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Work in Progress pics

Posted by SpYYder, Aug 22, 2004

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  1. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    Just out of paint shop earlier this month. First pics in awhile, freshly shaved and working on prepping for black paint accents. getting painted black: mirrors, under trunklid on body, under trunklid, insides of doors, under diffuser, several convertible top trim pieces, plastic under windshield wipers, and inside gas filler door.

    Disclaimer: I know a bunch of people are going to complain about the taillights so you can make your opinion known, but don't. If you don't like them, thats fine but don't get mad. Just make an invisible post about it, or punch a pillow, or go outside and yell really loud about it or chop down a tree or something to let off the stress that it causes you because i dont give a shit.

    1996 Spyder GS-T, Color is PPG lexus frost white pearl.

    170_7036.jpg 170_7035.jpg 170_7034.jpg 170_7033.jpg 170_7031.jpg 170_7032.jpg 170_7030.jpg
  2. stock1g4g63

    stock1g4g63 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 2, 2003
    (was TX) Anaheim, CA, California
    I'm not feeling the supra taillights, but the paint looks good.

    864  0

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    12.924 @ 104.520 · 2G DSM
  3. Game Over

    Game Over Proven Member

    Joined Jun 30, 2004
    Aston, Pennsylvania
    I like the bodywork including the lights. What are you doing with the third brake light? Maybe you could get the clear third break light off the supra and stick it somewhere on the back. Just a thought but keep up the good work. :thumb:
  4. '96_Talon_TSi

    '96_Talon_TSi Proven Member

    Joined Sep 24, 2003
    West Bloomfield/K-zoo, Michigan
    Whoever did your bodywork desrves a cookie, cause thats super smooth. Im sure that color looks better in person, but im sure its super pretty.
  5. Camel_Kid

    Camel_Kid Proven Member

    Joined Aug 11, 2004
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    I'm with stock1g4g63... I dislike that kit, mainly due to the fact that it's a failed attempt at trying to make the rear look like a Poopra.

    To each his own, I guess. This is only my $.02, and would like to contribute it.

    - Camel.
  6. paranoidTSi

    paranoidTSi Proven Member

    Joined Dec 27, 2002
    none, Utah
    I want to see it when it is completed, since I haven't really seen a good looking eclipse with a Supra tail conversion other than the ghetto body kit picture and the blue 420a eclipse.
  7. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    Thanks for the imput, the paint is a beautiful thing in sunlight, you can see the pearl in it very nicely. At night you see more of the silver flake. Its nice..

    As far as the third brake light goes, im planning on spraying it with nightshades. Next year, i will have a CF trunk lid made up without a 3rd brake light. No plans for a dumb huge wing either.

    Some of the initial bodywork was done by myself, my friends at the bodyshop finished alot of things for me and did the final prep work. I spent quite a bit of time on it, and so did they, and i think it reflects on the final product.

    Just so you guys know, the trunklid and taillights are not mounted in these pics, theyre mocked up and resting on rags. So nothing fits like its supposed to in the pics but im waiting on putting it together tll i finish shaving under the trunklid and im also waiting on my aniversary edition tail lights and new gaskets.
  8. DSMKevan

    DSMKevan Proven Member

    Joined Mar 19, 2004
    Clarkston, Michigan
    Please god make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!!! :laugh:

    j/k looks good, but the supra lights just arent my style....

    hah poop

    376  0

    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    15.200 @ 89.000 · 1G DSM
  9. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    Post some pictures of your car, funny guy. :rolleyes:
  10. Phat95Talon

    Phat95Talon Proven Member

    Joined Oct 3, 2002
    Nice! The body work looks great! I can't wait to see the finished look. :thumb:

    404  0

    1995 Eagle Talon TSi
    automatic · 2G DSM
  11. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    ahhh yes me too. its killing me to let it just sit there, but I'm waiting on a compressor at this point to do a little more painting and then I can start putting it back together. :cool:
  12. jesse6

    jesse6 Probationary Member

    Joined Oct 6, 2004
    Rochester, New Hampshire
    Don't like the tail lights you guys are crazy, that is an awesome looking conversion
  13. EclipseGSX012

    EclipseGSX012 Proven Member

    Joined Aug 22, 2002
    some where in Jersey.., New Jersey
    looks good.. Its different from other dsm out there tho! Cant wait until i see after you finish with you car!! keep us updated!
  14. jimwross

    jimwross Proven Member

    Joined May 11, 2003
    Moorhead, MN,

    theres a silver targa top 2g w/ supra tails
  15. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    yes, yes there is. little update... car's back in the shop... wasn't crazy enough. :shhh: more mods coming... more paint, more pearl, more money.. :p
  16. eclipse13

    eclipse13 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 5, 2003
    wilmington, North Carolina
    i like the supra lights. Looks better than the eclipse with poorly molded RSX tiallights and headlights running around here in wilmington.
  17. leet

    leet Proven Member

    Joined Jan 10, 2003
    Atwater, California
    I don't see your 'diffuser', but that car looks sexy :thumb:

    If you're talking about the chunk of plastic on the bottom of your rear end, that's just blocking airflow. I'd cut it off, but I'm ghetto :p
  18. dave99gst

    dave99gst DSM Wiseman

    Joined Sep 8, 2002
    plymouth, Michigan
    lookin good imho -- the crooked muffler just dont flow with it. ( i no its suposed to be like that but it stil dont HAVE to be. )
  19. LeJeune123

    LeJeune123 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 25, 2004
    Jennings, Louisiana
    I like the kit, but I think it would be nice if you painted the inside of the headlights and tailights. I guess I just like that look cause I did it but I think it really will set you apart from the norm JDM black.
  20. seskyrabart

    seskyrabart Proven Member

    Joined Oct 4, 2004
    bmore, Maryland
    niceeeee sPyYdER!! loove the kit :thumb: and the conversion.. AWESOME!! i think all these guys that are sooo ANTI body kit are dumb :] i say what i think .. anyways your cars gonna turn out to be real good im sure , i love the way those sideskirts are molding inwards a lil too.. waiting to see the final product ;) .. my car is still underconstruction. Got the paint done though but alot of work still left. heres my car.
    hiding those rims in the pic cos im getting rid of them :shhh:

    Attached Files:

    Tommy Bailey likes this.
  21. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    I like them too. regardless of whatever flames i get, i like them, they make me happy, and im not changing them. Glad somebody agrees. :D
    Ouch... not liking the RSX taillights. I dont think they go with the curvy DSM body... as someone stated before, i think on probetalk, the RSX is more of a modern, chiseled look car... they dont go nice with a curvy body like our DSM's in my opinion. I do respect the time and effort anyone spends on something time consuming like that, however.

    sorry, by diffuser, i mean the section under the rear bumper face. fiberglass not plastic :D basically everything below the hard cutoff line, will be taped off, and sprayed the IS300 black, inside the lisence plate box too. I like the contrast, and it breaks up the huge-ass rear bumper face. I kinda like the underbumper part there, gives it a roll pan look. if i dont like it, ill be sure to cut it off... haha
    I think it's a sexy ass either way... i'd hit it... :thumb:

    I'm considering cutting vents into the rear valences where the two little false vents are. just to change things up a bit.

    good call. I really didn't like it at first either, i was intent upon hacking the damn thing off and going with dual carbon fiber mufflers. however, it really has grown on me quite a bit. once the black paint is done, it will go with the theme of chrome / polish details (hinges, latches, poppers, and muffler) over the black background. and as far as the angle, im beginning to like it, alot. from overhead, only a small triangle is visable poking out of the back, as opposed to the whole tip. Its slightly flashy and catches a little attention poking out like that, and since its tilted, the logo is facing outwards. It has really grown on me, and it fits perfectly, and i mean perfectly, in that rear bumper. I kinda think it would look bad on a stock DSM rear. i aquired a silencer for it as well, we'll see how things turn out.

    good call, and great idea. I've been thinking about this ever since i saw the post on the projectors, where someone painted their angel eye housings white to match their car. I forget the member's name. It looked very classy, very ferrari 360-like which is quite flattering to the eclipse in my opinion. I woud like to do the same to my taillights, but instead of my body color (pearl white) i will use the accent color (pearl black) and add some extra metal flake, to make them sparkle. This will be an early spring project. Definitely adding that idea to the list of things to do, im definitely going to do it now, along with the mirrors and the wiper cowl. thanks! :thumb:

    i love the kit too, with the exception being the front end. I shaved the turnsignals out, and now it looks a little bulky on the sides, i dont know. I think im going to exchange it for a stillen front, which will be modded and two-tone painted appropriately of course. I'll do that sometime over the summer, when i have some extra cash for it. Strangely enough, im usually anti bodykit on a 2g, my favorite 2g is a local white GSX with OEM GS-T chrome wheels and a 3" drop and huge FMIC and exhaust, but i aquired this spyder as a stripped rolling chassis, it had a mess made of it, so i figured i would go crazy on the body. Maybe too crazy. But oh well.
    I am glad you went with a nice, bright yellow. Looks great. I posted in your construction post, not to use a pale yellow... i've seen a pale yellow DSM and its hideous.

    what do you mean by the sideskirts molding in a little too? im confused... do you mean in the door jamb? everything in the door jamb was shaved too, including the factory door hinge stoppers and seams... spent a few days on that area.

    I know what you mean about the rims... saving for those in a hurry. i'm sitting on 4 donuts right now... tucking tire. :p
  22. spyder97gs

    spyder97gs Proven Member

    Joined Dec 10, 2004
    Greencastle, Indiana
    I know this post is about a month old, but do you have any updated pics? I'd like to see where its at now, it was looking sharp though.

    I was searching for a spyder with the JDM projectors and I came across yours. Can you see good with them? I'm considering getting a pair for my 97.
  23. reckless

    reckless Proven Member

    Joined Jan 24, 2005
    palm bay, Florida
    i should recieve mine in about a week i'll let you know how they turn out?
  24. reckless

    reckless Proven Member

    Joined Jan 24, 2005
    palm bay, Florida
    good call. I really didn't like it at first either, i was intent upon hacking the damn thing off and going with dual carbon fiber mufflers.

    i went with a dual exhaust setup it sound nice and deep not as loud as i wanted though
    it you want loud stay single
  25. SpYYder

    SpYYder Proven Member

    Joined Jul 7, 2004
    Utica, New York
    I honestly have no idea how it will sound. i've heard smaller diameter apexis on a talon before. Sounded nice, i figured mine will be too loud so i got a silencer for it.

    Now if people stop bullshitting with me and do the work i've paid them to do, i could try it out.

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