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16g to 14b tuning adjustment questions???


Probationary Member
Jul 15, 2007
austin/waco, Texas
So my big 16g took the big dump over the week so im gonna throw in a 14b till i can save up some extra cash for something nice.
So i guess my main question is if im tunned at 10psi with a neo on a fairly stock motor .20 bore, exhaust, intake, then will running the 14b at 10 psi effect my AF ratio at all.

Only 10 psi on 16g u ask? Well when i took my eclipse into the tunner, the boost controller was malfunctioning and would only let it run 10-12 psi. So they tunned it for 10 psi with the neo and it hit around 230hp on the dyno. Not bad i guess.
It seems the car has always run rich though since i got it back from the tunner.

So should i just set my neo to no corrections or what?


DSM Wiseman
Jul 31, 2003
Central, New_Jersey
There's no definitive way of telling you that it's a necessity to fine tune it because you switch turbos, since it is vehicle dependant. Do you have a wideband or any means of logging data? I dare not say, but obviousness says that you will be fine when you make the switch all else equal. If you find the necessity to squeeze max power out of the 10psi, then yes, you will need a logger and/or wideband to retune your neo.


Probationary Member
Jul 15, 2007
austin/waco, Texas
Thanx for your answers. I am planning on trying to set up my laptop with tunnerstein and use it as a logger. Do i need a wide band to use tunnerstein software?


15+ Year Contributor
Sep 7, 2005
santa ana, California
It all depends on how aggressive the tune was. If it was basic then you should be fine because at 10psi it really isnt pushing that much air anyways.
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