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Why this low?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Dec 20, 2007
Madison, Wisconsin
I`m not expecting heroic power #`s, but does this sound right to you?

Basic stats of the car: 2g 6 bolt swap, with 8.3 or 8.4 compression, cold air intake (air coming up in front of tire via a 6`` square hole) 1 g intake, evo3 exhaust mani, FP2 cams, Dsmlink 2.5, 750 inj (maybe 780?), Hx35 7 blade with BEP .55 housing, Big ebay FMIC, 93 oct, 24-25psi (read off the gauge), 15.5 deg timing at redline, tuned for ~11:1 a/f, 3`` turboback exh, with hi flow cat. No boost leaks, turbo is healthy.

Car hits 39.0 lbs/min airflow in 20ish deg weather with no knock (maybe .4 count for a few 100 rpms).

A log is attached. Sorry about some parameters not being hooked up - AEMWB, etc. I`m looking at knock, lbs. per min airflow, gauge a/f (not on link), timing, injector duty cycle as the main parameters for tuning.

Any ideas? The car idles like a kitten at 850 rpm, doesn`t stall, drives smoothly off boost, hits 20+ psi by 4100ish in 2nd gear, 3800rpm in 3rd.

Thanks for your input.


  • hx35jan1625psi15deg2ndgear.dat
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Attach your log as a .elg attachment, the .dat you posted can't be viewed. Your airflow and IDC readings are an estimate and are only as accurate as your tune. The readings seem off, from what you say, so I'm guessing your MAFComp sliders need some work in the high Hz areas.

Post a log and I'll take a look. How did you tune your MAFComp sliders in the higher Hz ranges of the MAF?

Thanks Gofer,

This posting of logs is trickier than me, it seems. After I posted I clicked on my post to see if the log would open... and it did. Now I`ll look into that .elg idea of yours.

As far as moving the hz sliders I went to page and took a crack at the formula he uses (actual + 14.7 /est boost + 14.7)-1 .

I think I did the 2000 hz slider and perhaps the 1600hz slider too - changing the manual boost controller to get me into that 5300ish V.E. sweetspot. I believe that I then estimated the 1200hz from the first two. My sliders are likely off, but I don`t believe they`re way off, unless its in one or two areas. Max. indicated mafRAW indicated so far at 24-25psi with the setup is around 2400hz. Est. boost is a bit high for sure around 4k-5500k, and then perhaps underestimated from 5.5k to redline (it drops a lot over the 3k range despite my having done a boost leak check and the gauge only dropping a psi or 2 in that range).

I`m interested to see what you have to say. Hopefully I`ll have the log up in a little while.

I reposted the log as an .elg file (I hope).


  • hx35jan1625psi15deg2ndgear.elg
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The first file you posted opens just fine dat files are version 2 software elg are v3. Since you are logging with v2 you have to have the v2 application to view your first log not v3.

I am not sure what you are asking is so low? You can have the maf way out of calibration and still make the same power as one that is calibrated if the A/F ratio is stable. What exactly are you asking for help with?
I should have been more clear - sorry.

After talking to a Wiseman extensively, and reading many posts for several years, it seems that my HX35 is officially the wimpiest of the bunch. Ok, that`s no big deal, my ego can take it:D, but I`m wondering if a 6 bolt setup with a few decent parts, and 24-25 psi on 93 oct. in cold weather really ``only`` translates to about 39 lbs/min airflow. I`m using the magazine racer formula then for a rough whp estimate: lbs airflow x 9 = whp. So I`m assuming it`s around 350whp.

With all the talk of 16g cars at 350-400 whp (somewhere in the mid 20`s psi) why is this car with an HX35 7 blade, Fp2s, Evo3 exhaust mani, good compression, free flow intake/exhaust, big 1g 6 bolt exhaust ports,60 mm throttlebody and 1 g intake, 15 deg of timing at redline, high 10`s to low 11`s a/f, no knock, no boost leaks, 255 wally, 750 injectors (maybe 780s) and cold air making ``16 g power`` at 24-25psi?

My GSX is full weight, and does 2.1 sec. 70-90 with this setup. Not a dog IMO, but short of E85 and a serious psi increase, what, if anything am I missing, for ,say 400ish whp (around 44-45 lbs/min airflow)? Mr. Peepers has 500 with his Hx35 E85 brute, and that`s more than I need.
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