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97 Eclipse


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Jul 25, 2018
Lisbon, Europe
Hi guys, Mike here. So if you read my profile or my introduction thread you might already know the backstory of my car but if you didn't, in a nutshell: car had 2 owner, broke down by the 1st owner, and I bought it still not running.

So this will be the backstory after I actually bought the car. (Will be linking images if I find out how to do that)
So I bought this 97 Eclipse to a mechanic. He had had this in his shop for 4 years and never fixed it. The car was supposed to go to his son so he bought the 2nd engine but that engine also had a bad crankshaft and he ended up losing interest and so did his son. So I went there and bought it from him along with the second engine aware of the problems but I have this dream so whatever.

As I was about to go to a shop to try and salvage any of my 2 crankshafts I found a good deal on a Plymouth Laser RS that had the engine in a very good shape.

What I didn't account for was that the engine's dimensions were different. As you guys should know but I didn't. the 6 bolt block is more robust on the inside than the 7 bolt block. And here they are:

To the left you have the 6 bolt block and to my knowledge it's in mint condition: 150 000 km on it 15 years stopped in the woods but it was still good.

On to the crankshafts I have some pictures too:

Here you can see the 6 bolt crankshaft, looks good, I have nothing to point out but if you have I'll be happy to know about it.

This is one of the two 7 bolt crankshafts and yes, both pictures are of the same crankshaft. I admit that they didn't have that rust to them when I got them but some months have passed since but for what I've been told, that little bit of rust isn't a major thing.

So the second 7 bolt crankshaft is here and it's a little better than the other one because I think but it's still in a pretty bad condition.

Now towards my real problem where I'm stuck right now: the crankshaft's rev sensor:

As you might know these too covers in the picture are different: 7 bolt on the left 6 bolt on the right and as you can notice the 6 bolt one doesn't have the place for the sensor and as you for sure know and I didn't, they don't fit in different blocks.
Now my real problem is this bugger here because I don't know if I can just ignore it and nullify the sensor to put my 6 bolt in the 2g or what I have to do to make it work.
I know for sure that people put 6 bolt blocks in 2g eclipses so I figured it shouldn't be impossible but I've searched many threads and I can't find the answer to this specific thing.
Even asked a youtuber about this problem in his comment section and his answer was: "if you have a non turbo engine you can't". No disrespect to him at all, he his making a gs-t to gsx conversion on his 2g (which I'd love to do on mine if I can't find any gsx in europe) but I was a bit sceptical to his answer. If you can with a turbo, then you should be able with NA engines. But I might just be wrong and that's what I'm trying to find out.

That is all for now, will be posting some updates as soon as I have some. Thank you in a advance.
Cheers from Portugal.
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