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1G NT Throttle Body Shaft Seals


Proven Member
Feb 9, 2005
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Yes, I'm using a t-bolt clamp. I'm confident the coupler I have is the correct size. It's pretty tight getting it on there. Are there any tricks like using hairspray (?) or anything? Maybe even putting some RTV in there? (I admit, this sounds a bit extreme.)


Proven Member
Feb 12, 2003
Jessup, Maryland
I'm pretty sure I posted this info somewhere before, but can not find a link to it . . . The turbo shaft seals will fit into a 1G N/T throttle body if the recess they press into is bored out just a touch deeper. I can (or anyone else who has access to a torn apart turbo throttle body) get the exact numbers if needed, but in general the recess needs to be just a touch deeper than the thickness of the shaft seal.

As for sealing a coupler to the throttle body, I've just used a t-bolt clamp and can hold 25 psi all day long, so there may be something else going on with that setup that is causing it not to seal.


Supporting VIP
Sep 29, 2007
ATL, Georgia
Double #7's held the best so far. They didn't start leaking until 20 lbs. I'm ordering the turbo seals now. (Btw, Mach V only charged $1.90 for shipping!!! Thanks for the link!)

On another note, I'm also getting a little leaking from the coupler. I've tried grinding off the little tabs, allowing the coupler to slide on a little farther, but it didn't help enough. Do you guys have any ideas to get that to seal any better?

ordered them :hellyeah:


Proven Member
Feb 9, 2005
Grand Blanc, Michigan

I installed the turbo throttle body shaft seals and they didn't leak at 30 psi. They were a pain in the ass to install, but once installed, work great. To get them in, I pulled the shaft out, forced the seals in, and the slid the shaft back through.

Thanks for the help guys.


DSM Wiseman
Aug 16, 2004
Columbia, Missouri
I usually use the good quality o rings and take the old seal, strip all the rubber off it, and tap it back in to hold the o ring in. Works every time.


Proven Member
Mar 4, 2007
St. Charles, Illinois
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