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1G How To Wire Turn Signals To Parking Lights

I decided to wire my parking lights with my turn signals. if you look at the plug its a 3 wire plug with only 2 wires. and it takes a dual filament bulb. everything is there you need to do this all you have to do is finish the connection.
Things i used to do this:
Butt connectors
Wire with pins
Wire cutters/ pliers
basic tools to take lights off (screw driver)
1st thing i did was of course disassemble the lights.
1. take out 2 screws holding in center part.
2. i flipped up the lights
3. then took out the two screws holding in the turn signals
4. take out the bulbs
5. take out screws holding in parking lights
6. take out bulbs
7. then unplug the bulb socket from the connector.
8. get some wire and wire pins any small gauge will work
9. slide the wires with the pin into the 3rd spot that doesn't have a wire in it
10. make sure you have enough wire to run to the parking lights.
11. clean off the wires i just wiped the dirt off with my finger
12. find the green wire that is the one you want
to make sure you have the right wire take the bulb out of the parking light and turn them on take the wire that you put in the 3rd pin hole and stick in where the bulb went, if it lights up that side is the wire you want, on my 91 gst its the green one.
13. get a wire splice and connect the wires from the parking light to the turn signal
14. turn the lights on make sure everything is all good.
15. if you didn't pay attention to #10 you will need to either solder or use butt connectors to connect some more wire into it. You don't want to pinch the wire it will blow a fuse and turn off your dash lights, parking lights, and tail lights, and trust me i know :D
16. put everything back together making sure the wires don't get pinched on anything
17. turn it on and look at your new lights :D

p.s. if you do pinch a wire you get to rewire the lights again! not fun


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Proven Member
Mar 31, 2008
port royal, South_Carolina
here are some more pics. sorry about them being small the only camera i had one me was my phone, i will take more with the camera at my house, and i also have my head lights so they dont flip up now. but thats easy but ill still post how to do it
cut the wire if its to short if you didnt fallow step 10
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then all i had were some buttconnecters so i used them
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this is how it looked when i was done with it
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and then a out side shot at night
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