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DSM Wiseman
Jun 9, 2003
M-Town, Michigan
Intent is to post your mod list, an installed pic (engine shot), logs, dyno charts and track results of your car with a completed Holset setup.

Please no discussion. Keep discussion to the normal Holset threads. Please also keep your post to one post if you can. This will keep the thread smaller, less clutered, and more concise.

For more history:
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Summary provided by wiseman, Dsm-onster:

The 8blade hx35 has a 56mm compressor inducer. This is found on 1995-1998 cummins manual pickups. The compressor flows 52 lb/min according to the compressor map. The bolton BEP housing (0.55 a/r) is enough to push the limit of the compressor. There's several 500whp 8blade hx35 cars out there with the bolt on housing. It reaches 20+psi by 3500rpms in 3rd with 272 cams. Smaller cams would equal a faster spool speed in most cases.

The 7blade hx35 has a 56mm compressor inducer. This is found on the 1999-2002 cummins manual pickups. The compressor flows 60lb/min according to the compressor map and logged results from a member here. The bolton BEP housing with the hx35 turbine wheel do not SEAM to have enough flow to really reach the potential of 60lb/min. But many have logged over 50lb/min so far and seen 500whp. The stock hx35 12cm^2 twinscroll turbine housing is a t3 flange housing. This mated to a NON-divided runner manifold has produced a 132mph trap speed with a full weight 1g AWD. This is about 600whp. So the flow is there with the stock housing if you use a non-divided manifold. The spool speed of the 7blade hx35 is similar to the 8blade hx35 with 20+ psi by 3500rpms in the bolton housing and by 4000rpms with the stock housing with a non-divided manifold.


The hy35 has a smaller turbine wheel than the hx35. And, it has a turbine housing connection that does not allow for a bolton housing to be used. It does not have a divided housing so any t3 manifold can be used effectively with this turbo. It has the same compressor as the 7blade hx35. We don't know if te hy35 turbine wheel and housing is enough to reache the 60lb/min potential of the 56mm 7blade compressor. Some one try it out already!!! :) It should at least be a faster spooling viable option to the full t3/t4 50-trim.


In 1994, there was the Wh1c which has pretty much the identical compressor as the hx35 but with a Vband compressor cover. The turbine wheel is the same. It will bolt into the BEP bolton hx35 turbine housing. It has 4 bolts at the housing instead of 6. So you will need to buy 2 more bolts and use 6 washers cut to make a flat side. Honestly, I just used bolts that were cut a little short and the bolt head was wide enough to pull the chra to the turbine housing. No sealing issues. Since the Wh1c is for all practical purposes an 8blade hx35 the spool and flow is the same too.

I have the big h1c. It comes on the INTERCOOLED 1991-1993 cummins pickups. It has the webbing for MWE but no groove cut like the hx35/wh1c has. This turbo I term the big h1c because it has a 54mm compressor inducer and same exducer than the 8blade hx35/Wh1c. The other h1c is the small h1c found on the NON-intercooled cummins pickups. This has a 50mm inducer but only 7blades and has no webbing for MWE. Less blades helps flow, but so does a larger inducer diameter. The most whp ever recorded on a gas 4cylinder with the small h1c was done on a KA24 nissan: 411whp. Since the big h1c has a 4mm larger inducer and the same turbine wheel as the hx35, it is safe to say that it flows enough for between 411whp and 500whp. The diesel sources state that it flows SLIGHTLY less than the early hx35. So 4lb/min less than the 8blade hx35 puts the flow of the big h1c at 48-49lb/min right where a 50-trim or 20g is. The small bep housing is all that's needed to get the most from the compressor and the spool speed is 20+psi by 3500rpms.

HX35-40 hybrid:

Keeping the long tradition of the marriage of sportcompact and hybrid turbos, there is the hx35 turbine and the hx40 compressor. It is strongly recommended to use the large bep turbine housing or the stock hx35 turbine housing with an non-divided t3 manifold for this turbo. The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. 20+ psi by 4000rpms can be seen in the hx35/40 with the hx35 12cm^2 turbine housing with a non-divided t3 manifold. With the large bep housing, spool times are to be determined. But likely similar.


The 8blade hx40 has a 58mm inducer and flows about the same as a 60-1 (around 60lb/min) with ALOT better high boost efficiency and spool speed. It is the most common hx40 out there. The small bep housing with the hx40 turbine wheel is plenty to reach the full potential of the 60lb/min 8blade hx40 compressor. 20+ psi by 4100rpms with 272s.

The 7 and 6 blade hx40 is called the super40 and has the 60mm compressor inducer. This compressor flows around 69lb/min. You can get this wheel in billet style (think HTA). The non-billet wheel spools as fast as the 8blade hx40 in the bolton bep housing and has done 653whp at 40psi per the holset results only thread. Billet should spool even faster. The t3 .70 a/r BEP housing slows spool about 400rpms. But reports show a significant gain in flow per psi. So expect more power at lower boost with that turbine housing.


The Wh1e is like it's little brother the Wh1c. It mirrors the hx40 8blade in every way except that it has a v-band compressor cover and a 4bolt chra-turbinehousing pattern. It will consequently bolt into the hx40 bep bolton turbine housing and this is plenty of flow to max out its 60lb/min compressor.

The h1e is like it's little brother the h1c. There are different size compressors. . . BUT there are also different size turbine wheels too. Check measurements before buying this turbo if you plan on running a BEP turbine housing. There are lower flowing compressors than the 58mm 8blade that are out there. So this turbo may not flow any more than an hx35 if get the wrong one. You need at least a 58mm compressor inducer for this to be a worthwhile turbo vs the proven hx35 or 8blade hx40.


This is a big sucker. It is commonly found on the Volvo Semis and usually has a billet compressor wheel. It flows 88lb/min. There is no bolt on housing for it. If you want a bolton housing for this turbo, then you don't want this turbo. In fact if you want a t3 flange turbine housing for this turbo, then you don't want this turbo. You DO want this turbo if you're looking at a gt4294r or gt4202r. The turbine inlet is slightly different than a t4 bolt pattern. You can still get the t4 manifold to work just fine by enlarging the bolt holes.


  • Holset's don't spool slow. They spool faster than their garrett or mitsubishi counterparts. Diesel exhaust is cold and slow moving.
  • The holset turbine wheel is a work of art. It has been shown to flow very well in a very small turbine housing. For example the hx40 turbine wheel in the small .55 ar bep bolton housing flows as much as a garrett gt35r turbine wheel in a larger .63 ar garrett t3 turbine housing. The hx40 with this configuration spools about 500rpms faster! You can upgrade to the .70 a/r BEP t3 turbine housing and have the same or slightly faster spool speed as the above gt35r with ALOT more flow per psi and consequently more horsepower per psi. This makes for VERY good pumpgas numbers.
  • Holset patented map width enhancement. They do not have extended tip technology, but there compressors show more efficiency than their garrett or mitsubishi counterpart.
  • They have superback technology witch leads to VERY, VERY durable compressors. The are designed to be overworked and underpaid.
  • There are discrepancies all over the web concerning the compressor maps. Take what you hear/read with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila, and the worm.
  • The holset is fine with stock 4g63 oil pressure from the oil filter housing. If you have no b shafts, you'll need a restrictor. The drain line is a garret bolt pattern. The feed line is different for different turbos.
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DSM Wiseman
Jun 9, 2003
M-Town, Michigan
1. HX-35/HY35-HE341/HE351 map: provided by myself per Cummins contact
2. HX-40 map: provided by our friends at Honda-Tech per Holset
3. HX-40 map: provided by our friends at Honda-Tech per Holset
4. HX-40 map: provided by our friends at Honda-Tech per Holset
5. HX40/Super40/HX-52 map: provided by dsm-onster per Holset
6. H1E map: provided by dsm-onster per Holset
7. H1E map: provided by (edit in process)
8. H2C map: provided by dsm-onster per (edit in process)
9. H2E map: provided by (edit in process)
10. H2E map provided by dsm-onster per (edit in process)

Will update with more later.


  • HolsetHY_Original_ABC.jpg
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  • Hx40-B8554M.jpg
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  • Hx40-B8574M.jpg
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  • Hx40-B8584M.jpg
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  • HX40_Super40_HX52.jpg
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  • HIEmap.jpg
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  • H1E_8284AD_SQ_Small.JPG
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  • H2C-8625n.jpg
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  • H2E-9551ba_SQ_Small.JPG
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  • H2E-9551ba.jpg
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DSM Wiseman
Jun 9, 2003
M-Town, Michigan
and more compressor maps.

1. HX30 map: provided by ( ??? ) per Holset
2. HE351VGT map: provided by Aero Sallee & friends at per Holset


  • hx30.jpg
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  • HolsetvgtMAP.jpg
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N/T Moderator
Jun 28, 2002
Aurora, ON_Canada
*I think it's important to only say what modifications you have to your TURBO. It's not important to know what brand of pistons you have or what kind of wastegate you have. What is important is what effects that particular run in terms of traction and horsepower.*

Turbo: HX-35 straight off an '02 Dodge Ram. HX-40 compressor wheel w/ housing. Stock exhaust housing with welded wastegate flapper.

Boost Level: 37psi.

Compression: 8.3:1

Fuel: Pump 94 octane + 2x M10 meth nozzles.

Tires: 225/55/16 Falken 912 all season street radials.

Nitrous: None.

Transmission: 5-speed stock rebuild.

Time Slip

60': 1.849

1/8 Mile ET: 7.528

1/8 Mile MPH: 103.92

1/4 Mile ET: 11.315

1/4 Mile MPH: 132.14


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 12, 2002
Middle Of Nowhere, Alabama
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Bone stock 7 bolt
-stock rods/pistons
-stock cams
-stock intake and TB

FIC 850cc injectors
Aeromotive AFPR @ 43.5psi
Walbro 255HP

TRE Stage 2+
Fidanza Flywheel
ACT 2600 + Street disk

Other mods
Greddy Type RS BOV
FP Race Mani
HX40 Pro 6 blade in a .55ar BEP housing
FP 4" Intake
3"ATR 02 eliminator DP (no cat)
Apexi N1 Catback
MAF Translator w/ 3" GM MAF (uncalibrated)
Hallman Pro MBC @ 24psi

Dyno was on pump 93 with peak timing at 15*. No track times to date. Will re-update post rebuild.

Full boost @ 4175 per DSMLink. Very linear pull. Motor was destroyed when the head lifted and hydrolocked the motor cruising on the interstate.

Install pictures: (note this is with a 1/2 spacer between the head and exhaust manifold)
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15+ Year Contributor
Jul 19, 2003
Springfield, Missouri
Turbo: Holset HX-35/Mitsu Bullseye bolt on housing

Boost Level: 28psi

Compression: 7:8:1 (re-ringed std. 6-bolt)

Tires: 225/50/16 All Seasons

Nitrous: None

Transmission: Stock Unmodified

Full Mod List: Ported Evo3 Manifold, Holset HX-35/Bullseye Housing, 40mm External Dumped, 3" o2 Elim. Turbo-Back Exhaust, Walbro 255, SX AFPR, PTE 780cc Injectors, 4" K&N/Intake, Greddy RS BOV, Bored 63mm Throttle Body, Taylor Plug Wires, ExtremeIntercoolers 7" FMIC Kit, Prothane Motor Mounts, Meth. Injection Kit, Ralli-Art Short Shifter, Boost Gauge, Turbo Timer, Hallman MBC, AEM Wideband o2, Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, DSMLink, 3" GM Maft V2.02
Stock rebuild - Re-ringed motor with ARP Headstuds/Cometic Head Gasket, No Balance Shafts, BCrower-272 Cams, Revised Lifters
ACT 2600, Fidanza Flywheel
K-Sport Coilovers, ST Rear Sway Bar, Mazda RX-7 14lb 16x8's wrapped in 225-50-R16, 2g AWD Dual Piston Calipers/Rotors, Ingalls Rear Control Arms

1/4 Mile: 11.292 @ 126.120
1/8 Mile: 7.467 @ 103.590
60' Time: 1.870

DSMLink Estimated 460hp/380tq on my 28psi/11.2 1/4mile run.


15+ Year Contributor
May 26, 2004
Oliver, BC_Canada
Here are my results for my holset.

Turbo: HX-40 (6 blade) in the bullseye T-3 .70 A/R housing.

Boost Level: 33psi.

Compression: 7.8 with 240,000kms in it so closer to 7.5 : 1.

Fuel: 100 OCT with M15 meth injection.

Tires: 205/50/16 hankook somthinarather.

Nitrous: None.

Transmission: 5-speed stock .

Time Slip

60': 1.758

1/8 Mile ET: 7.361

1/8 Mile MPH: 99.07

1/4 Mile ET: 11.110

1/4 Mile MPH: 132.56


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 21, 2004
Horsham, Pennsylvania
Going back a few years, but I ran a best of 11.08 @ 128 on the HX40 6 bladed in the DSM bolt-on housing. 32-33 psi, very conservative timing (maybe 12-13 degrees peak), high 11-low 12 AFRs, C16. Here's a mod list at the time:

built 6 bolt, 2.0, ross/eagle 8.5:1
stock head, ARPs, FP2s, JMFab SMIM
24" x 12" x 3.5" FMIC w/2.5" piping & Tial BOV
HX40pro with bullseye bolt-on housing
Tial 40mm gate on ported EVO manifold
4" cold air inlet with filter in stock IC location
Fluidyne radiator
full 3" exhaust, EVO o2 housing
Supra pump, 950s, SX FPR, stock rail/feed/return lines
Built trans w/evo forks, 4 spider, upgraded synchros
ACT 2900 w/street disc and ACT street flywheel
AEM EMS, AEM UEGO wideband, 5bar MAP, AIT
Nitto 245/50 16 drag radials on RX7 wheels (probably cost 20whp!)
S&W 8pt cage, Corbeau seats, harnesses, full interior minus back seat
Ksport drag coilovers
Full weight, still had bumpers, power steering, heat

Link to video:

Atco 12/9/06

Dyno graph:



10+ Year Contributor
Aug 13, 2008
flint, Michigan
Pushrod 3800 Series2 GM v6. HX35 99-02 56mm 7blade ~58lb/m max flow 12cm/2 exhaust. No numbers yet, just some logs and pictures. log confirms flow readings. Spool on my pushrod 3.8L comes on just off the converter.. about 3200--3400RPMS to make full boost.

deathlog2 from darkhorizon -- Scan Depot dot net

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DSM Wiseman
Jul 11, 2004
Bloxom, Virginia
Holset H1C bep small bolton housing
Fp2X cams
3" exhaust
Ebay wastegate
2g MAF & dsmlink w/ plenty of fuel
Pump gas

Full boost by 3400rpms in 3rd gear.

36lb/min at only 19psi at only 6300rpms:


2.31sec 70-90mph time with hellatious phantom knock (13 degrees of timing pulled). This is terrible for a turbine wheel to endure because of the resulting high EGT. but she's been good for a long while. 40lb/min logs to come after the engine rebuild. I've logged this high before, but on the old PC with a dead hard drive. Times this upcoming season.


  • run07072008-1.dat
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  • 2.31sec 70-90mph.jpg
    2.31sec 70-90mph.jpg
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  • h1c 19psi july 7 2008(1).dat
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15+ Year Contributor
May 16, 2005
Horsham, Pennsylvania
Boost: 26-27 psi
Stock timing curve
HKS 272/272
GReddy type 24 FMIC w/2½" IC piping
2½" downpipe 3"DP back
8.3-1 ross pistons/ crower rods
Holset HX-40 PRO (6 blade)
DSM bolt on housing
Meth injection
427/350 untuned @ 10.xx AFRs

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DSM Wiseman
Jul 11, 2004
Bloxom, Virginia
I have Morphius' permission to post up some impressive results from a user who doesn't have the status to access this forum yet. Badman21. 653whp. 40psi with the HX40 with small BEP housing

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Mod list copied straight from his private message:

2.3 stroker motor
eagle rods and weisco pistons 100mm 4g64 crank
hks 272 intake and exhaust cams
stock 2g head
ptt twin disc clutch
dogmisson from magnus motorsports
holset hx40m with .55ar
3inch downpipe into a 4inch exhaust
shearer fabrications t3 exhaust manifold
magnus motorsports intake manifold with q45 thottle body
slowboyracing intercooler
dual bosch 044 fuel pumps -8 fuel feed line
4 1600cc injectors
wolf ems standalone system tuned by waynespeed


Here's a thread on a newbie's results with the bolton hx40, stock long block (272cams) and pumpgas on a dyno dynamics. I'm posting it here until the poster moves to proven member status.

My Holset Results


Results by a Skyline builder who's posted here on DSMtuners because we are the "best source for Holset information on the net" :) :

My holset results on a Skyline

35/40 hybrid with only a 58mm 8blade hx40 compressor and the a full hx40 with a 6blade compressor. Impressive for 23psi and 25psi respectively especially considering the weight. A 4g64 only has .1L less displacement.


20+ Year Contributor
May 1, 2003
Wichita, Kansas
Initial results with VGT fully closed.

Will edit when I find some more of my material that I have posted. For now check out the link at the bottom of the post.
So I got to start and drive the new setup for the first time today. All I can say is wow.
The setup.
8.3:1 7 bolt 2.4.
stock 2g head, cams, intake.
Stock ex manifold with homemade adapter.
HE351VE VGT turbo.
~50% E85
No intercooler at the moment
Megasquirt 2 Extra 2.01
Running on a basemap generated by the computer, so rich it makes my eyes water, ignition timing is low and may be off, need to borrow a timing light.
8" of 3" pipe after the turbo to get the exhaust out of the engine bay

To start off the VGT rack is closed all the way. I have a 14b actuator on it, with no boost source. Relying on my right foot and the boost cut in the MS for safety.

Sounds like a freaking jet, the only noise is the turbine whine, I am driving around with no hood.
Its been a few months since I got to drive it, but cabin exhaust noise is less than the 2.5" dp and 3" test pipe back greddy evo style full exhaust.

8" of 3" pipe for an exhaust
No intercooler
8-8.3:1 compression
stock head, cams, intake manifold
Fairly low timing
4th gear
1800 1psi
1900 2psi
2500 8psi
2600 10 psi
2900 15 psi.
Didn't hear any surging whatsoever. It spools quick enough to blow off lightly revving in neutral.

Results with VGT wastegate actuator (14b stock actuator) connected, but external gate with no boost source.
The actuator holds the VGT closed until 6-7 psi, then spool slows down. Its weird, driving normally you can't really hear much exhaust note wise the only thing you hear is the turbine wheel whistling, keep in mind this is through 8" of exhaust. Once it hits 6-7 lbs, the note changes totally, the rack is open fully by ~10-11 lbs I beleive. It sounds sort of like an electric cutout opening, but not as loud. I think even though it has a huge hotside the vanes still help quiet it down, but make it whistle more. Go under and overpass and it sounds like a jet flying by.
It spools a good 1000-1200 rpm faster than the small 8 blade HX40 in the .55A/R bullseye housing I had on the car before.
To use one of these it will require an external wastegate also, the VGT doesn't hold boost low enough.
Even with the VGT open fully which is somewhere far above 1A/R. Over 3500rpm or so the boost keeps climbing, by 4400 rpm it reaches 24lbs and climbing rapidly.
I clayed the hotside fully closed the nozzle area is all the way down to between 3-4 cm^2 and the housing is marked for 25cm^2 for max size.
This is a log showing boost response. Conditions are steady state cruise at ~70mph on the interstate. 60-70kpa manifold pressure. Go WOT and 9psi of boost comes in about .95 seconds, then rises more slowly from there. Its been a while since I ran a 16g on my 2.4l but this is faster than I remember it spooling under similar conditions.
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Wheel sizes.
My HE351VE came today that I got off ebay. Immediately had to take it apart. LOL
Took some measurements. The compressor measurements are approximate since it is a 7 blade wheel.

EX 2.357
IND 2.755

EX 3.38
IND 2.37

Looks like a ~60mm compressor with an 85-86mm exducer.

I have posted stuff that I haven't posted here in a thread on HMT. Go there and read it if you are interested in the way I made it work.
Turbo Talk - View topic - 95 TSI AWD HE351VE VGT Holset Build
Tons of pictures of the turbo, with more details and disassembled pictures.
Turbo Talk - View topic - HE351VE Holset VGT Turbo Information NO 56K

As far as people afraid to run one because of supposed high EGT issues with the VGT turbos. I only have limited testing so far, and didn't have an EGT probe installed in the manifold. I do know that at first I had EXTREMELY conservative timing in the MS due to having no intercooler. The timing was even lower than that, by about 10 degrees from the CAS being set incorrectly. My timing light was broken. :( Timing at the onset of boost was near TDC, and probably no higher than 5 degrees total. All 3 things(low timing curve, take away another 10 degrees, and no intercooler) tend to lead to VERY high EGT's, and I haven't had any issues with the turbo whatsoever.


15+ Year Contributor
May 26, 2004
Oliver, BC_Canada
Well got back from the dyno, was a terrible day as usual when you want things to work out!
Left here all ready running 34-35psi and got to the dyno and boost was 26-27 PSI!!!! somehow developed a HUGE leak along the last day or two! I tryed to turn it up and started to blow hot air and eventually maxed out the boost controller as the turbo was trying to do all i could.

485.2 Hp
429.9 Tq

I didnt have enough tools to do a leak test with me so i just packed up and went home.

BTW this was done on a MUSTANG dyno.

As i have mentioned before had a big leak so boost on this run was around 30 psi or so.

hx-40 6 blade
t-3 .70 A/R
DNP tube manny
272 cams
STOCK motor
STOCK intake
3 inch exhaust
M15 meth injection
AVE gas


  • dyno 031.jpg
    dyno 031.jpg
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20+ Year Contributor
Sep 19, 2002
La Puente, California
HX-40 bolt on housing, 8 blade compressor wheel, water cooled
Stock 1G pistons and rods
ARP head stud and FP2 cams
JM Street SMIM
Ported stock 2G manifold with 2 35mm wastgates
E85 fuel

Best 1/8 7.1 Best 1/8 mph 106

534.8 AWHP 450.2 AWTQ on a dynopack

Only pay attention to the top green and red line. The other lines where from another dyno session.

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I got so close to a 10sec pass

60' 1.856
330' 4.975
1/8 7.336
MPH 102.46
1000' 9.363
1/4 11.030
mph 139.03

The car weighs 2520lbs and I weigh 240lbs for reference.


15+ Year Contributor
Feb 3, 2005
Springfield, Massachusetts
This will be a bittersweet post for me..

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Video: Turby dynos 400whp! Video by ronnie size the barbarian - MySpace Video

399.27hp / 354.29tq
430.05hp / 381.94 (uncorrected)

This was at 30psi, 100% 93oct pump gas. The bitter-sweet part is, after making these numbers, I took the car home and blew the turbo doing a WOT pull -- wont make any boost now and smokes bad.

Added: I was using a stock 2g timing map, with pulling a degree or two from 5k to 8k.

JDM 6-bolt
3rd gen revised lifters
Brian Crower 272 cams
Balance shaft removal
180 degree thermostat, 1.1bar rad cap
OEM (1990) External oil cooler w/ -8 lines

4" Forced Performance Intake pipe
Buschur Racing (evo) FMIC 24x10.5x3.5" with piping
Greddy Type-S blow off valve
Ported 63mm throttle body
Port mached 63mm stock Intake manifold (powdercoated silver)

3" Megan downpipe
3" QTP Electric Cutout
Stock cat-back
Holset HX-40 6-blade with BEP bolt-on housing
Forced Performance Oil restrictor, fed from filter housing
Forced Performance Race Exhaust Manifold
Victory Performance tubular o2 housing with Tial 38mm exernal wastegate
Hallman Pro boost controller

FIC 950cc fuel injectors
Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Pushlok -6 hose from fuel filter to rail, and rail to regulator

GM 3Bar Map Sensor (maxed out :cry:)
PLX 300 Wideband o2


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 6, 2008
Janesville, Wisconsin
Here are my results for my holset.

Turbo: HX-35 (8 Blade), Mitsu .50 A/R Housing

Boost Level: 28psi

: Grade 3 E85

Tires: 215/50/17 Goodyear RS-A's at 44psi

: None

Stock 117,000 mile 7 Bolt Bottom End
FP2's, ARP Headstuds, BSE, Fresh Timing Components
Apexi N1, Apexi 3" Downpipe, PR 02 Housing, Tial 38mm WG, HX35(8 Blade) w/BEP Housing, FP Race Manifold, Evo IM, 1G Turbo TB, PR FMIC, FP 4" Intake, 4" CAI Extension, NGR Type S,PR Radiator w/pusher fans, deleted A/C and Emissions, Battery Relocation

WB 255 Rewired, PTE 1200cc Injectors, Fuel Lab FPR

DSMLINK V3, AEM UEGO Wideband, Autometer Mechanical Boost Gauge

Fidanza Short Throw Shifter, South Bend Kevlar Disk, ACT 2600 Pressure Plate, ACT Flywheel, OEM TOB, Skateboard Bearing Mod, DIY Symborski Shift Kit

Time Slip

60': 1.937

1/8 Mile ET: Wasn't working properly

1/8 Mile MPH
: Wasn't Working Properly

1/4 Mile ET
: 12.205

1/4 Mile MPH
: 119.87

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All in all its not a bad time. My car weighed in at 3430 with a full tank of gas and me in it. I left the track with 3/4 of a tank so you be the judge on my official weight. We are hoping to go back in a week or so a little bit lighter and with a little more boost/timing :thumb:. Hopefully I will be able to edit with some better results.


20+ Year Contributor
Sep 22, 2002
Pocono's, Pennsylvania
Ok so here is a couple slips on my 2.3 stroker/hx40 combo.....little background on the run....I made two runs on 17-18psi then when i turned the boost up, I must have caught my foot on the clutch switch/NLTS wires and pulled them apart. As soon as I hit 5500rpm where my studderbox was set I would hit the studderbox in every gear I made two good runs but only on 17ish psi. My logger cut out right after my first run so i couldnt do any tuning either. But it was running pig rich as my first log showed 02 readings at 1.03-1.05!!!! Wideband will be installed by the next track outting! here ya go....

60ft 1.79
1/4 mile 12.75
mph 109

60ft 1.84
1/4 mile 12.80
mph 108.2

really cant wait to run some damn boost!!! Due to our elevation at the track (numidia raceway) we normally are 2-3 tenths slower then E-town or maple grove.


DSM Wiseman
Jul 11, 2004
Bloxom, Virginia
This deserves it's on post here in the results thread. Badman21 pushes a little harder and here's the results:

Holset hx40 makes 685hp and 584tq

This was on e85 instead of the pump gas and methanol that netted 653whp.

Same mods:

2.3 stroker motor
eagle rods and weisco pistons 100mm 4g64 crank
hks 272 intake and exhaust cams
stock 2g head
ptt twin disc clutch
dogmisson from magnus motorsports
holset hx40m with .55ar
3inch downpipe into a 4inch exhaust
shearer fabrications t3 exhaust manifold
magnus motorsports intake manifold with q45 thottle body
slowboyracing intercooler
dual bosch 044 fuel pumps -8 fuel feed line
4 1600cc injectors
wolf ems standalone system tuned by waynespeed

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15+ Year Contributor
May 9, 2005
Mountain home, Arkansas
just wwanted to update everyone on my results, so far at 15* timing and 26psi I'm flowing almost 53LBS/min on my T3 HX-40, 60mm,7-blade turbo. thats about 6 Lbs/min more per psi then my bolt-on hx-35. 93 OCT fuel, stock 19Year old 7.8:1 block with 111,000 miles on it

latest log shows full boost at 5300rpms but my car shows full boost at 4600rpms.

My thoughts are, completely different beast then the hx35, not a very good street turbo, but who cares when i give it gas. It sounds like an N/A Honda even with my thermal R&D exhaust until boost hits, thens its very loud. my fuel trims are off as i have an exhaust leak at the V-band from a warped flange. there is no end to the top end pull on my current setup.


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Sep 22, 2002
Pocono's, Pennsylvania
update: ran 12.02 @ 121mph on 23psi spinning all through 1st and then short shifted to 2nd and it bogged totally! My tires are down to the nylon cord on all 4 so Im getting tires and hitting the track again on Friday and Saturday.....hopefully 30+ psi and some very low 11's shouldnt be a problem!


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Apr 8, 2008
Okinawa, Asia
12.3 @ 117mph on a 8 blade HX35/40 hybrid (not sure on the exhaust side cm2). 2wd R32 Skyline with a RB25 swap on crappy nitto drag radials.

11.8 @ 124mph with a trunk full of crap and a passenger. 6 blade HX40 with a 19cm ex housing on Mickey T drag radials. Best mph same night of 127. It's got mid 11's in it for sure. The motor is laying down though, so I don't know if I'll be able to do better anytime soon.


I didn't see where you actually added my times above or I wouldn't have thrown them up again. Sorry :ohdamn:


DSM Wiseman
Jul 11, 2004
Bloxom, Virginia
Another newbie who can't post here yet, kp116: 11.1 @ 129mph. Bolton hx40, 31psi, e70, 3150lbs race weight, stock intake manifold, 8.5:1CR, dsmlink V3, BC 272s.

EDIT: He's back with another great run with a shep tranny and 3psi more boost still on street tires. Ignition breaking up and all: 11.1 @ 134.6


Dec 13, 2005
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Tuners member talondave.

Holset HX35 7-blade (built by yours truly) @ 30psi in a BEP T3 .70 a/r turbine housing mated to an ERL manifold. Completely stock 6-bolt with 130k (no balance shafts), Comp 101200 Cams in a stock 1G head.

1/4 Mile: 11.60 @ 121.52 on 9/16/09 @ Pittsburgh Raceway Park.

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**UPDATE 8/16/09** The HX35 powered Dave to a victory in the Bracket 1 class at the DSM Shootout this year. At 28psi and logging over 58lb/min of airflow, Dave's car just couldn't be beaten. The tired old stock 6-bolt is still going strong, although the plans include a mild build in the off-season.


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Sep 26, 2005
Fayetteville, Arkansas
After Months of B.S. and waiting I finally got my car Dynoed. The run was done on pump gas at only 25psi because the boost controller (profec B) would not allow the boost to go any higher. Polk claims the dyno was reading the torque levels incorrectly and that the printout should show engine speed instead of RPM's so the RPM numbers at the bottom of the sheet are wrong. They said they only revved the engine to 7000rpms because the numbers started falling off after 6800 due to the stock head. They also said that the torque numbers were reading incorrectly (around 700 ft lbs) but that the car only actually made around 420ish torque.

HP: 454.84
Tq: 420ish??


2.4 4G64 7-bolt
Crower rods and Weisco pistons .20 over 9:1 compression w polished 100mm 4g64 crank
FP3 intake and exhaust cams w FP dual valve springs & retainers
stock 2g head
SBR SB4000 clutch
Stage 1 Shep rebuilt transmission
Crappy 3" Dejon CIP-2gS intake pipe with 3" to 4" coupler/adapter to fit Holset inlet :(
Holset HX40 pro with 60mm 7-blade billet compressor and 18cm^2 (twin-scroll T4) housing
Dark Performance twin-scroll T4 exhaust manifold
3.5" custom v-band downpipe with recirculated 44mm tial Wastegate and 3 inch catback
Magnus 2G intake manifold with Accufab 62mm throttle body
PTE "800hp" intercooler w 2.5" IC pipes
dual Walbro 255 fuel pumps -8 fuel feed line
4 1200cc PTE injectors
DSMlink V2 w AEM 5bar MAP sensor tuned by Polk Performance

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