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    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 replied to the thread 2G Tow strap mounting.
      Not yet. Still on my to-do list but I haven't been able to get to it yet, unfortunately.
    • turbosax2
      So, I've been hunting for the best suspension I can get for a 1g. I realized that John Mueller still prepares Ohlins suspensions for our car (he used to build Road Race Engineerings racecars back in the 1990s-early 2000s). So, I've just ordered...
    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 reacted to gsxitement's post in the thread 98 GSX Time Trial build with Hell Yeah Hell Yeah.
      GridLife Circuit Legends at Lime Rock:What a weekend. This is going to be a long post for sure. So grab a snack LOL.Got to Lime Rock Thursday evening. Had to wait about an hour to get in cause it was just packed. Unloaded, and got to work...
    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 reacted to gsxitement's post in the thread 98 GSX Time Trial build with Haha Haha.
      For sure. Car didn’t break the trans this last weekend at Lime Rock with GridLife. Think that’s a first lol.
    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 replied to the thread 98 GSX Time Trial build.
      I'll have to chat with you on the trans cooling setup. I'm having TRE add some cooling ports to mine while it's back in for a rebuild so I'll likely work on this over the winter as well.
    • turbosax2
      Sure thing.
    • turbosax2
      Thanks! I might still be interested in those in the future if you're willing to part with them. Would you mind looking in the 2ga hose to see if there is a restrictor? I'm still curious about that.For the moment I have bigger fish to fry...
      • 20230808_172925.jpg
    • turbosax2
      Lime Rock is my nemesis. Hopefully this next event goes well there.
    • turbosax2
      Thanks for the kind words! And totally understandable, family comes first of course. Palmer was sooo much fun, I'll definitely be back again. There were some folks there really talking up Lime Rock so that one made the wish list as well.
    • turbosax2
      I managed (with a bunch of outside help) to get a solution in place for the leaking power steering lines on the bottom of the rack. More on that in a future post.In the process, I accidentally found out that there was a restrictor in the soft...
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    • turbosax2
      What kind of temps do you see on the road course? I've never tried capturing this information so I'm curious!
    • turbosax2
      I finally had some time this week to start digging into the problems with the car starting with the power steering leaks. I knew pretty much everything in the system has been discontined by Mitsubishi, but luckily JNZ @DSSA was able to find one...
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