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1G Fast 1G Auto Trans Guys what's the Converter situation?

DSM Chase

Proven Member
Sep 19, 2011
Senoia, Georgia
Getting pretty tired of relying so heavily on nitrous just on a mid sized Turbo (hx40) and several other in this range over the years. Has anyone found a converter thats working good now days? It seems Mike at Sinisters 8" is really the only option and seeing theres not like anyone posting results on them and me having a no better than stock restall like experience with his 9" has got me cold feet from buying another 850$ converter.

Everyone seems to be switching to 2G trannys but where the 1G love at??!


Proven Member
Jan 26, 2009
Victorville, California
I have been noticing the 8" converter too. I currently have a 9" converter from sinister because when I bought it, this is what they reccomended too me but the 8" converter wasn't available then. Once I get my car running, I will see how this converter works but I already have doubts in my mind and believe I will need to buy the 8" converter. I too don't want to use nitrous and that looks to be the only option at the moment.



Proven Member
Apr 2, 2005
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
I as well purchased the 8" "Spoolinator" with extra weight from Mike @ sinister for my stock block, FP Black setup.

I haven't received it yet (supposed to ship in the next couple days) and the car is still a manual trans, but all in time. I think it is the best option for stall and top end coupling without nitrous.


Proven Member
Mar 5, 2008
Wakefield, Kansas
Any of you 8" guys have any updates? How's it working out?

I have been running my Sinister 8" core 2 weighted for 10 months now. I still drive it around to run errands, drive it to the track and drive it home. When normal driving it acts just like it has the stock converter then when I punch it the converter flashes and takes off like a rocket. You have to use a turbo in the 63mm or smaller range to get it to stall quickly. I have been running a 66mm holset and it takes to long so I use a 50 dry shot to stall up for racing. As far as slip goes I'm running through the traps at 136 around 8150-8200 RPM which is in the 3% range that's really good. Jeff Bush has a deal with Precision so that is a option and Bradco has a new billet converter as well for us 1G trans guys. I haven't seen any information on them yet though.


Proven Member
Jun 6, 2008
Houston, Texas
There really shouldn’t be any issues using nitrous to spool. Most people running a decent size turbo will have to use it either way...remember these are 2.0 liter motors only.


Proven Member
Jul 21, 2006
Rslv, Arkansas
I don't mind nitrous I've ran it on cars, trucks, fourwheelers.... but for my auto dsm setup I just don't want it for simplicity sake. It's a street/strip setup and I don't want to have to need it.


Proven Member
Aug 2, 2009
Uniontown, Pennsylvania
My sinister 8" is still working flawlessly after years of abuse. It is a bit more difficult to stage the car competitively without nitrous as I experienced this year at the IFO events. But I just like the fact of not depending on something else. Be curious though to see what the Jeff bush and new Bradco converters are capable of once more people get them out in the field.


Proven Member
Jul 21, 2006
Rslv, Arkansas
After getting a years experience with my auto car and different turbo setups... I now know how general this question is. It’s one of those questions that’s hard to give a answer too.

It’s VERY dependent on ur car’s setup. When I 1st bought my Auto it had a e316g with 9blade turbine (spooled slower but helped on the high end). With 3” intake & full 3” Exhaust I couldn’t build Boost on my converter in anything higher than 70’ degree weather. Then I added a 4” intake, that helped a little. Then I added a 3” side exit, that helped a lot. In cooler air i could build as much boost as I wanted.

I got a Twin Scroll 16cm hx35 now, 4” intake, 4” side exit exhaust and it’s easier to build Boost on this setup than it was on my 16g setup. I can get 14psi in about 7 seconds on stall. I have so much more exhaust flow than i did with the choked Mitsu housing setup and that makes all the difference. I have no doubt that it’s a solid 10sec car even on the stock stall converter.

That said I still plan to get atleast a sinister 8”, or “maybe” a Bradco billet Converter. Just depends if I think the bradco is worth a extra $600
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