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  • I'm not a bike snob who needs to spend thousands of dollars for a bike to be good. I have no car and therefore I have no way to go places to actually ride the thing. I can't stand riding the thing. The seat hurts, the rear shock absorbs every pedal stroke, you can't pop up the front wheel because of the shocks, and on hills I can't ever find a correct gear that balances pedal speed with effort. Just riding on a flat surface there seems to be a lot of mechanical drag. I like walking better.
    Sometimes. I mostly walk to places I need to go these days. I kind of lost interest in the bike.
    Not sure if you handle these types of things but Im having issues with my account and your the only Mod I seen online.... I posted in the site problem thread...
    ohh alrite, i found those hard ebay intake pipes but it doesn't look like the 1g mas will fit in there anyways
    k thanks :p
    hey do those chromeintakes from ebay work on a 1g eclipse? they look a lil different
    Could you please take a look at my topic in the Newbie Forum titled "No Power on boost". Ive been baffled for 5 days and no one can help right now.
    I just want to point out that everytime I look at your picture out of the corner of my eye. I think that yellow car is a big pikachu costume.
    hey man im new but it looks like u know ## stuff when it comes to these cars i just bought a 96 talon tsi fwd it needed a timing tensioner after i got that i was told by someone who knows alot bout these cars that it had a 1gen motor swap and the new water pump the kid i got it off of was leaking so i thought that was the problem well i found out it wasnt so im figuring since a water pump from a 1 gen motor didnt fit that the head is off a 2 gen so i started puttin the water pump back on the guy i bought it off of put 2 of the bolts in the wrong places didnt notice till i started tightning the bolts and the bolt towards the front of the car stripped in the head what should i do
    Not yet, It takes a little bit more than bondo. Maybe if you gave me your hx-40 setup I could fill it faster. LOL
    thanks for your help liquid, you know your shit. after all the testing and burning of oil i think a new turbo is my last resort and i will be pickin it up tomorrow, ill keep you posted.
    My old stomping grounds = Buffalo/Niagara Falls/Crotchfester (oops, I meant Rochester)...Sorry to hear about the DSM being locked away...
    Big shout out for being from (or having knowledge of) my old stomping grounds! Hope the winter hasn't eaten your car...
    Hey first i just wanna thank you for all of my noob questions you have answered LOL. i bought my first dsm just over a year ago... i blew the engine 3 months later and than bought a new one. sold the new one and now im doing a full 6bold rebuild on the first one i got. and you have answered MANY small stupid questions i have had... and im sure there will be more to come. i am still young but am extremly enthusiatic about these cars and am learning a tonne. i want to go into engineering once im out of school and i want to go into something to do so i can stay in the car world.

    anyways i was reading your profile and i see you have the fidanza 4.3 with the 6-puck disk.... i just want to know how your liking it... im still debating on which clutch im going to purchase LOL
    thanks alot

    ps.... is there any way i can give you rep points or soemthing? i looked but i couldnt find it.
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