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widest tire on evo 8 wheels 1g awd

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 21, 2008
Livingston Mano, New_York
My 91 awd is currently running kyb agx front and rear with megan springs. Im using evo 8 enkei's with 235/45 tires. Its time to buy new tires and i was thinking of stepping up to a 245/40 I was wondering if anyone has ran this size on a similar setup and ran into any issues?
Same here, I been running 235/45 on my evo 8.

I was looking at some 255/40 actually. That 10" wide tire and 25" rolling diameter seems perfect to me. Nice chucky tire, also helps protect the lip of the rim :)

On the 1g as far as evo 8-9 wheels go, its the front that stick out with 35 offset. I know with my stock suspension I can see marks where the tire has hit the strut coil spring perch. The mark in the front is so minimal though, that I could take my dremel and just grind away about 2mm and be fine. So with an additional .3 inches in tire width I can see a problem. With a wider tire, we are going to need spacers upfront, or a coilover suspension to clear the tires.

everyone best friend when picking out tire sizes:
Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride -

....some might need to use IE.
As far as the just fitting the tire on the rim, a 245 wide tire can easily be fit, but it's clearance issues that you have to take into consideration, as Agentorange mentioned.

I've seen 255's fit on stock 2G swirlies...
its terrible. you should just sell me the evo 8 rims and get something different:cool:
I'm running 245/40 17s on 8" wide +48 offset wheels. EVO guys squeeze 255/40 17s on the stock wheels, that would be a bit closer to stock tire height than the 245/40s.

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My friend has 245s on his evo8 wheels on a 1g. I'm not sure of the height of the tires though. I know he had to put some small spacers in the front and they honestly stick out too far in the front in my opinion. Looks good in the rear though
Hate to bring this back from the dead but did any of you run Evo 8 wheels on coilovers? What size tires could fit without rolling fenders?

235/45 will be fine at stock ride height/slightly lowered. Any lower or wider (245/40), and you will have to roll the fenders slightly. People should not be mounting a tire wider than 245 on an 8 inch rim in general. Going too wide can cause uneven tire wear or blow a bead causing excessive rollover.
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I'm running Dunlop Sport Maxx TT 245/40-17 on EVO IX Enkies. I am lowered but, at this point I'm not really sure how much. I'm on Tein Type Flex coilovers. No rubbing issues and renders are not rolled at all. I was thinking about going to a 255/40-17 after the winter, but I'm afraid that they are too wide for those wheels.
Again, a 255 is too wide for an 8 inch rim. For winter, thinner is better in most winter conditions.
I run summer tires on the EVO wheels. For the winter, I run 225/40-17 Bridgestone Blizzaks on 17x7.5 Gram Lights. I'll most likely go with Falken Azenis 615K in 245/40-17 in spring as my Dunlops are done.
So If I ran a 235/40 would there be a less chance of fender rub? From what I know about this I'm pretty positive it will but would it look strange? Not planning on going super low but I have d2 drag coilovers and don't want to roll fenders at all.
So i Have been running the Enkei Evo 8 17x8's for a while now on a 1g with 225 45 17's and the fronts will just barely rub in tight corners on the inside, im running coilovers and adjust my ride height all the time based on what im doing and you have to be incredibly slammed (like 4") to have any outter fender rub up front or back and even then my 225's barely rubbed, otherwise they fit great i just would like a little wider tire so am about to purchase some 245/40/17's as they seem to be the best size for a 1g. If anyone is running this size now please let me know how they fit otherwise I will let you know after I get by the tire store in the next week.

Now i would love to run a 255 but they barely fit on the evo and with a 225 on the back of a 1g, there is only about a half inch between the inside of the tire and the lower suspension trailing arm. Now you could grind on it at that point where the tire would rub since the rim fits if needed but if the 225's are also tight on the inside up front then trust me, a 255 is not gonna work.

Really it also depends on the tire model but i think anything under 9.5" with a 35 offset should work on a 1g
i dont know if estoyaqui is referring to a 1g, 2g in the pic..
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