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How to remove and plug throttle body ports

I have been wanting to remove my throttle body ports for some time now. I know the caps would crack or blow off. I wanted a more permanent but reversible if needed. I have read that the nipples are removable and people would weld them or jb weld them shut. If you are looking for a reversible option, then this is for you. The reason I wanted to do this is because of small boost leaks. I have had these ports leak from between the nipple and the throttle body. Caps will not solve this. I did try rtv but was not as clean as I would like.

Parts you will need
thread sealer
5mm x .80 tap
allen head plugs
11/64 drill bit

You will need to take off your throttle body and put it in a vice. I used some heat and wd40 to pull the nipples out. You need to try and get these out without breaking them. It will make it easier in the next few steps. Grab it and try and turn it and wiggle it. It is a very tight fit. I only got one out without breaking. If you pull the nipple out without breaking, you can use the tap without drilling. This is why it is critical to get it out without breaking. If it does break, use the drill and get it out. Make sure you drill straight. That drill bit worked to get it out and made it the correct size for the tap. I did use a drill press to do this but it isnt needed.

You can now begin to tap each hole. Make sure you clean all the metal out. This is critical. There are so many ports, you need to make sure it ALL gets out. Spray wd40 or some oil to help get the shavings out. After you clean it all up, you can test fit your plugs. If they dont go in easy, runt the tap through again to make sure the threads are clean. Then re clean it.

You can put thread sealer on the threads for the final result. I chose permatex thread sealer. I think that is better than tape. Then you are all finished.

I had a junk throttle body laying around and wanted to experiment with the FIAV ports. These nipples come out the same as above. However, they are even harder to get out. A reason I wanted to try this was because for a cleaner look when using my FIAV blockoff plate. I am keeping the ISC. This is also reversible. I used a 1/8 NPT tap to put a plug in there. Then I realized that if I ever wanted to use water again, The size needs to be bigger. So I wanted to see if I can use a 1/4 NPT tap and fitting without cracking it. I was able to do this. I didnt use a drill press for this and this was more of a see if ittl work type thing. I did not tap it straight but this should work. This would be good for people who want to run -6 AN line. You have to make sure it is straight and use thread sealer or something of your choice to prevent water leaks.


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