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    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 posted a question on the classified ad For sale 2g rear tow strap bracket.
      Bumping again, these are still available!
    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 reacted to gsxitement's post in the thread 98 GSX Time Trial build with Like Like.
      Ok. Long post: been super busy with life and the car. So, motor is in. Trans is in. Timing belt is on. Fueltech and interior is wired and up and running. Been working on the engine harness. Getting the oil lines done. Missed my event that I...
    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 reacted to gsxitement's post in the thread My fuse box relocation (project log) with Hell Yeah Hell Yeah.
      Not sure I’ll make Pocono. But I may try if for no other reason than to get some rollers of the cars on track lol
    • turbosax2
      I hope so! We're probably not going to make Lime Rock - too long of a drive for just one day there. If they did a full weekend we would be in. But we'll be at one if not both of the Pocono events. And we were planning on doing the Shenandoah...
    • turbosax2
      Man I swear I’m gonna make an event you’re at this year. Wild to think that I’ve been to so many EMRA events, just the last two years I’ve been focused on GridLife, and didn’t make any EMRA events last year. I do believe I’m going to be at Lime...
    • turbosax2
      Great update Eric, thanks for sharing. I'm living vicariously through you guys right now.
    • turbosax2
      We got an F1 TV subscription this year. After years of watching races on bootleg websites, it was well worth the cost.
    • turbosax2
      All of that is awesome. Thank you for sharing. Good you got the impact damage in hand.Regards F1 Qualifying - How were you able to see it? I've got Hulu with live channels, and I've been flagging all the F1 sessions, practice, quali, and race...
    • turbosax2
      I thoroughly inspected my subframe and compared measurements to Brian's. We couldn't find any damage to it so I got lucky there. I didn't bother making a new underbrace, I'll get to that later. But I decided I didn't want a crunchy downpipe so...
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    • turbosax2
      Ok, this is interesting:This is intake runner Cyl4When I disassembled, in one motion, I lifted the head, and tilted it onto the exhaust studs.This coolant was sitting on top of the intake valve, and it stayed there when I tipped it up, and...
    • turbosax2
      Bummer dude. Glad it wasn't worse. I have a RRE lower brace I don't need if you don't feel like fabricating one.
    • turbosax2
      Check your head studs and manifolds for damage. Hit like that - energy goes everywhere - all attached components.
    • turbosax2
      The downpipe is Megan Racing and they since changed up the design, but it looks like they're discontinued anyway. I did find that CXRacing might have the same one I have now but I'm not positive.I doubt the RRE bar is still available so I'll...
    • turbosax2
      We were at New York Safety Track over Memorial Day weekend with EMRA. Brian and I were both instructing again and were actually leading the student classroom sessions on Sunday so we missed out on some track time because of it. But it was still...
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    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 posted a reply to a question on the classified ad For sale Fuel cap holder.
      Absolutely! They're $20 shipped and my Paypal address is [email protected].
    • turbosax2
      meh. not massively, its a LONG story. I then lost interest because of the long story and then between that and work and DSM development work i lost even more interest. BUT I am progressing with it now.I will do an update sometime next week for...
    • turbosax2
    • turbosax2
      So last we left off, I dropped my hot parts off at the machine shop 4/17. I hadn't heard anything from them by last Wednesday, so I called them up to see if the parts would be done that day. They knew I was heading to Pocono Friday. Well, the...
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    • turbosax2
      turbosax2 reacted to gsxitement's post in the thread 98 GSX Time Trial build with Like Like.
      Update time. Still waiting on the block to come back from the machine shop. Dropped it off in January. Getting frustrated. Wanted to have the motor in the car in April to feel comfortable with my time line of my first event being June 22-23. Been...
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