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  1. red97GS-Tdude

    2G 2g DSM on EVO III 16g hp numbers.

    Does anyone know the power numbers for a 2g dsm, completely stock except EVO 3 16g turbo? Also how well does it spool? Etc. I couldn't find anything on it anywhere.
  2. Will Kellermann

    2G Folks with big FMIC and/or cooling issues, how did you deal with keeping temps down? [2G GSX]

    Hi everyone,The weather here in Idaho is beginning to warm up and with that, the temperatures of my coolant are rising as well. I've have some anxiety about my temps the last few years as I've had it overheat quite a few times when I was able to drive it. It has been in and out of phases of...
  3. Will Kellermann

    2G Wastegate Actuator Not Opening Until Like 25psi

    Hey everybody,The issue I am running into is that the turbo will not stop building boost as I can get to 20+ psi levels (I stop accelerating when it hits around 14lbs to be safe). I have a Evo 3 Big 16g TD05H installed on my '95 2G DSM. I don't know the internal wastegate brand/model and it is...
  4. "WRC" 2Ga Talon TSi

    Street Build "WRC" 2Ga Talon TSi

  5. 2G Removing my turbo soon, what tools will I need?

    Turbo blew so I plan on removing it this Wednesday, What tools should I expect to need besides maybe a breaker bar?
  6. Injen type air intake

    For sale Injen type air intake

    Injen type air intake with a 2g maf and a K&N air filter that probably need to be cleaned. $75 shipping obo
  7. jesse12345

    Wanted 4G63 Looking for an evo 3 16g turbo

  8. August578

    2G Do they still sell Driver side J pipes?

    Do you guys know any performance websites or eBay links that still sell driver side j pipes. Couldn’t find anyone that still makes them. It’s obviously for a side to side fmic setup.;)
  9. Driver side Firing J pipe

    Wanted 2g Driver side Firing J pipe

  10. Bumbax

    1G What wastegate pressure for 16G

    hi guys, i would like to buy a 16g turbo, to mount it on my talon tsi 1g (1991). The seller has several options for the wastegate, what pressure do you recommend? considering that I would mount it on an engine that has not been internally modified...
  11. 1990 Eclipse GSX

    1990 Eclipse GSX

  12. SnowmanFD

    1G Anyone know how to use a Greddy Profec B spec 2? (Boost controller)

    My car came with a greddy profec spec 2 and im just trying to figure out how to use it. I want to put the boost back to stock or relatively stock (car has a 16g) until i get my timing done.P.S. I didnt know if this should go in the engine mods, turbo, or tuning but i decided on tuningAnd...
  13. 16g Turbo

    For sale 16g Turbo

    Selling my 16g off my Evo 3, no shaft play at all! Cracked Housing as you can see in the picture. Boosted hard when it was on, swapped on a FP Green and don't need this any more, has about 86k miles on it.
  14. What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    sorry, dumb question, i am new to dsm's...i got a turbo and manifold off a 1g laser at the junkyard, it was a 5 speed....the turbo looks in good question, i plan on using it for a custom setup on another says TD05H on the side, which type is this...i see all these 16G and 14B...
  15. habitatguy187

    Upgrade evo 16g to downfiring 20g comp housing and wheel. Possible? Worth it?

    What do you guys think?'s so many damn 20g options out there that it can be hard to find good info on...
  16. TommyCuzz

    E3 16g dyno results

    Just wanted to share my build for anyone looking for something similarE3 16g 9blade exhaust wheel Fp manifold JMFab o2 with 44mm tial dump 3in downpipe to vibrant muffler Vsrf 3.5in front mount 2g throttle body elbow Fp intake Speed density/ flex fuel Walbro 255 (not rewired) Fuel lab fpr at...
  17. Genuine Big 16g + O2 wastegate housing

    For sale 4G63 Genuine Big 16g + O2 wastegate housing

    I bought a genuine Big 16g recently and didnt realize it was an external WG off the O2 housing. I would like to sell, or trade the turbo+housing for an internal WG 16g. I dont care big, small, Evo as long as it is genuine MHI 16g. I can throw in cash, or take more cash on a trade or just sell it...
  18. pieceofcloth

    First start up 280cams

    The day has arrived
  19. Sjd6795

    Big 16g rebuilt 0 miles

    Found a turbo on facebook a guy is selling from a dsm part out. It's a 16g that's been freshly rebuilt. Everything is good besides its missing the exhaust housing which my 14b works so all good there. It does come with the j pipe and I offered $170 am I getting a good deal?
  20. MattHDSM

    Sold Koni Yellows w/ Eibach Springs, CXRacing SMIC Piping + J-Pipe

    BOTH ITEMS LOCATED IN CANADA!Koni Yellows: Bought these used, unknown mileage, decided to go a different route with my ride, bought coilovers instead. One strut looks like its leaking a little out the adjuster knob. The other three look okay, but I would advise getting a rebuild for...
  21. pieceofcloth


    pieceofcloth submitted a new DSM Profile :Transplant PatientRead more about this vehicle here...
  22. AWD-Tony

    Sold Mhi big 16g Turbo

    Big 16g with new turbo housing from turbo lab of America and kinugawa adjustable wastegate which has 17lb spring and adjustable rod. Also comes with ported 1g o2 housing dump 2.5”. Wastegate is about a year old and the housing has less than 2k on it.All bolt holes are good, blades are good and...
  23. 93RS

    Tune for creep? 16g problems.

    My Talon is my 12th Dsm but the first time ive done anymore then bolt ons to. Its a refreshed stock 6 bolt, with a polished crank, sidedressed rods, eagle pistons, P/P head, FP manifold, megan 3" turbo back, FP intake pipe, and a new 16g from cxracing. The only thing left stock exhaust wise is...
  24. 99spyderblack507

    For Sale 99 Gst engine parts

    I have a ton of stock parts off of my 99 Gst I need to get rid of!450cc stock injectors Intake manifold Exhaust manifold Fuel rail Side mount intercooler/piping T25 turbo Cams Manual fwd transmission Rear subframe Front and rear struts KnucklesAlot more I cant think of at the moment, I have...
  25. blujeans

    1G Question about my 16G setup

    So, I recently got a big 16G to upgrade from my 13G and I got it installed it in my car. However I'm wondering if it'll be safe with my setup, which is as follows:- Manual ECU - Manual 450CC injectors with automatic FPR, so adjusted for fuel pressure I believe they are making about ~470CC -...
  26. Turbodhi

    2G Smoke during engine braking

    So I recently rebuilt my turbo (big 16g) and the car STILL smokes when I downshift and coast. The turbo wore a hole through the oil deflector and a decent groove into the thrust bearing so I chalked it up to that. But after a rebuild it's still happening. Any ideas? And I'm going to be checking...
  27. For Sale 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 5 SPd

    I’m considering selling my 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. I’ve enjoyed working on the car and restoring it over the last year. I really enjoy getting to drive it when I have the chance to, I have only put a couple thousand miles on in the last year. I’m thinking of upgrading to an Evo. I’ll be...
  28. mexicansamari

    Sold Evo 3 16g with Megan Racing O2

    Just pulled of my car since I'm going with a bigger turbo. In great shape, no front to back movement but a little side to side play. Looking for 400 OBO or trade for 272 cams and valve springs.
  29. EVOscan 1st time deciphering Evoscan logs need some help from the gurus

    I've collected a couple sets of logs using EvoScan. I have an innovate LC-2 wideband. Overall it looks like my LC2 readings are 1 - 3 AFR higher than the ECU AFR map through out the RPM/Load range. At Low Load (Load Column 10) my AFR readings were very high in the log (is that normal?) but...
  30. 914 Cheeko

    2G Leak at turbo

    Does anyone know what is causing this leak? It is at the outlet of the turbo, my engine has been leaking oil and I am pretty sure this is the main reason for it. There is definitely something leaking from here because when I start the car and rev it a little bit there is a wet gunk here. Is it...
  31. DSMinAK

    For Sale TDO5 16G turbo $80

    unknown brand, normal shaftplay $80 obo or $100 with the 02 housing doesnt include shipping/paypal fees
  32. 914 Cheeko

    1G Turbo leak? Also looking for local help in SW CT

    I am having some kind of leak right at my turbo (16g Evo 3 turbo,) it is a dark colored gunk that completely covers the pipe the turbo is connected to. Any idea what this leak could be? Can it be one of the reasons it keeps stalling? How would I fix it? And I am looking for someone near...
  33. gst408

    For Sale 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST - DSMLink V3 - 5000
  34. Turbodhi

    2G Evo3 16 rebuild

    Hey guys, I just picked up an Evo3 16g for a hundred bucks. The turbine wheel looks a bit worse for wear and I would like to replace it. Any suggestions on who to go to for rebuild and balance?
  35. Question on 16g Compressor housing

    Hi guys,I purchased a large 16g off a guy a while back but he had welded the wastegate flapper shut and hacked up the compressor housing for some turbo motorcycle build he had done. Long story short i measured the compressor wheel inducer/exducer size and wanted to put that wheel in my small...
  36. mintalontsi

    Cas install causing poor performance

    Hi all, for the past couple of months i've had a cel for my cas. Recently it started to get bad with the car breaking up and hesitating under wot. I replaced the broken cas with a new cas from rockauto. I set the motor to where the cam angle marks lined up, installed cas, grounded, and set base...
  37. ShockDSM

    For Sale Fresh 20g, fp race manifold, tial wg

    20g TURBO Freshly rebuilt awesome tdo6 20g. Was told by Justin that it was a Slowboy Street/Strip 20g. 0 miles. Removed plug so it can be run with external wg off o2 housing like the one pictured. Paid 450 for it last year. $400 you pay shipping.TIAL 38mm 2 Bolt external wastegate Purple...
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