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DSMLink nitrous controls + meth injection

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

If your wanting to use the ecu i would get one of our progressive controllers and map a 0-5v output and use our controller to do the pwm work. Then set the controllers 2 knobs to there min and max adjusment range and you can then adjust the voltage output of the ecu to get you the range you want.

Would this work with ECMLink's nitrous controls and disable meth on rev limit/in between shifts by using the 0-5v output?
Any kit can be compatible. I prefer the devils own kit though. I would also like to see someone make a diagram. This might help everyone to see for sure how its hooked up properly using the FPS or EGR solenoid.
I know this thread is alittle old. I would also like to see a diagram of how this hooks up. Dont want to mess ecu or anything up.
Thanks for the link. I read through it but im still quite confused. I have a relay that came with the pump. Obviously I am going to use a relay, but there is all this talk about using a relay with the ground wire because the ecu grounds the fpr/egr wire right? So do I need two relays or what? Needless to say, I have the ground and + wire from the pump, then a ground from the ecu, and switched power to the relay. Do I need a dedicated + wire from the battery as well?
I used fuel pump wire for pin 85 and ecu switch ground for pin 86. This controls the relay and the car has to be running. Pin 87 is straight from battery with fuse inline. Pin 30 goes to methanol pump. Pump ground goes to body/frame ground. Done
I believe I did
86 ECU ground
85 and 30 direct from battery
And 87 to pump,
I don't believe switched power is really needed because the ground from the ECU is needed to complete it.
Alright I have another question. I have everything wired up and installed. But I am not seeing the pump kick on when its supposed to. If I take my signal wire going to the relay and ground it, the pump will turn on. I took my nozzle out and physically watched it activate. So the pump is working, and working when the wire is grounded. I have tried connecting to the egr and fps wire with no change. I mean, my afr's are supposed to go much richer when it kicks on right? Im just not seeing that. I attached a log from last night, and you can see how I have my controls configured. I sent my ecu in to be checked just a year ago and they said everything was working fine. Is there a box I forgot to click or something? I have loadfactor as a captured/displayed value, is there anything else that needs to be checked?


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