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Car wont start, single click then nothing. [IGNITION SWITCH]


Proven Member
Mar 22, 2011
Waukesha, Wisconsin
So after driving the laser for the day, I went to drive home and the car wouldnt start. When I try to start it, you can hear a click that sounds like its coming from the ECU and also hear a click that sounds like its coming from the starter. Here's where it gets tricky.

The starter is brand new. It was tested right in front of me in NAPA, so I know its not shot.

The battery is fine, holds 12volts solid while trying to start. The POS on the starter solenoid is also fine, this also holds charge, along with the ground on the starter bolt. However, the solenoid signal wire (black wire that clips onto the solenoid) receives no power at all. What could cause this to receive no power?

Also the car pop-starts just fine, but thats not really... ideal haha.

So yeah, any help or ideas is much appreciated!

Thanks, Jake.
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Probationary Member
Nov 23, 2018
Muskogee, Oklahoma
I'm having some of the same issues with mine,i replaced the ignition & I tested the starter at oriellys & it was good.Ive replaced the corroded starter cable & the wire going to the selenoid was butt spliced a few times & replaced it battery too, and all it does is 1 click.but you can fire off the starter with a screwdriver up front.


DSM Wiseman
Jun 7, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Definitely sounds like a battery cable connection problem. Clean both ends of both cables with sandpaper where it makes electrical contact. Ensure connections are tight. Even 0.1 ohm resistance will prevent the starter from working (with the starter's 50 amp draw). Make sure battery negative cable goes to a STARTER mounting bolt (on bell housing) and directly from battery (not from battery negative to firewall to starter bolt - increased resistance that way). You could also measure the voltage right at the starter post while trying to crank to see if there's a voltage drop somewhere.

If all that checks out perhaps you have an intermittent starter/starter solenoid which happens when they get old. Hit the starter solenoid (solenoid is on the starter) with a hammer and if it then works, that's what you've got (and you'll have to then replace the starter because it will keep happening).


Probationary Member
Nov 23, 2018
Muskogee, Oklahoma
I believe what was the issue was under the dash(clutch safety switch) i i am not getting fuel to my engine( i replaced fuel pump and sock, totally emptied out the tank of the old gas.i'm replacing the coil pack as one side was bad but the other not.
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