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  1. 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder

    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder

  2. Eclipse 12

    Eclipse 12

  3. 96 Spyder GST going to Spyder GSX

    Street Build 96 Spyder GST going to Spyder GSX

  4. Spyder Fuel pump stays on in the on position

    Hi! I’m new to the forum so be gentle lol I have a 2g eclipse that’s a 4g64 block with 63 head. I install a new 190walbro fuel pump and it was working fine then all of a sudden the pump just wouldn’t shut off in the on position. I have changed the relays as one of them was not good. If anyone...
  5. Spyder Help diagnosing intermittent knocking sound issue

    Hello all,99 spyder (4g64 SOHC). I replaced the drive belts recently and within a few startups, noticed an intermittent knocking sound coming from the camshaft/water pump area. The noise is like two pieces of wood knocking on each other and it comes and goes. When the engine is hot it seems...
  6. Eclipse 10

    Eclipse 10

  7. Kaxlene

    2G Hello there~!

    Hello! I am kind of new to the 2g DSM, even though this is kind of my 3rd time owning one. I've kind of wanted one again after being an idiot kid when I had one and blew the 420a in it, and had no knowledge of repairing/fixing the problem. So 12-ish years later I tracked down my old buddy's 2g...
  8. 2G Recommendations for Power Antenna for GST Spyder 99

    The power antenna doesn't go up or down. With a new stereo install, there appears to mass static and I found one station. I don't really know whether the head unit is connected properly, either. I imagine the installer will blame the old antenna. The old deck did get stations, however. Anyhow...
  9. 2g eclipse spyder gs-t

    Street Build 2g eclipse spyder gs-t

  10. August578

    2G How to remove ECT sensor pins

    Hi does anyone know how to remove ECT sensor pins, one of my pin wires got snagged and ripped off. :(I’m trying to just reattach new wire to it and just connect it.
  11. 2g GS Spyder clicking noise from convertible top

    Hey, I've got a 1997 GS Spyder and need some help with the covertible top coming up and down.I was able to get the top to go down halfway once. Now whenever I press the button to put the top up and down, I hear several delayed clicks from behind me. Sounds like they are comign from the trunk...
  12. 2G 97 GS Spyder 2.4L Oil Pan bolts

    I have a 1997 GS Spyder with a 2.4L engine and I am strugling to remove the oil pan.I have the downpipe and cat removed from the header and am strugling to reach one specific bolt. What looks like the bell housing, is in the way and blocks me from having enough clearance to reach the bolt.I...
  13. Cleanest 97 GS-T Spyder only 24k miles... wondering value??

    Hi, I pre apologize if I am not posting in the correct forum. I have a 1997 Eclipse GS-T Spyder that is in showroom condition. It has only 24k miles on it and is in immaculate condition. It is absolutely stock (so stock that the tires are still the original since day 1). My question is what...
  14. August578

    4g64 Head Bolt Socket

    Hi this is my first time learning how to work on a car and when trying to remove the head I couldn't find a socket or which socket I needed to use. I also checked online but could not find it. Does anyone know what the 4g64 Head Bolt Socket and size is? Thanks.
  15. Dank Specter69

    Spyder Need help finding a throttle body

    I need to find a throttle body for my 96 spyder gs 4g64 2.4L ASAP would anyone here know where to find one? Thx
  16. For Sale 1997 Eclipse GS-T Spyder

    Okay, it’s finally time to say goodbye. Due to financial reason of being laid of due to covid I have to part ways with my baby. She’s been with my uncle in Arizona for a while but with everything going on it’s time to let her go.Bone stock 97 GS-T Spyder with 76,000 miles. Yea, you read that...
  17. HELP! 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder rod knock

    Hi there! I recently (less than a week ago, on the 8th of August) purchased a used 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder. I paid $3200 for the car, which had 177k miles and generally was in very good condition (it seemed). Owners claimed it was taken good care of, hasn't been in any accidents and...
  18. Spyder Rough idle

    Hey everyone I just had my 1997 Gst spyder taken into the shop for water pump replacement and timing beltthe car starts... at idle it sounds like it’s surging. But when you raise it anywhere above 1000 rpm. It’s normal and the surging goes away totally normalAny ideas ?
  19. obx tsi

    2G Eclipse spyder 4g64

  20. 2gEclips3

    2G need new convertible top

    The top of my Spyder is leaky, and i need a new one. Could i get any advice on where i can aquire one, website, vendors etc? There's no point in asking the brand dealership here in Norway, its cheaper to buy and identical car.So any Spyder dudes here who can help med out?
  21. Doubleot

    2G Fire Extinguisher mounting ideas!

    Just curious where everyone is mounting their fire extinguishers on their 2gs, bonus points if you have a spyder and could give me some ideas. I've always been scared of a fire ruining my hard work and picked one up. Please post and or tell me about your ideas!
  22. John Mark Dongon

    For Sale Mechanic special 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

    $1,500 On on op Clean title 133,000 ish miles Located in Northern California 4g63t engineUpdate: I rebuilt the car, it ran fine at first, but after about a week later I didn't notice I was running on low coolant and was overheating the car. It later started blowing white smoke out the pipe...
  23. (Hopefully) First DSM

    So I'm going to meet this guy tonight, he has a a 2g eclipse GS-T Spyder. What are some things to know and look for? I will take literally any advice. It has 110k miles, a brand new 5 speed manual with 6 puck clutch and an unknown turbo
  24. Sauce Dog

    2G Stock 98 Spyder GS-T breaking up randomly

    Hey guys, I just got the car back and running after it sat for a little over 7 months. I had a stage 1 SBC installed and now I notice it's breaking up in 2nd and 3rd sometimes.It seems to happen randomly, but only when I stab it. If I roll into the boost gently it'll be fine and rev all the...
  25. 2G My oil pressure gauge sender is missing

    Pretty sure the previous owner removed the factory one, which would explain why my gauge doesn’t work... I’m trying to install an aftermarket oil pressure gauge. I can find the idiot light sensor, but from all the pictures I look at, mines sender gauge is gone... is that just a cap with a nut...
  26. 2G Clutch and flywheel question 97 spyder

    My clutch went out on my 97 spyder gs. The transmission has been switched out. I believe it’s the transmission for the 2.0 turbo. (kf5m332spzt)So, what clutch and flywheel do I get? One for a 97 spyder 2.4L? Or one for a 2.0 turbo? Also, everywhere I look, I can’t find a clutch and flywheel...
  27. Prince2King

    2G Anyone Selling Manual Spyder part - MD744671

    I am currently missing part number - MD744671I need it to finish my conversion for my eclipse....Its an "adapter" for the tranny my mits dealer told meBelow are some pics
  28. Prince2King

    Missing Part for 2G Manual Eclipse

    Is anybody selling or know where I can find this part....I need it to finish my conversion from an auto to manual 2g eclipse spdyerMits said it they dont make it anymore.....the part number is MB936595, they call it an "Adapter Bracket"
  29. james green

    Jgreens 1st dsm

    james green submitted a new DSM Profile :Jgreens 1st dsmRead more about this vehicle here...
  30. For Sale 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS

    For sale 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder-GS, Naturally Aspirated 2.4L Engine (4G64) Non-Turbo. 5-Speed Color is metallic blue (spirit blue) Car has 192k miles on the odometer however the new motor only has 94k. These are highway miles as I commute to University. The convertible top works...
  31. 95DSMGSX

    The 3000GT Spyder...what ever happened to these cars?

    Hey everyone!What ever happened to these epic cars? Sure they were overpriced at the time, but I feel I rarely meet another 3000GT Spyder owner out there.Anyone else a fan of the 3KGT platform? Anyone have some cool stories about these cars when they were new "back in the day"?

    Sold 1998 GST Spyder

    Real Garret Big T28 turbo, Brian Crower 272 cams, OBX adjustable cam gears, Pace Setter Tubular manifold, 3" turbo back exhaust, no cat, EVO 560cc injectors, Walbro 255HP fuel pump, Braided steel fuel line, fuel lab inline fuel filter, fuel rail, and fuel pressure regulator,coil on plug setup...
  33. gunnermaiden

    Spyder Maplight... LED Conversion possible?

    I searched a while on here and didn't see anyone mention if it's possible to convert the stock Spyder map lights (on the rearview mirror) to something a lot more modern looking.If so, what size do I need/how to pry them out of the mirror (possibly without removing the mirror - it's my daily!)
  34. mshelby

    Identify this 2gen body kit?

    I have the same year/model spyder. I've looked at many body kits online but I don't think I've seen this one. This kit has the look I want. Emphasis on curves. Clean lines. Simple yet aggressive styling on front bumper and keeps the rounded look of the rear bumper intact. Especially like the...
  35. Doubleot

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    I'm back, With what I've always wanted :)After selling my Panduh in January, the poor car suffered a fatal accident that totaled her :(# The owner kept the car and fixed it up and actually still drives it, I haven't seen it since the accident, I just wish the best of luck for the new owner and...
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