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2G Evo front brake swap


5+ Year Contributor
Oct 19, 2017
Budapest, Europe
Hi guys!

I found a deal on a pair of front Evo brakes (it was 350 $ + the guy even gave me a set of almost new racing pads). They have I small issue on one of the rubber seals, but I am planning to rebuild all of them anyway. So I bought them and started researching what would I need for a swap. I quickly found out that I will need an adatper or new knuckles to fit them. I'm lucky, I live in Europe so I just went to the nearest junkyard and picked up a set of EUDM galant knuckles.
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However most of the guides I found here are about an all-round brake swap. Will it mess up my brake balance if I only swap the fronts? (I have OEM disc brakes in the rear). Also I found out I might need to swap out the master cylinder to 3g but I found it's not necessarily a plug&play swap for everyone. Do I even need the swap or is it still safe to drive around with the OEM master?

My goal is mostly cosmteic (and I didn't want to pass on this deal) but I don't want to rush the process if it makes the car unsafe. I'm guessing the ideal way would be to do an all-round brake swap + the master cylinder swap, so I would get the most out of it. Should I wait it out and gather the parts for that, or can I run these bigger brakes in front safely until I get them?


Nov 1, 2008
London, UK, Europe
you can get away with the stock master and some dont mind the pedal feel and some do, worse case is later on you buy another 3G master and swap it out if you really dont like the feel.

the 4 pistons in front wont be a huge issue for you as most brakes are front biased anyway so again later on when the budget comes available you can do the rears if you find them for a good price
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