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1G 92 Plymouth Laser brake upgrade

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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May 31, 2023
edmonton, AB_Canada
92 Plymouth Laser RS FWD pretty sure it has single piston brakes. What's a good dual piston upgrade and rotors / pads, 93 and 94 had dual piston?

It's running 17" rims so have some room, stopping from higher speed as well going with drilled and slotted to help with heat.
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Only the AWD cars got the dual piston calipers starting in 93. The Outlander upgrade is the current factory part upgrade.

The best choice for rotors is undrilled/unslotted coated. You're not going to get the rotors hot enough that you will overcome the cons of drilled and today's pads don't outgas like they used to so slotting just adds cost. Put your money into good pads, a full fluid flush, and teflon/stainless steel brake lines.
Agreed. Skip all the extras. A good coated brembo or other quality brand blank is fine. Fluid and lines are more important.
That's great guys. You can do "new" Outlander calipers, rotors, pads for less that half that. I didn't look up SS brake lines but I can't see spending more than $150 for them for all 4 corners but Josh @ JNZ would know exactly.

I didn't see any requirement in the OP post for track day braking but some of the posts look like drag racing might be a factor. I haven't compared the weights of the two.
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Pretty sure CTSV brembos are a pretty cheap, and relatively easy swap as well.

If you want to go drag racing seriously in the future, something that fits under 16" wheels (or better, 15") is a better idea, but if you're going circuit racing, bigger brakes with more thermal mass are substantially better.

Getting into expensive stuff like Wilwood/etc drops the most weight due to lighter calipers, two piece rotors, etc.

The 2 piston calipers from 92+ AWD cars, GVR4s and N/A 3000gts are a substantial upgrade from the stock single pistons, especially if you do good pads, stainless lines, and a good fluid. I had a 91 TSI AWD and the difference with EBC Greens, fresh fluid and stainless lines was night and day- with the single pistons I could boil the brakes easily, the car was exponentially better after.
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