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2G Euro 4g63 Turbo Conversion?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Oct 22, 2014
UK, Europe
Hey I have spent quite a lot of time looking for this and if it has been staring me straight in the face then please accept my apologies. (links would be appreciated)
I have a 2G GS running a 4g63 - not the 4g63T - I have been looking through all the various info on conversations but they all seem to assume that the original engine is a 420a.
So my question is, swapping a 4g63 to a 4g63t is it just as much hassle (and just not worth it) as the 420a swap or is this a lot easier?

In my head i am thinking that it shouldn't be too much difference as i am assuming engine mounts will be the same, transmission should bolt up etc etc.

However much i would one to have the GST or even better the GSX, living in the UK the impost costs and viewing costs for me to come over to the states is making it less and less feasible. So if the 4g63 to 4g63T conversion is a "fairly" easy swap it might be worth considering.
Well If you have the 4g63 N/A engine then Im sure you could just get all the needed turbo bits and put it on. Im unaware if the internals are different between them as I dont have a 4g. Someone else can add onto that.
If u have a 63 now. Someone has don't the hard part for u . The na 63 where in the 1g non turbo models 63 and 63t are the same engine basically 63 had a higher compression ratio piston 10 or 10.5:1 I believe 6 bolt 63t came with a 7.8:1 piston lower for boost the only difference with the blocks are the non turbo had no oil squirters and the water pipes had no provisions for the turbo water lines swap is easy either turbo it and run lower boost on the high comp pistons. Or swap pistons and run more boost. That's it What side is ur timing belt on? If it's driver side u have a 63 if it's pass side that is not a 63 it is a 420A not mitsubishi. Its a Chrysler
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Hey, Definatley the 63 :)
Might be because it was a european version that they did a 4g63 N/a version.
all EDM spec 2g's that came non-turbo have a n/a 4g63. I do believe the differences are compression, oil squirters, ecu. It should be fairly straight forward actually.
hhhhhmmmmmm interesting.
Glad i wasn't overlooking something obvious.
Then ur job is easy. Turbo manifold turbo oil lines and plumbing for water and intake charge and ur done. Just lower boost on high cr pistons. Unless u swap the pistons out to a lower stock 7.8:1 1g 2g r 8.5:1. Or a aftermarket set
If you can wait till next year im swapping ALL my stuff over so i can help you out on parts! The main issue is the comp ratio but thats not a killer and.can still be done. The german sites will give you some more help and although its only going to be roughly translated it should give you just enough info for what your trying to do
Personally, I would only slap a turbo onto that engine without changing internals for a short term thing, with the plan of building another engine for boost. Yeah you will get away with boosting that engine for a while, but the higher compression will take it's toll if you are not careful. Some guys remove the oil squirters for the pistons anyway, but that also will not help in a higher compression engine. I am not sure how common the 4g63t is over there, but if they aren't hard to come by I might just pick one up. If they are, then just pick up the turbo parts needed and drive it! Along with the blatant things needed, you will also need the ECU and injectors as well.
This is just what I can remember but there was someone on the site a couple years back when I owned my 94 esi fwd and I was looking to so the same thing after tearing my buddies 92 awd tsi I figured what the hell why not. As I began my quest for more knowledge it became clear that yes you may run the turbo but from what I remember the safest amount of boost this guy had tested was 7 psi on his stock block. I also think you might have to upgrade your fuel pump. So I'd do some more digging.
It might be beneficial to look at what the 1g NT guys are doing to do the conversion. Engine harness/ECU will definitely have to be swapped.
uuuh if your not going to use a turbo wiring harness then you need to wire in a resistor pack and swap in bigger injectors. The n/t injectors are high impedance injectors and only 290CC, they wont support boost period! you'll need to wire in a resistor pack and swap in low impedance injectors like some factory 390's or 450's.
plus like mentioned above you'll need to swap in a turbo ecu which when using a n/t wiring harness you'll have to swap pins around and add more wires.
Plus you'll need to swap in a turbo fuel pump or get an aftermarket one like a walbro 190/255 PLH, I also believe the n/t fuel pressure regulator is different from turbo models as well so expect to swap that to.

Here's some links read through them then make your decision!
There was a nice youtube video I found years ago that breaks down all the differences between n/t, turbo 1g, turbo 2g and evo pistons. I'll try finding it for you.
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