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  1. 2g oem radiator fans

    For sale 2g 2g oem radiator fans

    2g oem radiator fans. Make an offer
    $1.00 to $999.00
  2. AdroitPostal

    Talon TSi AWD turbo swap, what do I need?

    I have a 4g63t in a 92 eagle talon TSi awd, the turbo currently installed in the engine is blown, I do have a replacement hx35 turbo, I was wondering what all parts I’d need to make the transition between turbos?
  3. Wanted Wtb. Awd talon or eclipse project

    Wtb cheaper project car, must have engine and trans. Paint doesn't matter
  4. 2g Stock intake box

    For sale 2g 2g Stock intake box

    Stock airbox and piping. Make an offer
    $1.00 to $999.00
  5. 2g act throw out bearing (new)

    For sale 2g act throw out bearing (new)

    New only opened to look at item. $20
  6. 90 Plymouth Laser RS

    Street Build 90 Plymouth Laser RS

  7. 2g Exhaust manifold

    For sale 2g Exhaust manifold

    2g manifold no cracks. (Still available) $60 & ShippingHeat shield (sold)
  8. 98gstgalant

    New to the group

    I have a 98 galant that I’m 4g63t swapping I’m using a 2g engine harness with a 6bolt engine I have it almost complete but I’m stuck on wiring I’m having issues getting power to my ecu any and all help would be appreciated I started off with a 1g gst and fell in love with the 4g63t so I decided...
  9. 98 galant gst swap

    Street Build 98 galant gst swap

  10. 1997 Eclipse GST (just bought)

    1997 Eclipse GST (just bought)

  11. 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST Paul Walker Tribute

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST Paul Walker Tribute

  12. Wrathvr4

    Modified AWD fuel hangers / setups

    Trying to find the best fuel system route for me Evo 1. Currently has stock a fuel hanger with walbro 255 which I Will be leaving as is to become my lift pump for a duel pump surge in boot. My question is, do I bother modifying the stock hanger with AN fittings to the surge tank or Do I leave as...
  13. ncarson91

    ECMlink car starts and stalls with cas unplugged. when plugged in wont start 2g 7bolt

    okay so basically as title reads everything hooked up no leaks cas unplugged turns the car over then it stalls. but when i plugged in the sensor it wont crank over at all. its a 95 ecu in a 98. i did the option on link for the cas. wiring is all fine persumably its plugged in ecu right and same...
  14. 4g63t conversion issues

    Hello, so some background before we get started. I have 1997 mitsubishi eclipse 4g63 nt, euro. Recently swapped in a 1999 gst engine and 1999 gst black box ecu.I decieded to modify the old nt harness to accomodate turbo applications. So far i have added the MAP sensor, injector resistor, boost...
  15. ncarson91

    2G starter problem?

    Hi so i just finished rebuilding my motor dropped it in hooked everything up turn the key everything powers on. gauges light up wont change color for some reason on my glowshift stuck red. go to crank i hear fuel pump kick on no crank no start. weirdly enough headlights i turn on then click off...
  16. Mitsubishi Lancer engine swap

    So I own a Lancer GL with a 4g13 engine from 1992 and I want to engine swap it.This is my first car project so I don't know many things but from my searches I found that the 4G93t and 4G63t are both very good engines.My question is will they fit my car and do you have any alternative??? Any help...
  17. 99GS4G63Swap

    420A 4g63t engine & transmission swap

    Hello looking to swap from a 420a into a 4g63t with trans. Took a brief look at transmissions and was only able to find 2 2g dsm trans for 10k a piece. Is there a suitable aftermarket transmission that will pair well?
  18. DsmDeetch

    New to the 4g motor help!!

    New here lol bare with me I need guidance …Hello all, I recently bought a 4g63 n/t (didn’t know) it was n/t my goal here was to build a motor in my garage and source out a shell along the way, so as I get into my new 6bolt I quickly see I don’t have oil drains etc after checking the seria...
  19. lukebergen

    420A dsm cranks but wont start

    hey just looking for some info on what could possibly be wrong with my dsm. drove fine a month ago but sat a month and won't start. it cranks over fine and has plenty of fuel getting to the rail, but lost spark and the injectors will not pulse because no matter how much I crank it plugs remain...
  20. For Sale 95 2ga parts for sale

    Stock steering wheel and airbag mitsubishi logo'd 40$ Evo 550cc injectors 90$ Stock shifter 10$ Ecmlink ecu 450$ Garrett T25 300$ Stock cam gears 50$ Got a bunch of other stuff too just can't think of it all. All prices are obo and before shipping would prefer pickup am located in S.A. T.X.
  21. Evo 9 Engine block repairable?

    Hi All,First of all, the block in question comes from an Evo 9, so engine is part of the 4G63 family and very similar to our late 2G 4G63 blocks with the split thrust bearing design. The reason why I am posting here is because prior to owning the Evo 9 I've own DSMs and I've learned a whole...
  22. For Sale Slightly Used Manley H beam rods for 4G63T 6 bolt block

    I have a slightly used set of manley H beam rods. These are for the 6 bolt block. Standard length rods with 21mm wrist pin. Part # 14021-4. Comes with ARP 2000 rod bolts. I pulled these out of a slightly used motor that I wanted the crank out of for a different build. Asking $275 OBO.
  23. 2G Crank but No Start! HELP!

    I wanna keep this AS short AS POSSIBLE haha but give as much info to you guys reading it to further help me out, so here it goes.So last year in September I had issues with crank (cranks like any normal time, not slow like a dead battery) but no start. So I came on here and read a few forums...
  24. NJ DSM Talon/Eclipse (Wanted to Buy)

    I had to re-register on the site. I haven't logged on in years and forgot my info. I would like to find another 4G63T project.I am looking for any 1G or 2G Talon, Laser, or Eclipse in or Near NJ for sale.Prefer running cars, but a shell is OK. If you know any dealerships or private sellers...
  25. Kylee

    2G Help! Want more horsepower.

    I rebuild my 4g63t, all internals 1gRods, GSC Race balance shaft, Evo8 valve , springs & retainers, and port valves... i want to change to a 16G but i want to increase a little bit my HP what i need to do? what i need to change or do first?. Someone plz help me. Its for autocross but i like to...
  26. Spdfreak

    For Sale 1995-1999 GSX/GST Aem Ems V1 1310 plug and play $600 obo

    Aem standalone 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx/gst plug and play ecu includes serial to USB data cable $650 shipped
  27. 98 spider gst turbo swap

    My stock turbo has some shaft play and it was oil starved so the barings are not in good condition. What turbo can I swap with and not have to have the car tuned (I currently dont have DSMlink)
  28. Zemar

    Sold Selling a 1990 EAGLE TALON TSI - $995

    Selling a 1990 EAGLE TALON TSI. Needs some SERIOUS TLC. It was the owner's hobby until his ailing Dad forbade him from “wasting” any more money on it. It's been sitting on my lot for some time. (Unfortunately, the tow truck driver left the window down allowing the elements to get inside.) I'm...
  29. TheFlashDSM

    2G Sponsor me? Looking for Sposors

    my build! body wanna help with my build to sponsor me?! get logo on my car? offers? idk how these things work!just looking for a shop to rep me once my car is done! or a shop willing to help me...
  30. 2G 98 eclipse spider weird problem

    I have a 98 eclipse with a 4g63t. I had bought this car from a used car lot. it looked like it had a lot of cosmetic issues but ran fine. the car lot said the oil filter was leaking and they just tightened it up but i should get a new one. so i did an oil change and got a new wix oil filter. I...
  31. drthorp

    2G 46g3t Manual crank turning

    Been doing a some work on my '96 gsx (timing, water pump, crank/cam front seals, etc.) and while turning my crank to align the timing marks and it wasn't really difficult to turn by any means but the was more resistance at some times than others. I have all the spark plugs pulled but I have the...
  32. 2G Crank But No Start, PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 1998 GS-T, stock 7-Bolt. Only external ,mods are exhaust manifold, not sure what brand due to was already on car, STMTuned air filter, HKS BOV (Recirculated), Megan Racing test pipe, Thermal R/D Catback, Walbro 190, running brand new plugs just replaced them like an hour before this...
  33. sempron555

    F5M31 tranny

    Hello i need some one to shine some wisdom on me. Am using a F5M31 1ZPML tranny on my galant turbo swap the question is will it hold? for what i have found the tranny came out from a Mitsubishi Space Wagon (N30/N40) 2.0 Turbo diesel 4D68T engine am worried that i could break it....the swap is...
  34. 92LaserMike

    My introduction.

    Hi guys My name is Mike and my darling 92' Laser Awd RS 4g63t. Like many others I'm not entirely new to Dsmtuners, just my first post (trying to get rid of that probationary status). I've already learned tons of valuable things off of this site alone, things I've never heard about, seen or...
  35. Flavoade

    Sold 1990 Eagle TSi AWD for sale $600 OBO

    Asking $600 OBOI got a 90 Eagle TSi AWD for sale. Car is a project that friend gave up on. Has a lot of work done, with a built motor, new turbo and some other things. I took it on and gave up on it.Car was in the 2016 LA flood. Engine still has compression but there are other issues with...
  36. GST-RIDER 95

    Help me test my 97 2gb ECU Redlands to Temecula.

    While in the process of helping my cousin do a head gasket and timing belt replacement, a live wire touched the ECU and left some burn marks on its cover. We essentially want to know if anyone who owns a 97 gst or gsx and lives in the Inland Empire would allow us to plug in our ECU to see if...
  37. BamTsi 91


    Hello, family dsm, I am restoring an eagle talon tsi 91, my name is Ricardo, I have an eagle talon tsi fwd, I bought this car also 1 year, I bought it with a rare conversion since it contained the 4g67 with the turbo canceled, I I put everything on the 4g63t, I have a question for us, when I...
  38. Jacob5se

    Period correct 1998 Eclipse GSX

    Jacob5se submitted a new DSM Profile :1998 Eclipse GSX „Evil GSX”Read more about this vehicle here...
  39. ndillon347

    1G 4gcs with 4g63T head

    Alright, so I have an opportunity to pick up a high mileage 4gcs from a local junk yard for cheap. The plan would be to turn it into a 2.2L long rod destroker. I currently have a built 2.0L 6 bolt that I could easily yank the crank and timing components off of, but the question becomes what to...
  40. John Mark Dongon

    For Sale Mechanic special 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST

    $1,500 On on op Clean title 133,000 ish miles Located in Northern California 4g63t engineUpdate: I rebuilt the car, it ran fine at first, but after about a week later I didn't notice I was running on low coolant and was overheating the car. It later started blowing white smoke out the pipe...
  41. Anthony Boni

    1G 6 bolt 4g64 caps in a 4g63?

    I have a G4CS block with some cylinder wall damage after the previous owner goofed and set the incorrect piston to wall clearance. I’m picking up a 4G63 block without the main caps. My plan is to use the 63 block with my G4CS crank (it’s a 6 bolt 100mm crank, for those who may not know) in the...
  42. dgarnett02

    2G T3/T4 install

    Hello everyone, My buddy is selling me a t3t4e and I’m planing on buying it. I was wondering what support mods I would be needing. The mods I have already are a ARP head studs and bolts, FMIC, wastegate, BOV, Manifold w/ t3t4 turbo flange, 800cc injectors, and exhast. Am I still missing...
  43. 757mike

    For Sale 1G parts for sale.

    Hey so I'm selling of some of my 1g parts that came off my 1992 gsx awd. Text me 8048156832T3 Turbo manifold (Sold) Tial 38mm wastegate Maf translator Brian Crower cams 270 Hks cams 272 T3 godspeed turbo 950 fmic fuel injectors Bov. (Sold) Stock 4g63 rebuilt block ( pickup only) Turbo...
  44. 914 Cheeko

    What could be causing this leaking?

    Cheeko the noob here, my 1g 4G63T is leaking oil like crazy and its pissing me off. I'm finding most of the oil on top of the tranny. I replaced the valve cover gasket so far because it was ripped but I haven't tried starting it yet because it's having other problems at the moment. When I got it...
  45. 914 Cheeko

    Would this oil catch can setup work?

    I made a diagram of what I was thinking about doing with my oil catch can so I don't waste so much oil, just wanted to make sure it would work since I don't have a clue about oil catch cans. I was going to tee the two lines coming off of the valve cover and then have them go to the vented oil...
  46. For Sale New-2g 7 bolt Center Force Clutch kit

    I have a new unopened center force dual friction clutch kit. Bought it for my 97 Eagle Talon TSI FWD 4G63T but never finished the car. Im trying to get rid of the parts I have stashed in the garage. $350 OBO through paypal Free Shipping
  47. TalonKaos

    For Sale *Manual/AWD Swap* 95 2Ga AWD w/LSD *Now with PICS!!*

    Complete swap from a manual 95 Talon TSI AWD with LSD rear diff. Every single part you need including hardware. (bagged and labeled)^^ Shipping would be outrageous. ^^There's some surface rust on the subframes and knuckles but everything is 100% solid.I'm posting this to hear offers. Which...
  48. 914 Cheeko

    GVR-4 IAC Valve removal problem

    So i was removing my shitty IAC valve that came with the engine from DSM and when i tried slowly pulling it out the whole thing split apart into 3 sections (so far.) The first pic is how it came out once I unscrewed it. The second is what was stuck at first, but slid off. Now I'm stuck with the...
  49. 914 Cheeko

    1G (URGENT) Noob questions, 4G63T won't start.

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to working on cars but I've been an enthusiast for about a year or two now. I just got a '91 Galant VR4 with a swapped Talon Turbo TSi engine. The the last owner has had a few problems with the car and it won't run smooth at all until the engine is up to temperature...
  50. Falcon91

    Battery/starting issue

    hey guys, is it possible that my battery could be weak enough to not allow my car to start? Hooked up a charger for awhile at 10amp rate and it wouldn’t turn over, turned it up to 50amps for Awhile and it turns over very roughly but won’t fire. I’m getting fuel but haven’t checked spark (getting...
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