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evo 8 ecu in 1g dsm?


Proven Member
Jul 28, 2004
San Diego, California
So I been reading people using evo 8 ecus in 2gs and now people are starting to put them in 1gs. Lucky me I obtained an evo 8 ecu for free :D Now that people are unlocking the potential of the evo 8 ecu with ecuflash launch control, antilag, speed density etc... plus its open source! Now my question is Ive looked everywhere for a specific HOW TO for the 1g and found nothing! I find bits and pieces of the how to on the setup in these threads.

Evo8 ECU in a 1G DSM in the works! -
read all pages!


How To: Evo 8 ECU | Galant VR-4 > How To and Info Archive | Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Forum

But ive read that galant vr4 ecus are different to the 1gs. Anyone have a how to they can post and the needed things to successfully run it in a 1g? AND YEAH I KNOW DSMLINK CAN DO THE SAME BLAH BLAH but i dont have a socketed eprom ecu :cry: soo a free evo8 ecu? ima take advantage of it!


Proven Member
Jan 6, 2009
Scott AFB, Illinois
There isn't really a godd How-To yet. I was searching for this stuff in the past. That EvoM thread is about the best one you have. They have some good diagrams/tables for how to make the harness. What I did was i pulled apart an old ecu for the plug, and cut the plusgs out of a mitsu car. That is how I got the plugs to make the harness. Then I just followed the diagram and soldered it all together.

I never got to finish though, had to sell the car.

Find OxDead on EvoM. He has done it already and is very knowledgeable.


Proven Member
Sep 6, 2004
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
I think OxDead got banned from Evom. Try looking for DanL on here.


20+ Year Contributor
Jul 30, 2002
BFE, Virginia
If you read through the entire thread on EVOM all the info is there. You just have to dig a little to find everything. Its not all going to jump out at you in one post. I did the swap using that thread. Figuring out the all the tables and functions in ecuflash is where the learning curve is at.

Theres a couple of posts referring to a wiki and google docs. Look for those. And then double check the pinout diagrams. There were some tweaks that needed to be done and i dont think the posted pinout in the google docs was updated last i checked.
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