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timing belt

  1. 420A 420a Timing belt tips

    Im currently rebuilding my 420a motor from the bottom up (I have to replace main bearings and possibly resurface the crank) Im about to pull the timing belt off but there's 2 problems 1- i cant get the stupid timing cover off without breaking it and 2 - I really just need tips for timing the...
  2. Kettlar 91 laser rs

    1G Timing belt replacement assistance

    Looking for someone in indiana to help me with a timing belt, balance shaft belt, and water pump replacement. Even if you live in the surrounding states and could help me out, it’ll be appreciated tremendously. Just need someone to watch me and make sure i do not mess anything up
  3. GTak79

    1G 1992 Mitsubishi Galant LS Water Pump Replacement (4G63, SOHC)

    I am new here and hoping for some advice regarding replacing a water pump in my daughters 1992 Mitsubishi Galant LS (4G63, SOHC). It's completely stock - we bought it a few years back from an older lady in DsM. I haven't found much detailed information online. I was just referred here by an Ames...
  4. sacrileger

    1G New timing belt disintegrating after fewer than 18000 km - WHY?

    After installing a brand new timing belt and putting on about 18000km, i noticed the timing belt started making rhythmic 'swooshing' sounds as if the belt was flapping and rubbing against 'something' so i took the timing belt cover off to examine the belt and instantly noticed irregular shallow...
  5. Anfurnyy

    Resolved 1G - Evo 8 timing belt on 1g walking

    So I'm trying to use my An OEM Evo 8 timing belt on my 6 bolt 1g. The engine is "built" and I've heard that Evo 8 belts are a good Upgrade from the gates replacement and even an update to the OEM 1g Mitsu belt.-balance shaft deleted with the OEM Mitsu spacer that replaces balance shaft gear...
  6. 2G Changing Timing Belt on 1998 GSX with 58,000 Miles, Should I Change the Water Pump Also?

    As the subject states, I will be changing the timing belt on my 1998 GSX with 58,000 miles.Given the relatively low mileage and fact that there is no issue with the factory water pump, should I seize the opportunity and change the water pump also or wait until the next timing belt service...
  7. XC92

    1G About to do complete timing belt replacement, replace front seals as well?

    Self-explanatory. I'm about to replace the TB, BB & 3 accessory belts along with all the pulleys, tensioners and water pump. All OEM except the BB, which is Gates Racing, and WP, which is Aisin. OEM is pretty expensive and Aisin is not, but highly rated.I'm using the upgraded OEM kevlar belt...
  8. ncarson91

    Anyone help me do timing belt? Near cle ohio

    Hey can anyone that’s from Cleveland Ohio or nearby help me do my timing belt? Never done it. Not super confident in myself to do it myself rather have someone who knows. Have no money but lots of dsm parts to offer… such as 190 walboro 345 aem fuel pumps 2g 1g 190 walboro. Greddy bov. 2g...
  9. XC92

    Timing belt job parts questions

    Yep, yet another thread asking about which parts to get for a complete timing belt job. I'm currently in the final stages of rebuilding the manual trans on my '92 Talon TSi AWD and when it's done I'm going to tackle the TB job. I'll be replacing everything, both belts, idlers, tensioners, front...
  10. XC92

    1G Ordering maintenance & repair parts, advice needed

    Hi, I'm fairly new here so I hope this isn't inappropriate or too long, but I'm about to order a bunch of parts for my '92 Talon TSi AWD manual (build date May 1992), with around 79k miles on it (yes you read that right), and wanted to make sure they're right for the job. If anyone cares to...
  11. XC92

    1G Advice needed on timing belt & clutch replacement kits

    I'm in the process of repairing and restoring my '92 Talon TSi AWD manual, and was hoping to get some advice about some parts kits I need to order, to make sure I get ones that are appropriate for my situation and of good quality.First, it's been quite a while since I had the timing belt...
  12. 1G Misfiring when on idle and letting off throttle.

    Car runs fine under load, and even when you start it for the first 5 or so seconds when idle is high, When idle settles at around 850 you can really feel the engine vibrations and misfire. The Galant is running and driving but the vibration is extremely worrying, at stop and go traffic the idle...
  13. Louis Gibson

    Engine vibration!!

    I’m in dire need of help as I am confused to what’s wrong with my eclipse97 eclipse GST Has a 7 bolt 4g63t with NO crankwalk (trust me)Engine mounts are secured and in good shapeHas newer clutchMy bro and I just tightened the timing belt on the eclipse and got all the timing marks...
  14. Dawson159

    2G Whining noise from timing belt area?

    On my way home from work and downshifted to third then second normal driving went around the corner and heard a whining from my engine bay. Got home and this is the noise it’s making, what happened?
  15. 2G Grinding or rattle noise around timing belt and head

    After doing some searching on here I'm thinking it might be a balance shaft, bearing, or tensioner going bad. The noise can be described as either light grinding or a rapid rattle. It's definitely localized near the timing belt area, at first I thought it was coming from under the valve cover...
  16. juve12

    For Sale Lots of Go Fast Parts

    My car was recently wrecked so my loss is your gain everything was working properly when I got involved in the accident you can make me an offer the worst I can say is NoEprom Ecu socketed currently has a chip that was burned for my setup but you can remove it to use Dsm link SOLDVRSF 2g...
  17. Dasean Real

    Balance shaft help

    Hey yall, can anyone help me identify whether or not the balance shafts on my 6 bolt motor may or may not have been deleted? it makes this weird noise from the timing area while coasting and my belt has been chewed up possibly from the oil pan bolts although they are m6x10mm. Not sure if BS have...
  18. juve12

    For Sale Cheap new parts

    For sale is my Gates Racing timing belt kit Brand new in the box asking $130Also for sale my Innovate Motorsports wide band O2 gauge kit Brand new in box $150
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