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  1. lukebergen

    dsm cranks but wont start

    hey just looking for some info on what could possibly be wrong with my dsm. drove fine a month ago but sat a month and won't start. it cranks over fine and has plenty of fuel getting to the rail, but lost spark and the injectors will not pulse because no matter how much I crank it plugs remain...
  2. FredRider

    2G I need HELP! looking for the connectors for my left headlight low beams! [URGENTLY]

    Hi all! In November I made a post about needing some help fixing the wiring harness for my headlight but what I didn't notice was that the connector had literally melted off! I don't know how or when it started to happen. It's been a HEADACHE looking for the piece in the junkyard but we can't...
  3. 95FullSend99

    DSM Supporting Bussiness 2021

    Hello everyone. As we all know, these are trying times, especially for the small bussiness owners. With that, I have been developing, with the help of several DSMers from around the world, a list of DSM supporting vendors. With this I am hoping that when yall need to order some parts, you think...
  4. polverari

    2G Overheating on idle (Stops when rev)

    (As I always do, I apologize for any translation errors) I have a 2g GST and I am recently having overheating problems. Basically, the car only gets hot when I'm idling. Even with the radiator fan on (starting at 195 ºF), it keeps heating up. What I noticed is that if I keep the car stopped...
  5. Sold 1997 Eclipse GSX - Project Car (Runs)

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - 7 bolt - 5 speed manual - 69,000 miles on chassis - Original Title Great looking eclipse with a rebuilt engine. It is now a 2.3 liter stroker with the internals to handle huge output. The car starts right up! It is ready to get its new computer, fuel pump, and...
  6. ncarson91

    2G question about fuel injector/fuel pump/turbo setup

    hi im nick im new to the whole dsm and boosting a car scene. i have a 14B turbo i just bought rc550 fuel injectors and a walboro 255lph fuel pump with all the new re wiring off of stm tuned and a AEM fuel pressure regulator kit. is this a okay setup? what boost levels should i run should i up...
  7. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Boostest vs map sensor

    So I have done some reading and cant find an answer. Both my boost gauge and map sensor are showing around 15-17 psi at full boost, however the boostest calculated from the mas is reading 33. Why would this be showing basically double what my actual readings are? My first guess would be boost...
  8. MJcanada


    New lower rocker retainers/clips for 1ga talon sideskirts. Also available are the tabs that cover the wing screw behind the door on 1ga talons.
  9. 420A Cranks but no start

    Hi guys. I just bought a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS off a close friend of mine. Long story short, it was his high school car that he junked about 5 years ago and I thought it would be funny to buy it and bring it back to life. No laughs yet, just cries I drove it from Yuma, Az to Los Angeles...
  10. KeyFlo_dsm

    1G Help with my first project.

    I’m hearing a rattle between 1k - 3k rpm. Shop said it could be stock exhaust vibration, or lifters. Any better idea what it may be? Could this become an expensive problem? I have a 1990 AWD 1G GSX fully stock, stock turbo engine. I greatly appreciate any feedback!
  11. mikellinos

    1G Wiseco HD2 for EVO 4-9 in to a 6 bolt

    Hi all, I want to share some useful info with you guys. Last year I had a bad batch of fuel and I melt a piston. My engine is a 6 bolt, 2.0 long rod with 9.4:1 compression, custom JE pistons 0.02” overbore and 272 kelford cams. The car was running great for 2 years at 26 psi boost with 93...
  12. MJcanada

    For Sale 1ga talon wing screw covers and lower rocker clips

    I have a 4 sets of replica wing screw covers left for sale. Also 2 sets of lower rocker retainers/clips (these hold the side skirts on. These are 1ga talon parts made of abs plastic. Message for prices.
  13. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Knock WOT pulls

    Just got my DSMLINK v3 installed yesterday and finally had the time to start cruising and doing some pulls. I noticed it's pretty regular that I get knock ranging from 3-10 any time that I do a WOT pull. I'm very novice at tuning but I did manage to get my idle near perfect my airflowperrev is a...
  14. Sjd6795

    ECMlink DSMLINK v3 questions it arrives today

    My DSMLINK v3 is out for delivery right now, it is a used unit. I have done some reading and gathered that I should Download a stock file configuration and or make sure all sliders are set to 0 and I adjust for my injector size. I've recently did maintenance such as head gasket, timing...
  15. Sjd6795

    For Sale Stock parts from my 2g

    I have some stock parts that I pulled out of my 2g, the valves are well used and missing one exhaust valve due to some damage. The rest are all fine when I pulled from my head, the cams I'm pretty sure are just stock cams if anyone can identify the markings on them further that'd be great. I...
  16. Sjd6795

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I have a 1997 GSX that the previous owner had put in a black box ECU, I am having trouble finding a shop that will tune it. I was told by english racing if I install an Evo 8 ECU they will tune the car. I found this guide...
  17. Sjd6795

    For Sale Balance shaft kit, balance shaft delete kit, Topline head bolts/washers

    Left over rebuild items BRAND NEW Topline head bolts/washers - $25 Shipped Balance shaft delete kit - $45 Shipped Balance shaft belt and pulley - $45 Shipped USED Stock cam shafts out of 7 bolt - Offer Intake and exhaust valves - Offer
  18. Sjd6795

    2G What's the deal? Timing belt

    Ok so I have all of my timing marks aligned correctly. I am trying to install the belt but it does not have enough slack, I have the tensioner pulley completely lose and the grenade pin still inserted in the auto tensioner. I followed the vfaq for correct routing and that does not work. All my...
  19. Sjd6795

    2G Mild head rebuild

    Just got my new seals and valves installed, got water sitting on the valves to see if any leaks exists. After that I'll install the BC268/272 cams shafts and cam gears. Everything went smooth and I used the K-motors compressor tool, it was only $50.
  20. YungTlon

    ARP 2000 RPM

    Please move this thread if it is in the wrong forum . Thanks ! So I’ve been reading everywhere from the ls1tech to the Honda forums since I cannot find much info on how high people have revved their car that has arp 2000 rod bolts . I know weight is a huge part of it . With that being said...
  21. Andrew Dussap

    2G Car died while driving

    Got my car today early in the morning, turned on the car and begin my day without any problems until I hit a stop sign, as I proceeded to make a right and start to accelerate just under of around 20 mph the car immediately shut off and Died. I Car has gas, the fuel pump is working, ignition...
  22. Sjd6795

    2G 268/272 cams

    So I ordered new valves, seals and some 268/272 BC cams for my head. My current cam gears have the timing adjusted slightly with the stock cams. I know I need to retune after installing the new cams, but should I leave cams how the currently are or set them back to 0?
  23. Sjd6795

    2G Looking for advice on head rebuild

    So I think to get the experience I am just going to go ahead and rebuild my head myself. I'm not looking to do anything fancy, my car is around 320WHP and I only need to replace my exhaust valves but I figure while it's all out what are other things that should be done. Also if you could...
  24. Andrew Dussap

    Car Overheating

    Hey guys, bought a 2g a couple weeks back and she started to overheat, now I have made sure the fan are properly working, she shows coolant in the radiator plus I changed the thermostat today and I had her compression tested, she’s good on that. I also had her recently oil changed and am...
  25. Sjd6795

    2G Lower intake manifold bolts...

    Trying to get my intake manifold off but I have no idea how I am suppose to access the lower bolts... I have tried with everything that I have to get a socket or wrench on there. The design is dumb it has the bolts positioned right under the runners I can barely squeeze my arm under there with a...
  26. 4g63t

    Post your best MEME

    I just came across the meme thread they have on evom and i can’t stop laughing. We should start our own. Using our DSM humor. Let’s try to keep them DSM / car related. I will try my hand at a few. You can use this. GO!
  27. HELP! 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder rod knock

    Hi there! I recently (less than a week ago, on the 8th of August) purchased a used 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spyder. I paid $3200 for the car, which had 177k miles and generally was in very good condition (it seemed). Owners claimed it was taken good care of, hasn't been in any accidents and...
  28. all black 4G63

    General 1G 6 Bolt Kiggly Racing tone wheel TDC mark

    When installing the timing belt with the Kiggly racing tone wheel and AEM cam gears I have lined up the marks on the cam gears and held them in place with the STM cam gear holder. I have lined up the mark on the tone wheel (crank gear/kiggly tone wheel) as accurately as possible (the balance...
  29. MikeG90

    For Sale 1990 1G Non-Eprom ECU MD128625 $120 Shipped

    I have for sale a 1990 1G DSM ECU. This came out of my 1990 Eagle Talon Turbo AWD in great working condition. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. This ECU is also listed on Ebay
  30. Anfurnyy

    1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    *EDIT* As I'm updating this build, it seems that this is turning more into a story than just a build. I've updated the title to reflect this, I suppose. This build is really going to showcase the real life issues behind building / working on a DSM and the problems, solutions that other might run...
  31. Sjd6795

    2G Cayenne red pearl paint

    Anyone know the best place to get some quality but also reasonable priced rattle cans? I need some Cayenne red pearl for my 2g eclipse. I plan to paint my side skirts and door handle to match the rest of the car.
  32. Sjd6795

    2G evo8 injector inspection

    So I have the opportunity to get some 560cc evo8 injectors local for $100 maybe less depending on some feedback from you guys. I've been looking around for some 650-850cc injectors and just can't find any for a fair price. I'm almost at the point of just buying brand new. I noticed one of the...
  33. Sjd6795

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    So finally got my cruising AFR up to around 13 and out of no where a day later they just went to 11 and it wants to stay there. My Idle and WOT did not change at all so it has me confused. Any ideas on what could change cruising AFR but not change the WOT and idle?
  34. Sjd6795

    2G Front o2 sensor replacement

    Out of these two which do you guys prefer? Also a side question.. If you had the option for 850cc, 660cc, or 560cc injectors for my Small 16g, 2.3l with a...
  35. Sjd6795

    ECUflash Injector latency values

    Injector latency varies per injector and is suppose to adjust idle AFR. Does increasing latency give more or less fuel though?
  36. Sjd6795

    EVOscan Fuel trims never show up idle

    So still tinkering with my tune to get AFR set perfect. I have seem to get idle to be near perfect it still shows a little rich after pulling up to a stop light around 12.5 then eventually comes back to around 14. However when I let the car idle for 16+ minutes my fuel trims never changed, I...
  37. 2G DSM Auto Trans / Torque converter pilot bushing / bearing

    I just sold the engine out of my 2G FWD and am selling the trans to a friend of mine. Unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of the DSM world, there is a pilot bushing installed on the end of the crankshaft for the automatics. Okay, no big deal, just go buy another one if you need one...
  38. Sjd6795

    General Wideband o2 reading really rich.

    Just got a sensor installed and my wideband gauge hooked up. At idle the car sits around 13.5 then cruising it's really rich at around 10.3-10.5. When I come up to a light and idle it's around 11.7 idle however once the car sits idle for a while it will go to 13.5. WOT it pegs at 10.0 and I...
  39. Sjd6795

    2G Canister some hoses unhooked

    So going over all the vacuum lines and replacing any bad ones on my car and I noticed this has some hoses missing from it. I don't know exactly where they all go to but it seems to be half assed removed. Can I get rid of it completely or what are some issues I may have?
  40. Sjd6795

    ECMlink Purchase questions

    When purchasing link v3 it's kind of unclear on their website if it comes with a ecu with it installed or if you have to supply an ecu. I have my stock ecu but it isn't eprom. What are the cost I'd be looking at for full v3 with the ecu?
  41. For Sale 1g for sale

    hey Everyone!! im new here and normally a Mazda Fan BUT...... when i was at work i ran into an older lady who recently her brother passed and left her a MINT 1992 Eclipse 4g63 non turbo 5 spd and when i say MINT i mean it!!!! So i bought it without hesitation!! Again it is a MINT 92...
  42. Sjd6795

    2G Idle, boost gauge, power feels low

    Been tackling a few issues I've solved some things and others still havent figured out yet. At high RPM at 15 psi my car would hit what feels to be fuel cut. So I rewired and installed a walbro 190 and it still seems to have the same issue. Sometimes usually when the car is warmed up it will...
  43. Sjd6795

    2G Quick help fuel pump lines

    The line that I am pointing at how much fuel should come out of this line? I have a 1/4 tank gas and it just keeps coming out. I used a straw to get it to drain onto the floor and not on top of the pump but it still kept coming out
  44. all black 4G63

    1G Cold Start idle surge

    hello, I have a 93 GSX 67,000 miles, it is stock except for an old HKS vein pressure controller (SD) system. When the car is cold soaked the idle surges bad and almost stalls. However, when the engine warms up the surge disappears and everything is normal. The first thing I did was remove the...
  45. Sold Outlander front brake / Early ‘95 rear brake upgrade

    Selling the Outlander front brake calipers w/ brackets and the Early ‘95 rear brake calipers w/ brackets as a set. Includes all hardware and some used pads. I bought these brand new at Autozone about 2.5 years ago. These are THE biggest brakes that can fit under stock ‘swirly’ wheels. This is...
  46. Sjd6795

    Two lose wires any ideas?

    So i have a feeling the lower one with the spade connector is the oil pressure sensor or switch. I'm not sure which one is which though. And the other one with the small black rubber boot I have no idea.
  47. thilaksharma

    For Sale S90 Revision 3 Throttle body 70mm

    Genuine S90 Super90 Throttle body for Evo 1-3 / DSM This is the new version that comes with a bigger shaft This new design will overcome the issue of broken shafts It has a 3-4mm thicker shaft this time around as you may see in the pics, Price is 130GBP / USD190 / AUD284 / NZD300 shipped to...
  48. NJ DSM Talon/Eclipse (Wanted to Buy)

    I had to re-register on the site. I haven't logged on in years and forgot my info. I would like to find another 4G63T project. I am looking for any 1G or 2G Talon, Laser, or Eclipse in or Near NJ for sale. Prefer running cars, but a shell is OK. If you know any dealerships or private sellers...
  49. Sjd6795

    EVOscan Tactrix OP 2.0

    So my car has a black box ECU and I was wondering if there would be any benefit in getting the open port and cables if I don't plan to tune the car right now. What all does this offer for my car outside of flashing?
  50. Sjd6795

    Big 16g rebuilt 0 miles

    Found a turbo on facebook a guy is selling from a dsm part out. It's a 16g that's been freshly rebuilt. Everything is good besides its missing the exhaust housing which my 14b works so all good there. It does come with the j pipe and I offered $170 am I getting a good deal?
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