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Best bang for your buck build?

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

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Mar 21, 2005
Bend, Oregon
I recently got a request to rebuild and build up a 91 GSX and he wants to put about 4000 bucks into it, not including labor so we gotta factor that in. I've been looking at some of your builds and you all have respectable numbers but with that 4000 bucks whats the best setup I can get for him? Here is one I just put together a few minutes ago and I want to know your opinions on if all of it sounds good or if I could get something better for the price or even if its not necessary at all. Now bear with me for my selections, this is going to be my first turbo build.
First up, the turbo. He told me he only wanted a t3/t4 hybrid so I found it on this site for $700. Garrett T3/T4
Next up we have the Manifold, and I chose the Turbonetics T3/T4 mani for $475.Turbonetics Manifold
A front mount intercooler is needed to replace the stock side mount. 9 Second Racing 18" $459 FMIC
The BOV was chose to be an HKS SSQ $250 HKS SSQ
I thought about the AEM EMS for tuning but then realised that it would be to much so I picked out an HKS Super AFR $399 HKS Super AFR
HKS injectors were selected but im not sure how big I want to go with them $110HKS injectors
A Walbro 255lph fuel pump $150 Walbro 255
Turbo XS Manual boost controller $129 Turbo XS MBC
And that's about all I have put together so far, I have no idea what pistons to run or how much boost he desires but I think the maximum he would run at any time would be around 18psi. A noob question I have due to me being new to turbocharging is, do I have to run an external waste gate still even though it will have a bov or do I just get a block off plate for the waste gate bung? that's it, please tell me what you think, stupid/smart, post up your builds and show me what would be the best thing to do.
Another thing I have to consider is the transmission. What things should be invested to upgrade that to support the engines power? Are there any turbo upgrade kits that anybody makes for the 1st gen gsx's, because that would probably make this job alot easier on me and I could spend more time worrieing about other things like all the piping, exhaust, ignition, vaccume, ect.
1, dont bump, unless you dont want an answer, because mods close threads with bumps.... as far as 4k put into pure performance,... i would suggest not going with that big of a turbo.... id get a 190 lph pump, either some used evo8 injectors, or some 680cc ish injectors, an evoIII 16g(very streetable turbo), a nice exaust system (maybe an evo3 exaust manifold), clean up the intake some, a manual boost controller of some type (i made mine for like 20 bucks, tools and all) and VERY IMPORTANT***-> boost gauge<-***
something to compinsate for the lager injectors and tune, you have multiple choices here, datalogger and gm 3inch maf with maft, safc2, or dsmlink are just a few choices,...i myself just dropped 1400 into my car to get a johnnyracecar fmic, all the piping from dejon and a mas/maft setup, and my next purchase will be dsmlink...

just go with intake, exaust, fuel, and maybe a sligtly larger turbo, and if the guy wants you can upgrade brakes and suspension too...but just focusing on those areas should yeild a lot of power
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