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Nov 9, 2019
Nov 5, 2007
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trying not to let the1g bet me down Dec 27, 2016

turboglenn was last seen:
Nov 9, 2019
    1. turboglenn
      trying not to let the1g bet me down
    2. RoDy
      what year are the shifter cables from?
      1. turboglenn
        Oct 16, 2016
    3. dkvr4
      hey I was wondering if you still made the alternator brackets to use with a Saturn alternator?
    4. daplatano91
      Hey Glenn I just started a new thread topic that I think you could be a great help with. If you get a chance please take a look at it. It's about sequential ignition.
    5. blazinglaser_90
      Hey hows it going.

      I have an e11v2 that I put into a car recently and on my sport 1000 the trigger settings are both rising and the spark edge is set to falling. On this e11v2 i mimmicked the settings idential to my sport 1000. When i tried to fire the rpm signal is perfect but car sounds like the firing order is backwards. I changed the spark edge to rising and it started right up but the ignitor got warm as to be expected with having the incorrect trigger edge. The trigger angle is set to 70. Do you have any idea's what could be causing this ?

    6. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      Hey sir, I sent you a message over Facebook. Please get back to me asap :) thanks!
    7. preludeachris
      Hello from Milford NE
    8. jls_frog
      I am interested, i would like to have everything bolted up right. How much total shipped?
    9. jls_frog
      I sent you a pm about the alternator bracket, I am also interested in one.
    10. snipehuntin1976
      The simple bracket is probably all I'll ever need lol. So how much to ship it to 72110?
    11. snipehuntin1976
      Hey Glenn I'm wondering if you ever got the alt brackets lined out and if so what are you asking for one? I'd really like to do the swap but I'm not real big on the way the stock bracket looks. I'd rather not be driving down the road and have something so simple leave me stranded in the dead heat of summer lol. Thanks Mike.
    12. GoCanes777
      Congratz on the new numbers and GREAT SET UP!

      Hello 500 Club
    13. ishnish
      Hey man I read on a thread that you welded some fittings on for gsxtacy. I was wondering if you do any shaving or other work for valve covers? I really liked how your welding sat flush with the valve cover instead of being all lumpy. Do you offer this as a service?
    14. dragonov_elite
      Wanted to let you know that i got my clutch to finally disengage. using a 3000gt vr-4 SC.
    15. BogusSVO
      Hey.. Wanted to check in and see how the HG is holding up.
    16. BogusSVO
      Did you get the coolant pressure tester?
    17. eclipsemf
      If you happen to find that 16g and parts lmk.
      Thanks man!
    18. j_biggz
      still have the tre trans?
    19. FromaQ
      I am new to Bellevue, NE -working in Omaha- could you point me towards somewhere that could corner balance my car? thanks
    20. supracoop
      Hey Glenn,

      Read a post of yours that you do custom metal work? I may have a couple small parts that need work. Small stuff, I dont have a lathe or a mill but have projects or ideas of things I want to build. I would love to find someone who can help me out and I'll pay you, just dont like machine shop prices. Let me know if you still do this kind of thing in your spare time.

      [email protected]
    21. kaganader
      Hey Glenn, how is everything with your car?
    22. turboglenn
      you and me both, makes a 145 grain hollow point to the head sound like a better idea than owning this damn car any longer (but i love it when it's not messing up)
    23. kaganader
      Holy shit, thats way too many problems one after another @[email protected] Take your time and get it up an running good again, I can't believe all that basically happened in such a short time span.

      I've seen that show, that show is stupid.
    24. turboglenn
      as for the bolt size, I will either provide the bolt or let you know after this final run, i can't get into my storage for my spare engine cause i'm behind on payments (might be on storage wars before you know it and i hate that show LOL)
    25. turboglenn
      yea, haven't been on cause i've been plagued wth one issue after another since the AWD swap, started with frozen caliper rebuilding and wheel bearing replacements then saturday the AC belt does the "thread from a sweater" job and makes it's way behind the pulley on the crank and wrapped around the crank timing gear killing all my intake valves and most of the exhaust..test drove last night it was fine, left the house to work today and not a mile from home i lose the clutch and turn around to go home, once home not only is the clutch not disengaging fully (does a little but not enough to go into gear) and is grabbing at idle where i have to rev to stay stopped, but now the damn starter has worked 2 times out of the 40 some odd tries where the solenoid just clicks... bad farkin luck all around and i just rebuilt the head with new valves a few months ago, had to use used valves and lap them in this time :(
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    TG Industries Inc.
    Been racing my entire life from MX to SCCA, have worked on many exotic cars locally doing custom work



    91 GSX needs much love,
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