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Apr 17, 2020
Feb 9, 2008
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Chrysler Product Rep

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VROOM CHU Jun 16, 2014

95talongirl was last seen:
Apr 17, 2020
    1. 95talongirl
    2. cioc
      Can you provide me with an email address to send you the pics of the ports you requested. Thx
    3. 1G Eclipse94928
      1G Eclipse94928
      Thanks for the amazing Caliper write up My jaw dropped. :D
    4. 2gtalontd
      Well Congrats!
    5. dsmTripp
      Congratulations on the readers rides in modified magazine
    6. 2gtalontd
      Is that your car featured on the back of Modified Magazine in the readers ride section?
    7. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Man I wish I could find a chick into cars. Your BF is lucky.
    8. iugrad92turbo
      Hey which fp cams do you have?
    9. kuntree84
      i see your in to the 420a motors i just bought a 1999 eclipse gs and was also wondering if i could ask u a few question about your 420a
    10. Lambiablo
      Hey, How is the car coming?
    11. Dsm4lyfe12
      How've you been girlll?
    12. Lambiablo
      I will try to get a photo of the harness if I can. If you can describe the plugs I'll see what I can tell you off the top of my head.
    13. Shake_Zulla
      Flak for owning Neons or saying a car is a car ;-) I totally agree with you it doesn't really matter to me that you can build a 900+ hp 4g63 when my build is for autocross (I like to watch the drag races but its not for me). 350hp will be my tops and I am so familiar with the 420a platform that it may be a little more expensive but I know exactly how to build it. My wife wants to get into autocross so I have been thinking about a 2g AWD or a 240SX (would be nice to have a backup drift car). But hey thanks for helpin out in the 420a sections.
    14. Shake_Zulla
      Out of curiousity... how do you know so much about 420a's? I think it's funny that every post I try to respond to you have just covered what I would have said. Thanks for supporting the 420a community!
    15. Ruthless
      "Any 420a DSM is just an over-glorified Neon."
      gotta love haters.

      But yeah they are no different than any engine, just like others you have to work at it. I would go buy a Tsi (I'm very talon-specific, eclipses are for sissies and ricers) buy iv'e grown so attached to this car. it was my first car i got when i was fifteen, almost five years ago. i got it wrecked in a salvage then wrecked it again myself about two years ago. and six months ago i blew the engine and had to drive a neon around (ironic much?) hence the rebuild. i grew up with my baby and she's given it all for me so i figure i owe my car to not sell. =]
    16. Ruthless
      .i have never heard DSM and Functioning in the same sentence before... =p

      and i'm assuming the expensive bolts are ARP headstuds? Better be!

      your lucky though, with your fancy 4G63 and all. I'm stuck with a 420. our rods aren't worth a damn i pretty much HAVE to get H-beam rods. Once it's back together my internals will be all aftermarket with my crower cams. I'll come back to get a knife-edge crank some other time, but it will be perfect for turbo later. way later. i don't want to be one of those kids that slaps turbo on a stocker then hotrods around town. I'm going to be very thorough and make a decent N/A before i get turbo for the final touch.
    17. Ruthless
      Eh im waiting too. my whole engine is ripped apart for a complete rebuild. i got eagle rods but after everything i needed fixed i cant really afford pistons. However, nobody will mount stock pistons on them so i need to return the stockers to o'rieleys. Which should be easy, but i can't find the reciept >.< so now i have to save up for some JE's. i just want my damn car back! haha. Cant wait to get back to grillin' hon-duhs.
    18. Ruthless
      Well isnt that the point of DSM? breaking down or getting into trouble! =D have you dug into the engine yet?
    19. Ruthless
      So what are your plans for that pretty blue talon of yours?
    20. 95weclipse
      he didnt get it running just to let you know I did he stood there and watched me do all of the work because he dont know his ass from a hole in the ground so dont let him fool you that HE got it running when I DID EVERY THING oh but put the manifold on he did that
    21. Dsm4lyfe12
      lol im glad the damn cold weather is over! What is the machine shop doing?
    22. Dsm4lyfe12
      Hows your blue one comming along? I finally got mine running after four months of work in -32 below%2Pr
    23. Dsm4lyfe12
      lol, i swear i saw your talon today in morris, same color same year%2Pr
    24. Dsm4lyfe12
      i definitely agree lol obviously if i knew how to work on a car the correct way i wouldn't have gotten 8 stitches today... I like your blue car! It looked like it had snorkles!
    25. Dsm4lyfe12
      Lol we should definitely fix your rust, i haves a mig welder and some sheet metal :%2Pr
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    1995 Eagle Talon Kona Blue TSi AWD - slow. Needs NOS by tonight.
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