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  1. Dejon 1g turbo intake and upper intercooler pipe

    For sale Dejon 1g turbo intake and upper intercooler pipe

    I’m changing up my intake so these are for sale from my 1g. I bought them out of nostalgia. Dejon turbo intake with HKS 200mm mushroom filter. It can be recirculated but I was using it for speed density with a HKS VPC so I added another filter. Dejon Upper Intercooler pipe. I didn’t like how it...
    $75.00 to $200.00
  2. XC92

    1G Where can I find replacement air intake hoses?

    I'm looking at the large air intake hoses that connect the air box, turbo, bypass valve and throttle body on my '92 Talon TSi, and some of them appear to be showing signs of cracking near where they're clamped. I'd like to replace some of them, especially the turbo-bypass one, but I can't seem...
  3. XC92

    Tachometer Recommendation Needed & Part Identification

    I'm about to diagnose an idle surge issue with my '92 Talon TSi and will be thorough given the age of the car, and use the opportunity to replace aging parts even if they're not yet failing, e.g. gaskets, o-rings, hoses, etc. I intend to remove the throttle body to inspect it and the various...
  4. SnowmanFD

    1G Will this intake fit my car?

    This intake came with my car uninstalled. So im wondering if it will work and if its any good?Im 99% percent shure it will fit on the turbo my only concern is the maf.
  5. 93eclipse113

    General Intake options 1gb (1993)

    Hey, i'm looking for intake options for my 1g (stock tune)Should i stick with a 1g maf and aluminum pipe? Can i run a translator to a 2g maf without tuning ? im just looking for a better look than this rubber pipe, it's old and beat up and if not what could i do to run the stock maf with an...
  6. 2G Intake Manifold For Sale

    For sale 2G Intake Manifold For Sale

    I am selling the intake manifold that I had custom made for my car at a shop Called Street Or Strip Concept. This manifold will be great for somebody looking to be putting down anywhere from a stock 4G63T HP up to about 550HP. It is powder coated matte black and the throttle body flange has a...
  7. Adrian97

    1G Help me decide with bigger IC and 3" pipping

    Hello guys! At this point I have VRSF 1g FMIC kit with is 2.5" pipping I guess Is it a good idea to do 3" pipping with bigger IC will it change anything ? hp goal :400-550 My setup: Holset HX 35 in BEP.55 holset housing FP Manifold 3" Full Exhaust system no cat with 2,5" custom o2 housing...
  8. For Sale Intake Manifold - 1g and 2g

    I have two stock intake manifolds for sale. One 1g and one 2g manifold. Both in good condition.$50 shipped for each obo.Thanks!
  9. Sjd6795

    For Sale Balance shaft kit, balance shaft delete kit, Topline head bolts/washers

    Left over rebuild itemsBRAND NEW Topline head bolts/washers - $25 Shipped Balance shaft delete kit - $45 Shipped Balance shaft belt and pulley - $45 ShippedUSED Stock cam shafts out of 7 bolt - Offer Intake and exhaust valves - Offer
  10. Sjd6795

    2G Lower intake manifold bolts...

    Trying to get my intake manifold off but I have no idea how I am suppose to access the lower bolts... I have tried with everything that I have to get a socket or wrench on there. The design is dumb it has the bolts positioned right under the runners I can barely squeeze my arm under there with a...
  11. TehRiceBandit

    For Sale 2G Turbo DSM Parts (Including Hahn SMIC)

    $450 2G Hahn SMIC Intercooler; Super rare part good for 400hp maintains stock look and is direct bolt on for 2Gs $100 Nissan GTR R32 BOV / 1G BOV; Same part number as 1G BOV but is gold and has Nissan stampings $20 Boost leak detector for stock T25 turbo inlet size $100 Genuine Injen Intake with...
  12. raptoranderson

    Sold Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G Aluminium Turbo Air Intake Kit

    This kit is designed to replace the factory plastic kit with a polished aluminium kit that uses silicone hoses and shiny new jubilee clamps. This kit has never been used and never left its original box, and after installing this kit your engine bay will not only look sportier but it will...
  13. nix4

    Holset HX35 Transfer to 2g DSM - FP intake blocking install

    GreetingsI'm working on a project 2g DSM and transferring parts from a 1g TSi block that is blown. My Holset HX 35 dosn't want to fit along side the forced performance (FP) intake manifold I had on my old engine. The 2g block is different.Does anyone have experience with this issue or...
  14. For Sale 2G New Parts for Sale. Exhaust, Intake

    I used to have a 1999 Eclipse GS-T and purchased several items as a performance upgrade. Unfortunately, the parts never made it on the car, I have since sold the car, and the parts have been sitting in my parent's garage. I am hoping to sell everything together, preferably local but willing to...
  15. DSMinAK

    For Sale Injen IS Series Short Ram Intake With 2G MAF

    Selling my Injen IS Series Short Ram Intake withthe stock 2g MAF included. The intake is going for $260 brand new not including shipping and the MAF is around $60-$80. Sorry no filter (I could throw in the one that was on it, but it's nothing special and will need to be refurbished) I'm...
  16. Prince2King

    2G Which Front Axles is it ?? LOL

    Hey Guys (im a noob)Im converting my 2G Spyder non turbo from Auto to Manual......However, my mechanic and I are stuck on which axles to use...he already tried 2 already.....(P.S since Im here what is a good cold intake would you guys recommend. He told me to look for that as well)All...
  17. 914 Cheeko

    4g63t, is this normal? And is this where the PCV lines go?

    So I'm learning about cars on my '91 Galant VR4 with a '95 Eagle Talon TSi turbo swap and I don't know a lot about how an engine bay should look, especially a turbo one. The first pic is on the pipe that goes from the intake manifold to the intercooler. My friend who works on mostly diesel...
  18. PlumOne

    My intro and a bov recirc dilemma

    Hey every one long time lurker here finally decided to sign up and make a first post. I live in Colorado and bought my 1g Talon over a year ago and have had tons of problems ever since! Failed emissions an embarrassing number of times. Which is my fault for thinking small fixes and tinkerings...
  19. patman

    2G 1G Head, Intake, TB on 2g 7 bolt -- is it possible?

    Hi I have a EU spec 2g with a stock 2g 7bolt N/A 4G63 (which basically acts as a 4G64). I have the found a good deal on a 1G valve cover+head+intake+throttle body combo (all stock). I wanted to change the valve cover for a long time now, because it is cracked. The quiestion is, is this setup...
  20. DJRace

    For Sale 2g Full Intake

    $300/obo shipped. Includes MAF, recirculation valve, all the pipes, and a SMIC. I can sell the parts separately.
  21. ZergBush

    Showcar Build project EvoCLIPSE | EVOLUTION inside ECLIPSE (mivec engine, awd swap)

    PART 1: - Installing rear Mitsubishi Legnum AWD transmission - Install brake and fuel line - Setting Legnum all-wheel drive fuel tank - Engine mounting Mitsubishi Evolution IX mivec 4g63 and all-wheel drive EVO9 powertrain
  22. ShockDSM

    For Sale BRAND NEW STM aluminum intake

    Brand new never installed or used STM 3inch aluminum intake kit with filter, coupler, and hose clamps. Paid $166 for it with shipping from STM during the summer. Letting it go for $80 plus shipping.
  23. Lumix315

    For Sale '96 GSX - Full Part-Out - Eagle, Wiseco, Manley, Megan Racing, etc. Motivated to sell!!

    Hey all,For starters - I'm motivated to get this beast gone. Looking to move all of this as soon as possible!You're welcome to take the whole car and then some (as in, everything in my storage unit with regard to it) - includes what you’ll need to put the car back together and a bunch of...
  24. Sp1kE

    For Sale JMF RACE Intake manifold

    -1G JMF Race intake powder coated Dormant Purple -Dual Rails Powdercoated Candy Teal -Nitrous Bungs on bottom -Vaccum Fittings on rear -Q45 TB included, I bought a new sensor for it, but still couldn't get it to read properly, -Heat barrier gasket between TB and Intake550 Shipped
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