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    • HaveBlue83
      HaveBlue83 replied to the thread News about Joe Bucci.
      We are less now, because of this.Guys, we old now. All of us have gray hair. Take care of yourself and live life to your fullest.I was told he collapsed while pushing his car back to the pits after winning his he was on cloud 9...
    • HaveBlue83
      OKAY I finally got around to a solution.....I got some grade 8 plated 90mm m10x1.25 bolts and some nice doorman? Flanged nuts, turned em down with a 45° chamfer on the lathe at work to clear the casting angles, and sandwiched the hot side and the...
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    • HaveBlue83
      I'm a machinist and I do how-to's and post to build threads. Best bet that I will share the info when I do it. :)
    • HaveBlue83
      I got the old Mani off......what a sh*t show......3/4 turbine housing bolts were drilled out and semi egged. Ones mostly ok. They used trans and alt bolts with NUTS on them to hold it on :0I'm gonna have to get some nuts and bolts and...
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      • IMG-20240102-180304955.jpg
    • HaveBlue83
      I have Evo X paddles and they seem the same as this. Once I go auto in the mirage I plan to use these full-time for driving, semi auto paddle mode.I have another DSM, auto 99, and I'm prolly gonna put a set on that as well once I get time to...
    • HaveBlue83
      Summit lives, about 450-460whp, 26ish psi, turbo trans and car doing well :)
      • IMG-20231119-135523184-HDR-2.jpg
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      • IMG-20231119-134658295-HDR-2.jpg
    • HaveBlue83
      Mani cracked @ #4 runner but I still drive it sometimes. I got in 2 new doorman. Improved OEM cast Manis. I'll machine the turbo side holes to 60mm like I did for my Summit. They work GREAT.I did cross over 60k miles! It is in storage for the...
      • IMG-20231208-160805721-HDR-2.jpg
      • IMG-20231208-163459971-HDR-2.jpg
      • IMG-20231208-163508796-2.jpg
    • HaveBlue83
      Trans temps in the winter are usually 125-150 tops on this car. This is a proven fix, just get it AIR!
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