220721_110219.jpg
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 replied to the thread 2G Looking to upgrade turbo.
      If you're not looking to add crazy horsepower but want a little more jazz and reliability from the turbo itself, look to a 14B or Small 16G instead of the Evo III. The 14B will install on the stock manifold and o2 housing without requiring...
    • JusMX141
      In order for any turbocharger upgrade to be utilized, you have to add any two of the following: boost, RPM, displacement. The effective "limit" of the stock fuel system is around 26-27 lb/min of airflow, or around 260-270 crank horsepower. Even...
    • JusMX141
      Or just use four studs with knurled flange nuts on both flanges and nothing will ever come loose again.
    • JusMX141
      All non-turbo 2G hardtop cars on US soil will have the Chrysler 420A. Not sure how it worked out that way but that's what we're stuck with.I've owned two 420A cars over the years and they're painfully slow but extremely reliable when...
    • JusMX141
      I'm always buying blown China knockoff 16G and 20G turbochargers to use the outer housings as donors for MHI 16G's with badly-cracked housings or as upgrades.The turbo does not need to be operational, but needs to be as complete as possible and...
      • 20200502_204132.jpeg
    • JusMX141
      JusMX141 posted the classified ad For sale REBUILT FP DSM Red Turbo in DSM Parts Classifieds.
      Rebuilt FP DSM Red turbocharger. This unit began life as an old-school Green with compressor damage, so I upgraded the rotor group to be the same spec as the current DSM Red. Compressor is now a billet KTS D547 model which is the same spec as...
      • FPRed-1.jpg
      • FPRed-2.jpg
      • FPRed-3.jpg
      • FPRed-4.jpg
    • JusMX141
      Up for sale is a freshly-rebuilt, zero mile Billet TD05H 18G Turbocharger. This turbo began life as a standard MHI Big 16G which the owner was initially looking for a modest upgrade but changed their mind and decided to keep the car closer to...
      • Billet18G-1.jpg
      • Billet18G-2.jpg
      • Billet18G-3.jpg
      • Billet18G-4.jpg
    • JusMX141
      Rebuilt Garrett GT3584R turbocharger. This is a custom unit which uses a 66.4/84mm T04Z T67 compressor wheel mated to a 68/62mm GT35R turbine on a durable Garrett GT bearing housing. This turbo has been sitting here for probably two years or...
      • GT3584R-1.jpg
      • GT3584R-2.jpg
      • GT3584R-3.jpg
      • GT3584R-4.jpg
    • JusMX141
      Long before Borg-Warner offered the S372SX-E, Bullseye Power built their own comparable S300-frame turbo by combining a 71/102mm K31 billet compressor wheel to an 80/71mm S300 turbine in their own .70 T3 turbine housing. This is one of those...
      • BullseyeS371-1.jpg
      • BullseyeS371-2.jpg
      • BullseyeS371-3.jpg
      • BullseyeS371-4.jpg
    • JusMX141
      6-blade 60/86mm HX40 turbocharger supercore (CHRA & cover). This is a responsive turbo for it's size which has the capability of generating 68-70 lb/min of airflow with ample turbine flow on a proper setup and will fit into any of the popular...
      • HX40Supercore-1.jpg
      • HX40Supercore-2.jpg
      • HX40Supercore-3.jpg
      • HX40Supercore-4.jpg
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