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ecmlink v3

  1. 2G ECMLink how to videos from their website

    I have ECMLink V3 installed in my 2g now, and have been reading over everything in their wiki and FAQ, and there is only one thing that really bothers me; I cant watch their how to videos because adobe flash isn't supported anymore.So does anyone know another place that I can watch said...
  2. noitsalaser

    ECMlink Going lean when letting off throttle

    I just got my 90 Laser RS back from the shop where I had a new clutch, CAS/ pigtail, coolant temp sensor/pigtail, used transmission and some seals, ect installed.Drove home and have a CEL. Hooked up to log and see that I'm going lean (21.4) when I let off the throttle to shift. Is this a tune...
  3. Mikesam

    2G Learning Videos for ECMLink v3?

    Hi I am new to tuning in general and would like to tune my own car with ecmlink. but I can not find any videos explaining tuning I was wondering if any of you could help me out
  4. _matheson_

    ECMlink Self Diagnostic Output from ECU stops/ ECMlink connection issue

    Hi everyone. I'm totally new to DSMs and ECMlink, so I tried to do plenty of research before posting anything, but I think what I've found is weird enough to ask for advice...I recently purchased a V3 chip and cable for my 1990 talon TSI, and for the past few days I've been attempting to get...
  5. 2g DSMLink V3 full

    For sale 2g 2g DSMLink V3 full

    selling my 2g dsmlink v3 full edition. this is for a 95-96 car, will work on 97-99 but you need to swap plug wires, $800 firm, includes shipping, venmo/cash app/ zelle/ paypal as friends, i have a good selling rep, but dont want to get screwed by buyer. serious buyers only pleaseRich 631-905-9432
  6. ECMlink 1G wierd idle issue see log included

    I got this wierd idle and i dont know what to do anymore. see logI already did/: Smoke test (not a single leak found) Adjusted tps to 0.63 volt Mounted a new rebuilded throttle body (2g becaus i cant find any 1g throttle body in the netherland or on ebay) Calibrated the wideband sensor...
  7. 1990 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1990 Eclipse GSX

  8. Justyn

    ECMlink Ecmlink and isc problem

    Hey guys, I've recently got my copy of ecmlink along with the ecu. I've read through all the instructions. I've set my 3" gm maf, my 580cc injectors. My original ecu I had before switching the car would idle high on first start up then as it warms up it would gradually come down and settle at...
  9. Dilan

    ECMlink Idle surge with GM MAF/MAFT ECMLINK

    So I have a 93 Talon TSi AWD with 272/262 cams and have been running a GM MAF with a MAFT along with SAFC2, I would have to adjust my idle pretty frequently with that set up and just recently decided to get ECMLINK V3 so I zeroed out the MAFT and SAFC 2, checked for boost leaks, set up ECMLINK...
  10. DogWhistle

    ECMlink Help With Base SD Tune (logs attached)

    Okay, so this is my first time tuning with SD, and I've made the basic sensor input changes, fuel base settings, and it likes to stall every now and then on let off, and idles funky. This is a 2.0L, 264* cams, b16g turbo, FMIC, Evo 3 IM, and PTE 1000cc injectors. Let me know if there is anything...
  11. DogWhistle

    ECMlink Resolved: No ECMLink connection with EPROM ECU

    This issue is occurring on the new 1999 GSX of ours, using an EPROM ECU (corrected for 97-99) from ECMTuning, and ECMLink V3 on Windows 7, 2 different cables, and all the pins on the ECU and OBD2 checked/redone, using different com ports, and everything, there is NO way this will connect to the...
  12. B00stAddictedGsx

    ECMlink Ecmlink connection issue

    Hello and welcome everyone to my little corner of electrical hell, I have emailed ECMLink multiple times with no response and I'm starting to pull my hair out with this connection issue.(this is not a dig at ECMLink from what I understand it's a small operation) So I'm going to start from the...
  13. ECMlink Link v3 Mid and WOT help

    Little info on the car first. 1990 Talon tsi JDM 6bolt FP green turbo Old FIC lowZ 650cc injectors(i know they will be upgraded soon) SD setup with Link v3 255 pump/ aeromotiv FPR @ 43.5 Ingersoll Rand boost soleniod(currently disconnected) Boost leak test holds pressure at 28psi.(small leak at...
  14. ECMlink Idle setup problems, Fuel trims maxed out, Need help!

    As you can see in the attached log, my fuel trims are all messed up and the car idling in closed loop the a/f ratio ranges from the high 12's to low 16's. I've messed around with my global fuel (currently running low impedance RC 1200cc's, tried using the value of 1200 in injector calculator as...
  15. 802gst

    For Sale 2g link v3 with eprom ecu

    Got a full ecmlink v3 setup with socketed eprom for sale. Complete. looking for 600 shipped text at 8023098527. Can ship next day. Thanks for looking
  16. For Sale Misc Project Parts (ECMLink, Injectors, DSS Front Axles)

    Posting an updated ad and removing previously sold itemsSilicone Radiator Hose for '95-'99 Eclipse - Bought from import evolution in 2010 - $45 shippedDenso 1020 fuel pump, never used, $90 shippedMAP DSM-RDB-2G Clearance AP Spec Rear Differential Bushings for 2G DSM - $80 shipped1200cc -...
  17. Rekadae

    ECMlink ECMLink Tuning Idle Surge?

    In ECMLink my RPM appears to be going up and down.BoV is atmospheric, no speed densityTPS is set with linkAdjusting BISS Screw did not get rid of itMy tuner says he has not encountered this before and is curious as to what it might be suggested I post it on the forums to ask around. He...
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