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    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread 95 Eagle talon tsi.
      sooo guys I ended up getting the talon all buttoned up and the Motor running last week what a ride the last few months have been getting it up and running as my first time into the dsm community I will post some pics later tonightbut also with...
    • lunaTuna
      yesterday I installed the head and today was a balance shaft delete and oil pump install
      • tempImageoe4C6a.jpg
      • tempImagevJEOov.jpg
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread 95 Eagle talon tsi.
      making some progress this week doing a bs delete, and getting the oil pump back on. got the arp head studs and the new to me used rebuilt head on. and the intake. hopefully get timing and everything buttoned up this weekend. think im going to get...
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread valve differences?.
      hmmm that's all good to know and yeshmm that's good to know and yes I've kinda started looking into things for the future and prices are pay to play but hopefully I can get to it this summer
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread valve differences?.
      i just dont know why only the exhaust side would be after market on the bad head? the intake side has the 6T stamp and is there no way to know who made them? the head will be rebuilt later but just wanted to know and what is the reason for only...
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread 95 mitsubishi eclipse GSX.
      sooo i think i have a problem or an itch i cant decide soo im currently building the motor for my tsi a whole other build i got going on and i came across this 95 gsx, clean title but needed a motor for $1500.and bonus im in californa so luckily...
    • lunaTuna
      This is the Build Thread for 95 mitsubishi eclipse GSX. Reply below.
    • lunaTuna
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      • IMG_6970.jpeg
    • lunaTuna
      sooo recently ive pulled the head off my non running tsi due to bent valves to replace with a second rebuilt head, and ive been looking at them and just realized on the new head all the valves say 6T which i searched a bit and found it was stock...
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      • image.jpg
    • lunaTuna
      hey guys im im cole or lunatuna works. this is my first time on a forum interacting usually i just use them as tools to learn more depending on the car i have but i decided since this is my first dsm (95 eagle talon tsi) id try to be more into...
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread 95 Eagle talon tsi.
      as i build and do things to this car i will update this thread this is my first time on forums posting things so trying to be consistent
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna replied to the thread 95 Eagle talon tsi.
      soo this is the start of my path down dsm’s. this is my first time owning one, i dont have a route for this car but heres whats going on with this build. i bought the car for 1800 listed as a “tsi awd” car isn't awd. nor ever was 😂. in early...
    • lunaTuna
      This is the Build Thread for 95 Eagle talon tsi. Reply below.
    • lunaTuna
      lunaTuna added the item 95 Eagle talon tsi to 2G DSM.
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