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Project 400: 99 GSX


Proven Member
Dec 27, 2009
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
So I've been into DSM's for about 15 months give or take..

first DSM i had was a 97 GST spyder auto...someone clipped my maf wire installing an safc and needless to say..that car died. rod knocked like crazy...but the new owner decided to drop a 6 bolt in it.

second DSM was another 97 GST auto...was a great solid rust free car...but sold it..and currently, that person is repainting it (was purple) and building the engine to make it a track car...

but this DSM that i got a little over 3-4 weeks ago..a black on black 99 GSX 5 spd bone stock with 122k and counting. it was a lucky find but also unfortunate. the previous owners have been pretty careless with it and now has a major rust issue, bald tires, etc. bright side is it has a 22k tranny straight from mitsubishi on it :thumb:

so the goal is simple: i wanna take this car to a dyno and make 400whp or more. anything less is just letting me down...even if it's 399.9. i've spent countless hours researching parts, other people's builds, understanding how certain parts work, etc. and while i'm scared crapless of the end result, i'm embracing the journey that lies ahead.

Also something special i wanna do is get the signatures of people who significantly help me with this car: selling me dirt cheap parts, installing randomous things i cant, etc. I want the car to be a thing of beauty, but safe, reliable, and just silly stupid fast :p

On that note: its 400whp or bust :banghead: :hellyeah: :applause: :hmm: :notgood:




Proven Member
Dec 27, 2009
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
update: so the car has notorious strut tower rust...but its mainly underneath around the upper control arm shafts. i managed to get this problem temporarily solved.

i would have alot more of this stuff put on, but not having a lift...jack stands, or ramps (and giant lack of tools) really restricts my progress :(

currently installed aftermarket parts
k&n FIPK filter with adapter on stock intake
DDM tuning 35k HID's with 8000k bulbs

uninstalled parts in possession
3" turboback megan racing exhaust
evo 3 head with evo 8 springs and retainers and bronze guides
tie rods
ebay drilled/slotted rotors with semi metallic pads
timing belt kit
ebay LED tail lights
ebay HID Halo projectors
hybrid 16g turbo
walbro rewire kit
clear corner headlights
stock passenger fender
2 gauge instrument cluster bezel
3 gauge pod pillar
cobalt series boost gauge
aem uego wideband
cobalt series oil pressure gauge
1g bov

soon to get parts
2 front tires
hi temp paint and ish (repainting the rims hopefully this weekend)
LED lights for interior/exterior
NGK plugs and wires


Proven Member
Aug 22, 2005
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
What other mods are you planning on doing to the car? You have a 99 so you have the flashable ECU for tuning so that's a big plus.


Proven Member
Jan 25, 2009
Bountiful, Utah
If he is plannin on flashing it...^ which isnt that easy if you know nothing about it. Link is way easier to pick up on. And Ive witnessed the guys on the link forum walk people threw alot just on there. But either way your definatly gonna need a tune! I see alot to make the car look cool but not much to make it go anywhere. Front mount? I see a walbro re wire kit. Is there a pump there with it? Might want a afpr to keep your pressure where you want it. Your gonna need injectors on a 16g. What is this hybrid your talking about? What are you gonna run for a clutch to get those 400 ponies to the ground? A set of high quality cams would only help you towards your goal. So would some porting (head, intake mani, exhaust mani, turbo housing).


Proven Member
May 28, 2004
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Any other parts you need? I have a ton of shit, new and used, just laying arounds.

Looks like you have a lot planned.


Proven Member
Feb 10, 2004
Enola, Pennsylvania
I have a 95 GSX that I've been having osme work done. Ironically, my goal is 400 whp as well. Not quite there yet. Mid Feb we got 353 WHP and 339 Torque. Good luck with yours! :thumb:



Proven Member
Dec 27, 2009
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
thanks for all the support guys. I really do appreciate it. :)

streetdsmpwr=new tires are in the soon future. i may just be a cheap ass and get used tires with like 9/32 left or something along hose lines. the backtires are in pretty good shape, the fronts have cords showing :-x

flash1970=i managed to get evoscan, ecuflash, and a openport 2.0 a few months before dsmchips closed down. so that is gonna be my tuning of choice

talontsi_291=i didn't list ALL the parts/mods I wanna get because right now, I'm taking it one step at a time (right now, I'm focusing more on cosmetics than anything seeing that the car runs fine). but to answer all your questions: the fmic, i plan on getting a punishment fmic..I LOVE THE KIT WHEN I RAN IT ON MY GST :), i plan on getting a 255lph pump with an aeromotive fpr, the hybrid 16g i speak of..basically a small 16g with a big 16g compressor (however i'm probably gonna get a hx35...i don't see the 16g getting me there easily, especially since i'm trying to avoid meth and e85), my injector size...750-1100, act 2100, fidanza flywheel (though a tad bit ill-advised), and clutch is still tbd, bc 272 cams, and porting is a must.

housegsx=i'm ALWAYS looking for parts, send me a PM of what you have and i might be game (if not now then the future definitely)

stevestevesteve=working 50+ hr weeks takes a toll but more pics will definitely be added...just no clue when..

rkmillerjr=thanks, good luck with your build. atleast you're almost there. i'm still pretty stock. i hope to be done by around August

edit: now the ugly

that wud be the driver side strut (before...I'll have after later)

driver side rocker panel

rad support

the not so ugly:



hatch rust...yuck...


Proven Member
May 28, 2004
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
I have a rust free 2ga Talon hatch if you are looking for one. I took off the thumbnail spoiler, and it needs new molding around the glass because I removed it.


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 21, 2008
Mt. pleasant, Pennsylvania
Hey hope your project is coming along well. Thanks for the comment on my journal. If you dont have anyone to fix that strut tower i know someone out here who can fix it and is reasonable. He builds race cars and does custom fab for a living. Just figured since your local and all i would throw that out there.

If you would be interested we should get a car cruise going when it warms up. I have a small car group down down here so that adds to the number. Pm me if you would be interested, now all we gotta do is drag justin along haha.


Proven Member
Dec 27, 2009
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
eclipse1999-I'll get them up here eventually.
justin-Not looking forward to messing with a buncha evo/sti/wrx people...but gets the job done :p
erik-Damn, you have EVERYTHING don't you? LOL
untouchablecc-No problem at all. I did get the strut tower fixed for now.Pprobably in November-ish, I'll garage the car and cut out the fenders and just remove every major rust part on the car. it's an eye sore and a constant worry. but whenever you get the cruise situated, I'm down and keep in mind, I'm having a meet May 7th too (I think I'm up to 7 people now)

Since the last time: Today, another step in the right direction. Had both inner and outer tie rod ends replaced on both sides. Also, put on some eBay drilled/slotted with ceramics. Last but not least, I got the Megan Racing exhaust on. Beautiful :).

New parts I recently got: Nothing too spectacular. New-ish tires on all 4, all sorts of painting supplies, a few wires, spark plugs and wires and an o2 bung.

Near future plans: The next 4 weeks, I got no clue what I'm gonna get. I know I wanna get some KYB struts (probably GR2, AGX is tad overkill for me at the moment) and MAYBE some lowering springs (no more than an 1.5" drop), but that's totally up in the air. I've also thought about control arms. Don't need them, but ehh..all 4 look cruddy even though the ball joints seem to be okay. Probably gonna take the time to invest in some more tools (specifically a dremel/drill with the necessary bits, jack stands, and best of all, a mig welder). Every effin bolt in that front bumper broke in my recent attempt to remove it. I said screw it because I don't want it to be 90% zip-tied. Not the look I'm going for. I'm also gonna get a new radiator core support and a Mishimoto radiator with slim fans. Yeah, no where CLOSE to being necessary at the moment, but I'd rather get it out of the way now. Lastly, I want to paint the rims. Most of the paint has chipped away, the chrome lip is nearly gone, and I really don't feel like $800+ on new rims and tires. So, the plan is to paint the rims Thursday. The color is a tad hard to describe..but it's similar to Vegas Gold.

That's all for now, I believe. I'm just glad as hell I can go above 60 and not have the steering wheel violently shake :)
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