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Afew of My Holset logs of recent


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Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
First off if this shoudl be in the results thread i'msorry and feel free to move it, I just didn't feelthis was "concrete"enough to go there soI made this post

1-2-3wasa pretty clean pull(boost a littlelow and read in KPAas well as IAT is in metrictoo but anyone with a smart phone can convert themto US values (i already converted AFR)

misseswas where the car was missin so bad i couldn'tstay in it at all - this was in 3rd gear

and overboost is where i kept having to let out as the boost gauge pegged 30 psi instantly before the gate could even open and that was in 5th gear

AS soon as i get my EBC back up (got parts today but it's acting weird) I'll be making some 28 - 30psi pulls and playing with timing as well as recording some g-tech style 1/4mile, 0-60MPHtimes and ecceleration G's topost too

thansk for looking, feedback is apreciated, but please remember there's almost NO TUNE put on this yet so AFR's are going to be erratic at least

FOr refference, 213kpa is 31psu
159kpa is 23 psi
and the 177-180 in the second log is about 25 - 26psi (timing and all other parametersare shown, i have no tuning to hide)

update: Feb 22, 2012(the next mornging)

I went to the doctor today fdor my meds and took the laptop and camcorder along and got some footage ofme playing with the boost control and doing some 25psi pulls (of course it was aclosed courseand the other cars were there for added "realism" :D )

i'll have the video up soon but with no powersupply logs i can't provide :( ),I was pig rich and was blowing out spark quite often,i'm about to change plugs while the video uploads and converts to editable format on the PC

After posting the update idecided to go ahead and cut the bumper cover and supportto allowmore air and visibility of the FMIC. I snapped a few pics i'll post up too


  • 1-2-3holsetCSV.csv
    13.6 KB · Views: 29
  • missesCSV.csv
    15.1 KB · Views: 30
  • overboostCSV.csv
    34.6 KB · Views: 32
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