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2.4 Liter G4CS Build Blog


Supporting Member
Jan 6, 2007
Central Valley, California
Gonna catch up the guys who weren't following my thread before first. Fast fowarding, I started this project in April, went on hold for a few months while moving out of the bay area, and now I am back on track. This won't be a bam bam bam 3 days and I am done with a new race car blog, so please bare with me.

The car started out bone stock a year previous to this with nothing more than a 16g turbo. This was my 6th Eclipse, and now is destined to be my 1st 100% race car for road racing Infinion, Leguna Seca, and Thunderhill. I purchased a new daily driver, so any mods I choose or can be suggested to me for this race car do not need to have street laws affect that descion.

Now, on to the build!

Not much to say at this point, but this will be my thread for my first engine build, first 6 bolt engine, and first 2.4 engine. I am not a pro and will be doing alot of research on the engine as I go along, but after two years of being around and working on eclipse mods, I am ready to take on this task.

So far all i have gathered is a G4CS short block with the stock internals to the motor still in there

I got:

Wiseco .020 over pistons
Eagle rods and arp bolts

and yea that is it for the new block. Alot of the parts will be coming from my current motor, such as the hks 272s, the act 2900 clutch, and all the usual 2g 6 bolt swap required parts.

I am currently looking for input on the turbo in another thread, but looking mainly to road race, so torque and low end power is my goal here, not top end HP numbers.

Other than that, I need a head, a lower gasket kit, and upper gasket kit.

This is the begining of what I think is going to be alot of fun. I am taking my car off the streets and am buying a new DD to take its place. Full track car :thumb:

and now for the pics :)

Strm Trpr

15+ Year Contributor
Jan 20, 2004
Lodi, California
Well, that's too bad you already bought your rods and pistons.
You could have made a long rod 2.4L out of it that would have made more mid to upper rpm torque and you would have made the rod/stroke ratio better at 1.56 vs 1.50.

I'm sure you know about this car.
He's running a Magnus 2.4L Long Rod Rotating Assembly.
I've been in contact with the machine shop that put that motor together, and the 1g head is pretty much stock.
No need for any porting what so ever.
There is a guy on here Twicks69 who has a 740whp 2.3L GSX, and he is on a stock port, stock valve 1g head and a stock 1g TB.
He is on a Beyond Redline Performance Intake Manifold that netted him some serious gains over the competitions SMIM.
It's definitely worth a search to find and read about that intake manifold.
Keep the 2g TPS, and I'm sure you'll get rid of the bottom half of the TB consisting of the FIAV/ISC, you won't need them anymore if you're track only now.
I'm going to build a 2.2L using a 94mm crank.
It's a perfect compromise of the big 2.3L or a 2.0L.
It'll rev higher than a 2.3L and will make more torque over the 2.0L any day.
Since you're going with such a heavy breathing motor, you could rock a FP HTA3582R, or even a HX40 for that matter.
They should both spool up before 4krpm.
Oh, and good luck with everything.
My GSX and I will be at Thunderhill this Friday.
Too bad it'll be in the mid to upper 90's though.


DSM Wiseman
Oct 5, 2007
Yokohama, Japan, Asia
Thats not really true. We're running an almost stock head right now because we needed one in a pinch for the race. We had to up the boost 1-2 psi to get the power back to where it was with the TEM machine port work.
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