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ECMlink Help needed understanding strange results when trying to tune car. Logs attached


Proven Member
Nov 2, 2015
York, Pennsylvania
I was having an impossible time getting rid of knock. Cams, stock sidemount and 93. Decided to say screw it and have been running E85 ever since with no issues. Will eventually get my fmic on but for now knock BE-GONE
I would some time like to go to meth injection or E-85 and believe I have all the upgrades to do so. 255 walboro, 1200 pte injectors, rewired fuel pump obviously ecm link LOL.

How hard is it to convert? Is it basically just drain the tank the best you can and put e85 in change targe a/f and retune?

Do you think I am at a spot where I can just start working on the cruise and idle tune more. I plan on doing a couple more WOT pulls to see if I can get the wideband factor better but would I be shooting myself in the foot for trying to tune the cruise and idle more?


Supporting Member
Jan 29, 2004
lancaster, Pennsylvania
Should probably have an ethanol sensor but I just haven't gotten to that yet. As far as converting, yep run it as low as you can, fill up on e85. Tell link the new AFR stoich for e85 then adjust target afr's.


Proven Member
Nov 2, 2015
York, Pennsylvania
Hey guys sorry I haven't been too active in this thread lately. Life has been throwing me some curve balls. First off my laptop that i used for ecm link died, my mom was in the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest and my wife left me. So I had a lot of things on my plate. My moms now home recovering with 7 broken ribs and a broken sternum and I am moving on with my life since my wife left. I bought a surface pro 9 to use to hook up and run ecm link.

My main problem is since I am starting over with a fresh install of ecm link I have to set certain things back the way they were. Some things I remember, some I don't. I drove my car for the first time in awhile and notice the wide band factor was greater then it was last time I took a log on my old pc that died. I noticed my max oxtane and min octane tables appear to look different I think from what they were. Unfortunetly I dont remember what they were set at. Can someone look at them and see if they look off? I see they are way off from stock, not sure why that is. Seems like they are set way leaner then they should be. Whats everyone's thoughts? Hope everyone had a merry christmas


  • log.2022.12.26-04.elg
    549 KB · Views: 6
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