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fast spooling 600whp street turbo?


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 5, 2006
Chitown/Woodfeild area, Illinois
You should read the blog a EX Garret employee wrote about the company. They are going to shit and have outsourced/move outside of American and Allie countries. Borge Warner or holeset should be supported. The "newer" GT turbos are the ones with clearance issues and all the problems. Since the quality went down with the new ones. But no one likes to talk about that.......Borge warner,holeset,mhi,will get my money in the future.


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 5, 2009
Independence, Minnesota
If its the thread I think you are referring to, that was my particular set of GM274s and they were an anomaly in how ungodly off spec they ended up.

Jon told me that the sets I received included the first pair of 274s and the first set of 272s they got from their cam grinder up the street.

The rest they've since sold are going to be pretty close to advertised because they pair I had were so large and so off spec it could create major problems for someone to install straight up on stock cam gears without measuring valves and using stock springs.

So dont get too excited, yours will likely be only .408 lift, and a decent ramp rate, not exactly an fp2x or a kelford 280/276. LOL

I also had some of the first cams they sent out. Jon told me he didn't have much information on them when I bought them because they were so new and weren't run by anyone yet. So we were in the same boat there and my cams were probably way off spec too.


15+ Year Contributor
Jul 11, 2006
aurora, Colorado
I'd still like to see some "600 hp" dyno sheets charted against time to see what some of you people think is "fast spooling".

If you have a .drf and Winpep it's easy to do.


15+ Year Contributor
Sep 23, 2005
DFW/Austin, Texas
How come nobody has mentioned the EFR series BorgWarner turbos?

Also, I wouldn't use diesel turbos on a gasoline car regardless of whatever housings are put on them or what people say they've got out of them. Of course this is not an invitation to a flame war, I'm telling you what I wouldn't do to my car that I expected to be fast and efficient. High rpm spool sucks.
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