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Feb 26, 2021 at 11:55 AM
Nov 19, 2006
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turbosax2 was last seen:
Feb 26, 2021 at 11:55 AM
    1. RoboTechDSM
      Would you up a fellow dsmer with linktools?
    2. sldr
      hi from mexico... need some help...
    3. Xploitn
      I need to get my engine to realize that oil is good for it! If I had to pick a theme for this season it would be massive oil leaks :( I'm replacing gaskets, o-rings like it's a hobby... oh wait. lol
    4. Xploitn
      Haha! I just realized that sax = Susquehanna Autocross and not the instrument! How has the season been for you and Brian? I've been running in ESP class in the WDCR events in DC and they all know Charles (ACM) and I got a chance to meet him last month at the proSolo event we hosted.

      Here is a listing of the ESP class for the upcoming event...
      Blue 2013 Ford Mustang
      Gray 2011 Ford Mustang GT
      Orange 2008 Ford Mustang
      Silver 2005 Ford Mustang GT
      Black 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
      Blue 2013 Ford Mustang GT
      Silver 2005 Ford Mustang

      Can you guess which car is mine? lol
    5. teamtrail09
      hi there new to this. i have a 98 gst and it started vibrating in the front end last week. i took the wheels off and all i seen was the sway bar pivot nut was gone replaced it and vibration was still there. so i put it on jack stands and started it and put in gear and the noise is coming from the transmission opposite end of clutch. is there any hope to save tranny? please help
    6. KHRacing
      thank you so much !
    7. KHRacing
      Hi, please help me with the anser for this. its for registering on an 4G63 rwd forum.
      To help prevent spam.
      Please answer the following question: *
      Dodge is to Conquest as Mitsubishi is to ______ (lowercase)
    8. Sparkplug90
      hey i have a question how much u know bout the 98 non turbo eclipse?
    9. 2G-GS-T
      ok, thanks man i appreciate your time
    10. 2G-GS-T
      your probably gonna freak out but i called chrysler an the knuckle kit got discontinued... but im not sure if the gsx are the same?
    11. 2G-GS-T
      I went today an i didnt find anything. i need the one with the abs mount. they dont have any turbo awd or fwd models here
    12. 2G-GS-T
      hey bro, do you know were i can get a spindle knuckle, with abs because mine is snapped an i took it off. if you know give me a call, 361-389-0311
    13. 97GS
      Aight thanks though for responing
    14. 97GS
      I was just checking out your trend about how to install hids in your cluster and was wondering if you would charge to do it for me ### I am not electronicly inclined that well to do something like that.
    15. turbosax2
      Nope, sorry.
    16. Doubleot
      Would you ever make another one of those LED clusters and sell it? I'd be extremely interested, I just went threw your thread and I love how it looks.
    17. turbosax2
      Yes, that box was removed.
    18. aparker
      Did you remove this part when you did your fusebox relocation? part number MR400409- fuel system cruise control module. It is located on the passenger side wall, under where the wires go into the door. I removed the cruise control, would like to remove this too as long as it doesnt affect how the car runs.
    19. turbosax2
      I'm not running either of the stock sensors. However, I'm running two oil pressure senders remote located from the 1/8" BSPT port on the OFH.
    20. tenn-gsx
      Hey did you run one or both of your oil sensors on the evo ofh? if one which? If both how?
    21. 95TSi_AWD_717
      Oh alrighty, just thought it might have been you looked like your car.
    22. 95TSi_AWD_717
      Hey were you driving on the pike today around 830ish? It looked like your car. It was near the bridge by Best Buy and all that.
    23. DSM All Day
      DSM All Day
      hey i have a question is there any turbo that can fit on my 95 gst with out changing the manifold??
    24. 95TSi_AWD_717
      true there close friends of mine so thought i'd ask since there really big on dsms
    25. 95TSi_AWD_717
      hey just wanted to know if you know matt and chris seeger?
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