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97 eclipse

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Did anything change when you disconnected the booster?
Sorry Tony kids are being crazy, i have to run down after bit fill up the 5 gal portable at the gas station. The gas is dangerously low and i dont want to damage the pump i just put a new one in this summer. I will be sure to get back soon with results. If the booster is bad im going to an empty parking lot to see if the turbo spools. If its good the turbo will come off next to inspect the exhaust side of the turbo for damage and take the WG apart and see if its jammed.
I measured as accurately as i could. It's about 3/16" to 1/4" of play on the journal bearings. I have never witnessed this amount of play in a turbo myself.
Not that it matters, but funny none the less
Turns out this turbo is a genuine turbonetics. I circled the emblem on the exhaust side housing. I'm just not sure what size. There is a number on the four bolt flange i just haven't looked it up yet. The old school HKS wastegate is pretty rad. Old as hell but works like new.
If anyone has any info on the turbo let me know.







Carefully removed my antique HKS WG🤣
Now i could inspect the OD of the compressor blades to see how much material was missing from the blades. The answer is....a lot!


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I was getting ready to box up the turbo for shipment thismorning and spun the turbo good and the turbo jammed. I thought i heard something the other day and turns out i did. This guy got in the turbo apparently when i did the head gasket. Every single issue i have had stemmed from this. The intermittent stalling, loss of nearly all power, damage to the hot and cold side blades. This was getting kicked around in the exhaust side. More than likely bent the shaft and and caused the cold side to make contact with the housing. :ohdamn:


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I would just like to say how much i appreciate you guys that follow the page and encourage, and try and help me out and drop new ideas. I have had quite a streak of misfortune with this build the past couple years and finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Its crazy how fast 4 years can go by on a project like this, but i will say i didn't start getting good at this until i learned from you guys :hellyeah:
Makes the journey to PA tomorrow. Ran out of time today getting it to the shipping company.
You guys got an opinion on who i should go through?
-UPS or
I'm kind of afraid to use USPS...

Im super nervous because i literally can't replace that turbo with it being obsolete. I can't just throw a different one in easily without having to replum the piping and modding the exhaust.
Did a BLT directly at the TB elbow just to see if there were any leaks while the turbo was out. Depending on cam orientation im getting air leaks from the exhaust ports. At TDC the air comes out of cylinder 4 exhaust valves. Not a bunch but a little. I think i may have something wrong going on, getting the turbo rebuilt only to run into this its disheartening. Didn't leak before the HG change with it out and the cams removed, O we
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