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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

The motor from the red vehicle has been rebuilt. It was under water for over 10+yrs. Im going to use the exact setup. I used the 6 bolt side mount bracket, forgetting tgis will go in my 93. I will need to remove and install the bracket in order to complete this.
I want to use this evo316g to break in the motor w stock ecu. My brother says 2 use what i need 2 achieve my goal. I have a mvr44m tial next to me. I may need an adapter to fit between exhaust manifold and turbo.

The 16g looks tired and im hesitant to use it. I purchased it from a honda guy for a great price. Claims its drop ready but i dont move like that. Just hesitant which direction because my patience is being tested LOL

Finally threw it in w my brother. I need to plug the water pipe, get both boots replaced on front axels, check if the ecmlink v3 works, wire the relay kit to the fuel pump, put the tank back up and whatever necessary to get it to turn over. I'm aim to turn it on this weekend
20210421_180605.jpgwhen you purchase a kit that has a set length, it is a bit difficult to find a proper location. I'm thinking i should be fine.

20210421_174353.jpgI'm missing one sensor and I swore I purchased it. I'll have to dig thru everything again or replace w an older one from another ofh.

20210421_173525.jpgI switched the two wires to get my 90 ecu to workin my 93. I plugged it in, usb to laptop for ecmlink, and couldn't get it to connect. A bit discouraged but since it's a fresh build, I'll use the stock ecu and injectors to break it in & enjoy my first DSM.

20210422_145951.jpgI'm in the garage wiring this dw300 pump and reading that solder and this heat shrink should be fine in the tank. I am unsure. I'll install this pump and put back the tank.
20210426_210026.jpggot this bad boy in w my brother yesterday.

20210426_210033.jpgI've been all over looking for this coolant bypass cap & none are available/in stock, locally. I'll try again tomorrow.

20210426_210049.jpgI have 8 oil filter housing and the one I happen to throw on, will not fit that sensor properly. Every dsm spirit and guru are laughing at me right now & so am I 😎

I just picked up 2 adapters. I'm not going to swap out. I'll snug it on in the A.M.

My 1993 gst hose was fine. It was old but still usable. When I took the tank off I already had intentions to replace it so I cut it off being blunt as usual. So O'Reilly doesn't carry, Cavaliers are extinct, and napa couldn't help either. My uncle went to auto zone and the guys there found a number for this universal piece. It is fuel rated. I know some of yall are using coolant LOL. I was going to as well naturally, but my uncle said nah. Well, I'm not sure how much this cost, but this WILL work for the 1g DSM. The 2g have the 90 bend, I believe. I dont think it will work for you guys.
Wasnt getting fuel up front, pumped worked w direct power, figured it was relay. Bypassed relay w plug by firewall, pumped worked but no fuel was reaching front.

Took pump out, it wasnt touching fuel. I'm using a dw300 deatchwerks. Its smaller than factory so I cut my hanger to keep things looking clean. Because I cut roughly 2-4inches off, my pump was 2-4 higher, not touching fuel. I pushed pump back down to oem height, the sock touches fuel and fuel reaches up front.

I initially figured it was the relay. I had to learn how to test these things, read a schematic, understand how and the concept of a relay. Marty, which you all know by 1990awd, helped break it down w his drawings and wisdom.

I learned and went forward,(sorry I haven't wrote u back on an update/didn't want to explain twice)..
I left top bolt of fuel filter snug as I wanted to see if it reached, but initially priming the motor without the relay and wasnt receiving oil pressure on guage. Probably the sensor or cause I'm using adapters on the oil filter housing LOL.

My uncle came by to check if oil is circulating to the cams as I turn key/priming, relay was plugged in and the vehicle turned over which we didn't expect but i had to cut it quick cause fuel was flowing out. I tighten the bolt, and began my search for leaks. There are no crush washers available in Pasadena/deer park area, all orders would take 2 weeks or each washer was 7 dollars.

Uncle had some aluminum washers w that material in the middle(I forgot what they were for) but they sealed up just fine for now. Yes, I will be ordering from Amazon or walmart.

Next day(today) I said eff it, I need to check for leaks now and adjust my fuel pressure regulator. I'm alone at 7pm and went for it.
I still need a bracket or something to hold my throttle cable to my intake manifold, new tires, run it up to temp and see what code the car was throwing. I'll get there soon. I'm happy tho, I read both View attachment 630331

And continue to read them religiously. I read read read and read. I used the bolt guide w lengths, torque specs,etc from here.. learned about force induction, and stayed clear away from others fears. I'm beyond blessed to be able to get this far and it would have been a lot tougher without this amazing forum and its members. I may not be able to relate to you all outside of the dsm community but as long as its 4g63 related, dsm related and you're a hands on guy, I'll ride for you. I'm here for the long run and more updates otw. Thank you all for helping me get here. All of you :hellyeah:
Been going over my leaks, my tires came in. Firehawk indy 500sView attachment 631214

I tightened the areas needed. The gauge inside doesnt look like its work(oil pressure). I have a pro comp ultra light oil gauge but no sensor so I cant use it. I left the oil cap off and recieve very minimal oil to head, my turbo receives oil cause it was leaking from feed and drain to oil pan needed tighting which let's me kno as well.

I placed a mechanical oil pressure gauge and it was showing the bare minimal. I see it flowing thru the line but never reaching the gauge. I removed the oil filter and it doesnt show much coming out. I've primed it manually before w same results.
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