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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

99 gst spyder

15+ Year Contributor
Jul 12, 2007
st. paul, Minnesota
I just have a quick question. I'm in the process of doing a timing belt and water pump job. Also i am doing head-gasket and arp head studs. Along with some 272s cams.

How should i do this. Should i do timing belt first then head gasket and studs? Then cams after everything?
Unless you want to do the timing belt job twice, you'll want to do the head studs, head gasket, water pump, and cams before it. Make sure you have proper mating surfaces for the head gasket, depending on which one you do go with. I feel like your over your head if you don't know which order to do it.
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pull the timing belt + components, then pull the cylinder head (use a manuel to do this so you De-torque the head properly). then clean the surfaces of the block and head and put the new gasket on and the Arp's and torque them down to 85-90ft.Ib. Then do your timing belt and vowalla!, your done.
do the teardown first, then do water pump, head gasket, head, cams, then button up the timing belt stuff.
Why would you think for even a minute to change the timing-belt, then do the head-gasket? There's literally zero logic to that. Are you sure you're remotely ready to do this job?
just make sure to put the engine at top dead center and mark the timing belt before you do the tear down, it will make things easier for you. do you have a Manuel or a step by step on how to do the job? its not really the same as changing brakes.
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