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Entering into the DSM world once again

Posted by BlackMount, Sep 13, 2010

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  1. BlackMount

    BlackMount Proven Member

    Joined Jan 20, 2010
    Monroe, Wisconsin
    So, After Selling my Laser I've been grately missing it, and the DSM world in general especially when hanging around people like my buddy matt with his 750hp+ 1g AWD GT32 Talon . I sold my laser after it spun a rod bearing (6th large failure in 6 weeks) the motor had 232k miles on it so its no surprise but I had no motivation to fix it so I sold it and bought my self this guy

    1987 BMW 325E E30 5 Speed, Open Diff (at the moment) 120hp\170tq stock

    First day I got it.


    Teaser of how she is now. SLAMMED!


    Nice n low, although could go another inch in the back, and another 2 in the front.

    Anyways. I decided to do a 4G63T swap

    Everything is a piece of cake, only spot I'm stuck on is the tranny...I need details about the RWD Tranny that bolts up to the 4G63, I heard its the Mazda B2000 Tranny right? what year? and I heard something about an adapter plate, where do I find this? also wouldn't a 4g64 tranny out of a rwd mighty max work? or does that not exsist?

    I am going to be swapping in a 4G63 N\T just to get the project moving quickly. I already begun to start collecting parts. I will be swapping to a 4G63T but I want to have a fresh motor so I will be building it in the mean time. Probably to stock spec with some ARP Head studs and a E316G with Intake, Fuel, and Exhaust and hopefully DSM Link so I can get a good tune and such in. but keeping it close to stock I want this to still be Daily Driver.

    Will be doing a 91 6 bolt to avoid the bastard-ness of the 1990's err umm...uniqueness....and avoid the crankwalk of a 7 bolt

    91 Wiring Harness +91-94 ECU (junkyards rock)
    Tranny w\ a non Stock clutch hopefully
    6 bolt n\t Motor (no sweat, they are everywhere.)
    Motor Mounts (some fabrication is in order I'm sure)
    Exhaust (Custom of course :D )

    If anyone has any tips or extra information please tell me thanks!

  2. turboglenn

    turboglenn Proven Member

    Joined Nov 5, 2007
    RIpley, West Virginia
    very nice... on my other PC's HDD i have a link to a page dedicated to RWD swaps on all the 4g series engines and all the compatible trannies. ( but that PC's not hooked up, i just built the one i'm on from some stuff that was given to me)

    unfortunately for that trans you need a "wide block" 4g63 which was only in a few things like a van, truck and SUV, but there's a lot of other options, jsut using the FWD 4g63 you face the most PITA of making something work, I've seen supra trannies and borgwarner t5's and t56's done (saw them in person and did some work to help with them) but basically if you can get a clutch disk for "tranny X" that fits under a DSM pressure plate and then machine the flywheel for a pilot bearing, from there you only need a custom bell housing which you can order from "bills" (forget how to find them tho sorry)

    I have built a couple of adapters to be able to fit other trannies for a few guys and have machined the flywheels when i had access to a large tool adn die companies massive lathes.. I guess all i'm trying to say is you got a TON of options, almost endless with a little thought

    AHA....EDIT: Found that page..some links dont' work but you can get to the sections from other parts opf the page and there's a list of every 46xx series engines and all the trannies you could think of and more that can work...also tells all the little PITA stuff that most people don't think of untill thjey go to start it and say "oh sh&t, what am i gonna do with that" LOL

    here's the link
    :: Project Zero G ::

    AHA>>..... Here's "bills page" and right on the home page there's a t56 to 4g63 bell housing he produces...a work of art compared to adapter plates LOL
  3. FLASH1970

    FLASH1970 Proven Member

    Joined Aug 22, 2005
    Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
    Why does the car have a piston and connecting rod hanging under it? I like the tailights and the rear spoiler.

    1K  0

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM
  4. BlackMount

    BlackMount Proven Member

    Joined Jan 20, 2010
    Monroe, Wisconsin

    Thanks for all the useful info man! I will probably go with a Toyota W5(X) Tranny w\ adapter plate like my buddy Matt had suggested.

    Because the Piston is epic, and I pulled that thing out of a Briggs lawnmower when I was 11. DR^FT Charm LOL

    and Thank you. I'm proud of em. I've been seeing some really nasty night shade jobs so I'm glad mine turned out right :)
  5. eclipsekid187

    eclipsekid187 Proven Member

    Joined Nov 27, 2006
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    what ever happened with this swap/conversion i appologize if im bringing back up from the dead or if info/a new thread has been started.. but i got a friend who hates on dsm's and i mean flat out HATES anything that has to do with them and he has drove beams his whole life so id love to see this or a video and shut him up :thumb:

    161  0

    1995 Eagle Talon TSi
    manual · 2G DSM
  6. dsm'r sk1mp

    dsm'r sk1mp Proven Member

    Joined Aug 8, 2009
    post falls, Idaho
    its so satisfying to see dsm haters from honda, beams, mazdas. only satisfying when i never see another production motor swapped into a dsm but so many 4g swaps into all kinds of odd cars. great build btw, cant wait to see video

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    1993 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM
  7. HadesOmega

    HadesOmega Proven Member

    Joined Aug 5, 2002
    408, California
    I've been reading some starion swaps where they swap a 4G63T into the starion I think for them they get the WIDE block from a 4G64 and put a turbo head on it then everything else, then it bolts up to the transmission. I forget where you can get this block but I think a mighty max pick up was one of them. Definately look into some starion swap info.

    Street Build 2K  5

    1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
    manual · Galant VR-4

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    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    15.131 @ 95.580 · 2G DSM

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