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How to mount brakelines on D2 Coilovers?

Posted by razza, Dec 2, 2005

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  1. razza

    razza Proven Member

    Joined Feb 12, 2003
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    I have just ordered a set of D2 Coilovers. I didnt realise until I got home that the rear shocks do not have a bracket to mount the brakelines. Ive had a look around on the net and seen other car owners using hose clamps and zipties etc but this seems to halfass after I have just paid out a heap of cash for these coilovers.

    Has anyone had the same problem? If so please advise how you mounted your and if you have photo please show them!

    Thanks in advance for your help


    Christchurch, New Zealand
  2. Rx3

    Rx3 DSM Wiseman

    Joined Mar 20, 2002
    Buffalo, New York
    I didn't have that problem, but I have a 2G, not a VR-4. I think it would be better if you took a few pictures of your rear suspension and brake setup, and maybe we can fiure out how to mount things.

    Unless someone with a VR-4 has D2s on.......

    961  0

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    manual · 2G DSM
  3. Todd TCE

    Todd TCE Proven Member

    Joined Oct 17, 2003
    Cut a 1/2" long piece of rubber hose (maybe 3/8" hose) and zip tie the hose to the strut body, then zip tie the SS hose to the piece of rubber hose. Presto; isolation mount. Yes it's the cheap way out but it will do the job.
  4. razza

    razza Proven Member

    Joined Feb 12, 2003
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Thanks for the idea.

    The problem I have in New Zealand we have whats called a "Warrant of Fitness" where the car gets inspected every 6 months (Im not sure if you guys in the US have the same). With a setup like this I very much doubt it will pass the Warrant.

    Looks like I might have to spend some cash to get them done by a professional. It sucks that Im probably going to have to destory the nice look of the anodized shock body because they are too lazy to sort it properly from the factory
  5. 92awddsm

    92awddsm DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jan 17, 2004
    Chesterfield, Virginia
    I would suggest just making a steel bracket that the hose will mount to and then mount it to the shock body with stainless steel band clamps. Take your time and make the bracket clean looking and you will have no problems with the inspection.

    Off topic, here in the us, the inspection is state mandated. And then it is still broken down and left up to each county. IE: Some states require safety inspections once year. Other states require none. And within each state, some counties require properly functioning emissions before it will pass the safety inspection and other counties dont. Well, I hope that made sense.

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    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    12.320 @ 115.440 · 1G DSM
  6. Todd TCE

    Todd TCE Proven Member

    Joined Oct 17, 2003
    Ok, try this:

    Measure the OD of the shock housing. Source a split collar clamp that fits it. Have someone weld a small washer or tab to one half. Remove the hose and slip a rubber grommet over the hose that matches the size of the washer. Re fit the hose (and bleed them) and insert the grommet to the washer. Fit the second half of the split collar clamp to the shock and snug it up. If you really want to go all out; have the parts plated before you put them back on.

    Instant fully adjustable hose mount. What a helluva lot of work for a pissy mount! LOL
    jtmcinder likes this.
  7. JrCRXHF

    JrCRXHF Proven Member

    Joined Jun 3, 2004
    Midland, Michigan
    i got longer bolts and then made some brakets and bolted the brakets to the shocks up front and then in the back i took a bike tube and cut it and zip it up so the brake line would not hurt the shock.
  8. FlashBack-Cro

    FlashBack-Cro Proven Member

    Joined Mar 29, 2011
    Zagreb, Europe
    Any pictures anyone?

    Street Build 552  4

    1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    awd · manual · 1G DSM

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