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For sale 1g Black Cherry 91' TSI AWD (5-spd)

5spd, AWD, Runs great, 103k miles, mostly stock
This item has been sold and is no longer available!
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As much as I'd like to keep this car, I don't drive it enough and I have my eye on another project. First off, this is a running, driving, functioning vehicle. This was not a roller turned driver to flip for profit. This is not a something that "just needs a tune" or needs x to run. I get in it, it starts, it takes me where I need to go, and has done so for the last year. I am the 4th owner, and I purchased it from a good friend of mine who had it in his shop (indoors, heated) for the better part of 3 years.

I used to have a printed copy of the Carfax, but I can't find it. I have no problem sending the vin to an interested party that wants to run one themselves. This car has been in Illinois and Michigan her whole life, sorry rust snobs. There was a minor accident in 2001-2002 in the drivers rear quarter panel. According to Carfax, it was very light/minor. Besides that, Carfax showed a pretty spotless history with lots of service records, nothing major or driveline related.

I've had a lot of these over the last 2 decades, as I'm sure many of you have. This is one of the better ones I've run across in the last 5+ years. That doesn't mean she's perfect though, so I'll start with the flaws. There is a rust bubble on the top edge of the driver's side door, some rust in the lower passenger door jam, a small ding and scratch on the driver's rear quarter panel, and a small scratch on the passenger rear quarter panel. I believe most of them can be touched up fairly easily. I left them alone because I don't know anything about body/paint. Also, I didn't want it to seem like I was hiding something. I have included pictures of those areas.

There is a slight "clunk" (NOT a grind) when shifting into second gear, when she's cold. Shifts very nicely, otherwise. The arm that flips up the driver's side headlight came disconnected. I can pop it back on, and it'll flip, but the arm detaches again. Radio lights up but doesn't work. She drips a tiny bit of oil here and there when parked. It's not serious enough where I need to add oil between changes, but worth noting.

As of yesterday, she has 103,611 miles, that won't change very drastically, but it will change, as I don't let her stay parked for too long. She has a turbo back Apexi N1 exhaust, K&N drop in filter (no mods to air can), all new shifter base and cable bushings, and a manual boost controller. Rebuilt rear calipers and pads/rotors F&R about 2,000 miles ago. Newer clutch master, and slave cylinder(s). 18x8.5 Evo 10 wheels with excellera tires (Less than 1k miles on tires).

All in all, this car runs extremely well. Not even just for its age, it drives nicer than much newer vehicles I have driven. For me, this car is too nice to mod. I purchased it with plans on modding her out, but I can't do it. I've hacked into too many nice examples of these cars in my younger days. I just appreciate this one for what it is. I will update this ad if anything changes or if I remember something not mentioned. I will also add more pics of the engine bay after I clean it up. I will be as upfront as I can, but time is valuable, so lets' not waste each other's.
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